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Best and worst foods for your liver


Liver is a one of organs in the vertebrate and is responsible organs for important tasks that it functions in our body. Therefore, liver’s health and the prevention of diseases such as fatty liver and cirrhosis of the liver are very important. By following some tips and diet, you can prevent to have liver problems. Here are some useful and harmful foods for liver health.


The liver is a member of the body that is found only in vertebrates. The liver generates various types of metabolites such as, synthesizes proteins, as well as necessary biochemical for digestion. The liver is located in the human body in the fourth right above the abdomen and below the diaphragm. Other functions of this organ in metabolism include glycogen storage, red blood cell decomposition, and the production of some hormones.

The role that this organ plays in the body is important and vital. Therefore, we need to do our best to keep liver healthy. For having healthy diet, exercise and regular physical activity, weight control and suppressing overweight are methods of maintaining a healthy liver. In the sequel, we introduce some foods that are harmful and also useful to have a healthy liver.

1. Oatmeal

High-fiber foods can help the liver to have the best performance. So, if you want to know one of the good ways to start a good day, you can use baking oatmeal in the morning. Studies have shown that this food can help to reduce weight and fat in the abdomen, which is a good way to maintain the health of the liver.

2. Avoid Greasy Foods

Fried potatoes, burgers, and such foods which are considered to be harmful foods for the health of the liver. Eating too much high-saturated fats can make the liver have difficulty to handle its duty. It can also lead to have inflammation and ultimately liver wounds, or liver cirrhosis. So it’s good to think about healthier options next time we want to order food.
Recent research suggests that a diet with high levels of sodium may lead to fibrosis.

3. Broccoli

If we want to keep our liver healthy, we need to add a lot of vegetables to our diet. Broccoli can be part of this strategy. Some studies have shown that this crisp edible food can help to protect against non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. Perhaps you do not like the steamed broccoli, so you can cut it and add to the cabbage salad. You can add a little almonds, cranberries, and a healthy sauce. Also, broccoli with delicious garlic and balsamic vinegar will be delicious.

4. Coffee

If you cannot spend your day without drinking coffee, you will be happy to hear that. Coffee can have some benefits to have liver health. Research shows that drinking two or three cups of coffee a day can protect the liver from harm which is caused by alcohol or unhealthy diet. Some research also suggests that coffee may also reduce the risk of liver cancer.

5. Get Rid of Sugar

The high consumption of sweet foods can cause liver damaged. This can be due to the part of the liver’s task. In fact, the liver should convert sugar into fat. So if we have to do a lot of this, much fat will be generated by the liver, which ultimately accumulate these excess fats where they are not at all appropriate and will cause trouble. Also, in the long run, it can lead to fatty liver disease. So the sweet foods can do on the liver itself try to eat less sweets and sugary foods.

6- Green Tea

Green tea is rich in antioxidants which is called Catechism. Results of Research suggest that it can protect the body against many cancers, including liver cancer. It should be noted that if you give yourself a hot tea and drink it hot, you will receive more cathicine. In fact, green tea is cold or ready to drink much less than hot tea.

7- Water

One of the best things we can do to have a healthy liver is to keep our weight healthy. So it’s good to get used to replace water with sweetened beverages in our diet, such as soft drinks, energy drinks or any other sweet beverage.

8. Almond

Nuts, especially almonds, are good sources of vitamin E, which studies show that this vitamin can protect the body against fatty liver disease. Almond is also useful for heart health. So, the next time you feel you want something to eat, take a bunch of almonds and eat. In addition, you can use almonds in a salad that will give you a great deal of salad dressing.

9. Restrict salt intake

Our body needs some salt. But maybe not the amount of consumption. Recent research suggests that a high-sodium diet may lead to fibrosis, which is actually the first stage of liver injury or liver cirrhosis. There are very easy ways to reduce this substance from the diet. You can avoid processed foods such as salami, eat fresh vegetables instead of canned vegetables, and remove salt from the food table to avoid temptation of consuming salt.

10- Spinach

Leaf or leafy vegetables have a strong antioxidant, called glutathione that can help liver to work properly. Spinach can be one of the main salad ingredients for dinner. You can also fry it with a little garlic and olive oil that will be delicious and cheesy. If you use a little Parmzans on it, it will also have a good taste.

11- Blubbery

Blubbery contains a substance called polyphenol which can protect the body against non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, which is commonly associated with obesity and high cholesterol. If blubbery is not your choice, you can use other foods containing polyphenols including bitter chocolate, olives and plums.

12- Alcohol

Drinking alcohol, especially in large amounts, can lead to the destruct the liver. Also, in the long run, it can lead to cirrhosis of the liver, even drinking it occasionally.

13. Herbs and spices

Use herbs and spices if you want to protect both the liver and your heart at the same time. Sprinkle on your dishes, Rosemary (Romaren) and Mariglue. These are good sources of polyphenols for health. Another advantage to them is that they are also very effective in reducing the amount of salt in foods. You will need less salt in order to cook your meal or cinnamon. Cinnamon, curry and cumin are also very good.

14. Restrict packaged snack foods

Next time you want to buy something, try to choose a healthy diet. The problem with chips, snacks and other foods such as these are usually rich in sugar, salt or fat. A good strategy in this area is to bring a container of healthy foods and snacks to your workplace. For example, have an apple with some peanut butter or you can try some peas with some Hums (Arabic food).


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