Hair oils are not only suitable for shiny and thick hair

Some people think that hair oils are more suitable for thick and rough hair, but even if you have thin hair that becomes too greasy, you can also use the best oil for hair that will make your hair smoother and shiny. Before choosing the best oil that is appropriate for your hair, it’s best to know which type of oil is suitable for your hair type.

1) Argon Oil: The best oil for dry hair

Argon oil contains fatty acids and vitamins E that help dry and tied hair become soft and shiny and make it easier to comb your hair.

2) Coconut Oil: Suitable for all types of hair

Coconut oil can be used in multiple purpose, in other words it is the best oil for hair, even for greasy hair. This oil also helps keeping the scalp a healthy one. Coconut oil contains carbohydrates, a variety of minerals and vitamins, and helps to strengthen the hair root. Its weekly use can also help to grow hair.

3) Macadamia Oil: Suitable for very dry and damaged hair

Nutrient oils are usually the strongest oil, and macadamia oil is one of the richest among them. If you have very dry or damaged hair, use this oil as a hair mask and rub on your hair weekly. Use this oil if you have hair straightened with hair straighteners.

4) Melon seed oil: Suitable for sensitive skin

This oil is rich in omega-3 fatty acids that increase hair growth. proteins and vitamins C, B2 and G contained in this oil also have a restorative effect, and in addition to softening the hair, it is also useful for the scalp. Especially if you have a sensitive skin and usually scrub your scalp or react to the cosmetic products that you apply to your hair, melon seed oil is a good choice for you.

5) Almond Oil: Suitable for removing dandruff

Although almond oil is one of the lightest essential oils, it is rich in antioxidants, vitamins E, fatty acids and proteins. This oil also has a lot of magnesium, which increases hair growth and reduces hair’s fragility. If your scalp is pruritus, massage your head with a little almond oil to remove this allergy


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