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Beauty without Makeup


Are you looking for healthy, brilliant and young skin? Every month, you spend a lot of money on cosmetic products, but have not yet reached your desired result. Here 18 recommendations is stated that you need to have ideal skin.

1. Be careful about your food

Once upon a time, 160 mg of soy isoflavone is one of the ingredients you need to brighten up your skin. Soybean consumption helps to maintain skin healthy and collagen that is providing the body with a quality of protein, and collagen is the same ingredient that you need to maintain skin firmness. In addition, soy isoflavones also have antioxidants and prevent collagen degradation by free radicals. In fact, skin spots are caused by aging and wrinkles later on.

2- Be Friendship with salmon and olive oil

A salmon-grilled fish plate, poured on it with olive oil, with a few pecans or walnuts, is a wonderful dish that can save your skin. Why? Answer to this question is to look essential fatty acids that are found in high-fat fish, vegetable oils, and various types of beans. Essential fatty acids, especially omega-3s, neutralize the effect of sunlight on the skin and save skin from dryness.

3- Use Garlic in your Cooking Style

According to a study by Danish researchers team have shown that cells grow faster in the presence of garlic. So if you want to b a healthier, younger skin, and most importantly insure yourself against skin cancer, in adding garlic to the food cooking time greatly .

4. Drink tea

Make a teapot of tea. Let it cool in the refrigerator and then drink it during one day. tea is the excellent source of type of antioxidant that prevents the effects of free radicals caused by exposure of sunlight, cigarettes, etc., and does not allow these damaging factors to stop the shine of your skin. The results of a study by US researchers at the University of California showed that whatever you drink more tea, you exposed less to skin cancer.

5. Do not use soapy deodorant

Use a variety of soap-free deodorants that contain excess fat. Soap deodorants dry the skin and cause to be itching, so it would be the last thing that you need to have a healthy skin.
The skin of the face is particularly sensitive around the eyes. Therefore, if your eyes get itchy, use a piece of cotton or cold compress rather than put it on your hands.

6. Keep your bathroom up to date

Stir in 200 g of sea salt and 450 g of baking soda in the tub and sit until the water cooled in the tub. This helps to clear the skin. You can also put a few teaspoons in your van. Tea is antioxidant and gives your skin a good smell. Another method of skin cleansing in the bathroom is to use an apple vinegar, wheat bran, and sesame oil that removes harmful bacteria from the skin and keeps the skin moist.

7- Make your skin younger while sleeping

Before going to bed, rub moisturize on your hands and feet a little and then cover them with cotton or cotton socks and gloves.

8. Keep the house moist

This prevents drying of the skin and itching and makes it easier to breathe.

9. Shadow your bedroom

What does it take to prevent sleep or insomnia from environmental light and what does it mean? Sleeping is an important part of skin well-being, because the cells are restored during sleep and if you cannot sleep, you cannot have healthy skin.

10. Recognize Taboo

Stay away from three malicious skin: cigarettes, tanning salons and sun bathing. Most experts believe that these three agents cause skin damage, resulting in older ones.

11. Never Rub your eyes!

Instead of doing this, use a variety of compresses. The skin of the face is particularly sensitive around the eyes. Therefore, if your eyes get itchy, use a piece of cotton or a cold compress instead of being cured.

12. Keep your hands away from your face

Your hands are in contact with all kinds of surfaces throughout the day, and this is why it is a good home of many germs. So when you rub your eyes, you put your hands under your chin or stick with your hands on the front of your laptop, you transfer a lot of these germs to your body, and it’s bad news if you’re looking for a brilliant look at your skin.

13. Use more natural toners

Use a ton of grape seed oil to your daily toner. Oily acts as an antihyperglycaemic agent and helps to control skin cells.

14. Modify your shower method

Rather than showering in a steam bath, shower it with lukewarm water and shorten your time in the bathroom. Long and hot showers will eliminate the natural moisture of the skin and the protective lipids, so it’s best to stay underneath for about 10 minutes.

15. Select a homogeneous moisturizer

Hmv is the new word for you? Do not worry, the case is very simple. Homocctants are compounds that absorb water and increase water to supply to the cell. One of the best types of homocctanes can be glycerin, which almost everyone knows. In addition, products containing alpha-hydroxy acid can improve skin dryness and prevent wrinkles. Alpha-hydroxyacetic acid is naturally present in grapes, apples and citrus.

16. Keep your skin care products clean and simple

This is a particular recommendation for people who have a more sensitive skin. Try to drag the red line around the products that are heavily fragrant, and do not look for anti-bacterial products that may be sensitive to skin rather than make it more effective.

17. Add a cream containing vitamin C on the sunscreen

This will increase the protective effect against free radicals and prevent skin damage. Creams containing beta-carotene and vitamin E can also have such an effect.

18. Keep your skin wet

Change the moisturizing cream by changing the season. Your skin needs more moisture in the winter, so this season should use a stronger moisturizing cream.


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