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Best Home-Made Cough Syrup and Effect


If you are looking for a good drink to cure cough, be sure to use this great herbal and home-made syrup that is used for cough.

Home-made herbal and traditional medicine to make Natural cough syrup

We will introduce the best cough syrup with an extraordinary effect in this part of Namnak so that, in addition to treating and relieving severe cough, your physical strength will also be strengthened also by using them.
Throughout the world, in the cold season, many people suffer from the inevitable sore throats that we will introduce you in this article to treat by syrups and home remedies, so read this article carefully.

Make for yourself a homemade and herbal cough syrup

Herbal cough syrup by honey and apple vinegar:

Add a tablespoon of honey, a tablespoon of apple cider, one eighth teaspoon of chili and one eighth teaspoon of ginger powder.
Put this syrup on room temperature or warm it in the microwave for a few minutes.
Then apply it directly onto your throat; you can also enjoy drinking this hot drink.
If you do not feel sick, do not worry, you can use this combination to prevent colds also.

Herbal and home-made syrup for cough

Cough Syrup with Pineapple and Ginger

When you first see the symptoms of a cough or sore throat, immediately take a pineapple antibiotic syrup, which is both be effective and delicious.
Thick two pieces of freshly peeled pineapple, one tablespoon of honey, half a teaspoon of chili powder (reduce it for children) as much as a piece of fresh, peeled ginger, and chopped and water of a lime. Put the lemon in the mixer and combine it, then boil a little and get a diluted syrup, and then keep it in the refrigerator.

For children under one year avoid any usage or any combination honey.
If you are constantly coughing, be sure to refer to the doctor.

How to make herbal syrups for cough

Cough Syrup with Honey and Thyme:

Honey in the syrup is soothing and the thyme in it also exacerbates these health properties. Thyme is a potent antimicrobial that helps to exert an overactive and respiratory infection.
To start, add some boiling water and add a piece of thyme to it, and then wait about 10 minutes to cool completely, then remove the thyme from the mixture, add some honey to it and pour it to a clean glass. You can use it for 2 months, or keep it in the refrigerator and take it when necessary.

Ginger, Honey and Lemon to make Cough Syrup:


Ginger, raw honey, two lemons, water and a bottle of glass to keep the syrup
At first, peel the pieces of ginger and cut them and grate the lemon juice.
Pour a cup of water into the pan and add one quarter cup of ginger pieces to it.
Add one or two tablespoons of lemon juice to it and then bring them to boiling water and let it cool for 5 minutes.
Pour a cup of raw honey into the pan and allow it to be hot with a little flame and then add ginger to it, and finally allow it to cool and keep it in a refrigerator inside a glass.


For children, use one or two teaspoons every two hours.
For children from 5 to 12 years old, every 1-2 hours, 1 to 2 teaspoons and adults and over 12 years old, every 4 hours, 1 to 2 teaspoons.

Ginger syrup and honey and lemon for coughing

Cough Syrup with Honey and Lemon Cough and Glycerin:

Raw honey, fresh lemon juice, some oral glycerin, measuring units, a bowl and a glass to keep syrup storage.
First, pour a quarter cup of glycerin into the bowl and after that add the honey and lemon to the glass and pour into the glass.
Take a spoonful of this syrup every few hours.


This syrup is not recommended for children under 1 year that is contained honey in it may be some kind of rare food poisoning that is called infant botulism, and has fatal occur.
Keep this coughing syrup in the refrigerator. They stay healthy for several months.
You can also add other ingredients, such as onions, garlic and peanuts, to all the above instructions.


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