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Anti-aging foods and more lifetime


Human has been looking for about secret of long life in a long time and has tested different options and ways in trying to find a youth elixir. One of the most effective ways to fight signs of aging and longevity is their diet.
A long time ago, people have tried different ways to try to find a youth elixir and the secret of long life. One of the most effective ways to fight signs of aging and longevity is a type of their diet.

Compliance of having a healthy diet is not like a secret, but it is a constant recommendation that many of us ignore to observe it. daily and regular food we eat can have an important role in increasing our longevity. Based on this, we are going to introduce some of the best anti-aging foods that can add many years to your life.

Green Peas

Using Green peas in any form such as using in soup, salad, puree and … has very great and influential effect on your health. In general, eating cooked green and yellow (like split pea) is part of a Mediterranean diet that can slow the aging process of the cells. The fiber and antioxidants in these beans have anti-aging power.


Eating grains and nuts is one of the best things you can do for your health. People who eat nuts three times a week or more, especially walnuts, add two to three years to their lives. Eating avocados reduce the risk of cancer and heart disease, which are two biggest causes of dying by becoming elder. According to study finding, of course, be aware that peanuts or peanut butter are not any effect in terms of lifetime.

Herbal proteins

Do not worry, we do not want to recommend substituting steak and kebab and … with vegetable proteins; just do it just spend one or two days a week without meat! Adding plant sources of protein to the diet can increase your longevity, especially if you have kidney problems. Foods like Kinoah, Rice, Beans, Soya, and … Almost as much as a meal have protein, and they also bring more fiber, vitamins and minerals to your body.


Carrots are one of the best examples of healthy food, but did you know that eating carrot not only adds years to your life, but also makes you more beautiful? Studies have shown that carotenoids that cause of the bright orange in carrot can slow down the aging process and make you more attractive.


Omega-3 fat acids are really powerful in prolonging life and helps to reduce the risk of heart disease and diabetes. Although you can find these magical compounds in a variety of fatty fish, one of the best, but not least known sources of omega-3 is sardine. Just one serving of sardines can provide half of your daily needs for omega-3 and about 400% of your daily requirement for vitamin B12, which is another important nutrient necessaries to have longer lifetimes. Meanwhile, the sardine due to its high fat content, contaminated less toxins than tuna and salmon.


Having a diet rich in healthy fats, including intermediate coconut fatty acids, can add years to your life by protecting your DNA from damage.

Sweet potato

Sweet potatoes may not be something that you care to have to have in your diet, but if you want to increase your life, it is the best way to add this food to your diet because researchers have reported that the attractive sweet potato color contains a lot of anthocyanins; a combination that reduce risk of cancer and increase prolonging life.


Chocolate is one of the most delicious foods that you will be familiar with its excellent benefits, but today scientists say it’s also useful for longevity. Chocolate is a good source of resoratol; an antioxidant that can stop aging cell. To take advantage of chocolate, be sure to choose bitter and dark grandson one, without any added sugar or fat.


Sour and sweet pink beans of pomegranate are truly magnificent. In addition to being beautiful, scientists have discovered that ornithine; a molecule found in pomegranate which germs in the gut, gives muscle cells the power to protect themselves against underlying causes of aging.


One of the most controversial research on nutrition has found that the best way you can prolonging your life is not eating too much. Researchers have found that humans, animals, and even worms that are under calorie diets have lived approximately 40% longer than others. Of course, it should be noted that starvation is not always good.


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