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How can we care of skin in travel?


In long vacation during journey, the skin would be endangered the health of skin and beauty if the pollution do not cleaned.

Maintaining health and beauty of the skin on the journey and methods to hydrate the skin on the journey!

Traveling is exciting for everyone, whether it be a weekend or a long vacation, but among these emotions, we often ignore our skin and hair. Many people have this experience during travel, the skin become too greasy, dry or burns , and this is really daunting.

We know that the most exposed part of body is skin which is easily affected by environmental and climate changes. Hence, many of us have a routine beauty programs that we do at home. But when we go on vacation, this is different because of many restriction and constraint such as luggage and time, we tend to take less cosmetic and beauty and sometimes we do not notice how much these changes in the environment and even the temperature harm our skin.

Fatigue planning and sudden changes in diet may also harm our skin; darkening of skin tissues, sunburn, harsh skin, and other skin and hair problems can make us annoyed and distressed during the journey. Keeping our diet as well as taking care of your skin and hair is a challenging problem outside the city moreover during travel, but beauty and travel are not two unique things, and you can keep them during your vacation.

Protecting beauty of the skin on journey

You can always have your previous programs to create place and time for your beauty, and with a few simple tips, you can run them on your next weekend or long vacation. And most importantly, this part of Namnak section about health makes possible to protect your skin anywhere and have self-confidence, so be prepared for a trip that looks beautiful and well-groomed.

Important tips and tricks to maintain beauty and health of skin on a journey

1: Preparing skin for travel:

During your travel, do not just arrange your transportation and accommodation; remember to prepare your skin before your travel. A few weeks before the trip, avoid changing your routine beauty, so this solution prevent skin’s reactions by using new products. One or two days before the trip, peel off your skin, apply a mask, and then moisten. This will make your skin fresh before your travel.

Preparations for skin care in travel

2: Prepare your Beauty Pack:

To continue your routine beauty program, be sure to prepare the beauty package you take during your travel. Make a list so that do not forgotten one thing. It is better to take care with anything you normally use, such as a gel, moisturizer, serum and day and night cream.

Because your skin is under stress during your travel, be sure to list a scrub or mask for removing contaminants of your skin. If you do not want to wash your hair every day, a dry shampoo is essential to prevent your hair to become greasy.

3: Get your skin out of the water:

Usually, during a trip, avoid the problem of finding a restroom, refrain from drinking large amounts of water, which is an unhealthy habit for you and your skin. Do the opposite. You should give it the blue body you need. Drinking enough water purifies skin to suffer scaling and prevents dulling face color. Always carry a bottle of water that can be reused so that you can fill it again wherever you are.

The effect of drinking on the beauty of skin

4: To keep skin dry during the journey, keep the skin moist:

Of course you do not like to get your skin dry and flaky when you are arrived to your destination. When preparing your skin for travel, use a moisturizer to keep your skin moist and refreshed. Use your regular sweetie before your trip and do not forget to bring it along with your-self. This helps to moisturize your skin and makes it look fresh and brilliant. Provide the moisturizer along the way, and use it for skin to be softness every few hours.

5: Protect your skin from sun exposure:

Whether by car or by air, your skin should be protected from harmful UVA / UVB rays. We know that some sunscreen formulations have a strong smell and used for greasy-skin, but regardless of the type of the weather, during your holiday it should be to essential. Also, do not forget to use sunscreen before leaving your skin protect against tanning, sunburn, or early aging symptoms.

Use sunscreen on the journey to maintain beauty of the skin

6: Do not wear make-up to avoid having acne in one day.

During your trip, your skin is more likely to be exposed to dirt and dust, and when you make up, your skin can not breathe, which is the main cause of having acne and skin irritation. The best thing is forgetting your makeup and go on a journey with only a moisturizer and sunscreen and let your skin breathe and stay wet also use washing gel to wash dirt and pollution on your skin.

7: Remove excess fat from your skin:

It does not matter if your skin is greasy or dry, your skin will be oily during the journey because of pollution, always carry a dry napkin to remove excess fat without removing moist on your skin.

Beautiful skin on travel with the necessary care

8: Bring your eyes cheerful on journey:

If your journey is long, you would probably like to watch film during the path or read a book. Which causes redness, runny nose and puffiness of your eyes. Make sure you use eye drops to keep your eyes moist and calm. Put a cold towel or two pieces of freshly cut cucumber on your eyes to reduce puffiness and dark circles around the eyes. Do this on the first night you arrived before bed time. Continue using the eye cream around the eyes to prevent dandruff and lines away from the eyes.

The methods of maintaining health and beauty of the skin on the journey

9: Avoid touch your face on your journey:

When you are in public places, it’s likely that your hands are infected; so whenever you touch your face, you push these germs to the skin, causing it to have acne. If you have to do this, wash your hands or use antiseptic. If this is not possible, be sure to use a napkin or a napkin as a shield between your hands and your skin.

The technique of skin care on the journey

10: Wear comfortable clothes:

Whether you are doing sports like mountaineering, marching, exploring new places, or just surfing, be sure to wear a light and comfortable outfit. Tight dresses are upset and can provoke itching, redness of the skin, infection, skin allergies or increased temperature.

11: Have enough sleep for beauty of the skin:

We know that you want to use most of your time during your travel, but remember that you should not sacrifice your sleep. It’s very important to maintain your body’s natural timepiece, because reducing your sleep would be affected your body and soul, and eventually you will be left without energy and with puffy eyes.

The importance of sleeping for a beautiful skin on the journey

12: Eat healthy food to feed the body:

You change your diet during the holidays. Due to the fact that dehydration is common throughout the journey and directly affects the skin, eating healthy food is very important. At your meal, put juicy fruits, vegetables, soups and fresh fruit juices. Limit the consumption of ready foods, because they are rich in salt and preservatives that cause to have dry skin .

13: Do not use long lasting lips:

These types of lipstick contain strong ingredients that cause your lips to be dried. Use lipsticks or lip-gloss, or apply them to your normal lipstick. This will make your lips wet.


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