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12 cheap and convenient ways for having beauty of face and hair


Some famous celebrity declare that real beauty is caused of natural and complete beauty of hair and skin. Also to know the facts that care your skin and hair follow the below secrets.

Homemade and simple methods to have beautiful skin and hair

Are you ready to experience the beauty of your skin and hair naturally in home? If your answer is yes, pay attention to the following tips to keep your hair and skin healthy and shiny.

12 natural secrets and methods to have beautiful skin and hair

  1. Soft feet: the cracked and dried heel is a common problem in winter. So by massaging with warm olive oil and wearing socks at night avoid and cure cracked and dried heels.
  2. Moisturizing lips: while our lips is not produced oil or moisturize they have cracked and chapped. Remove dried skin of lips and use sweet almond oil and honey before sleep time at night to have pink and soft lips.
  3. Nail care: Nail care not only cares for cuticle, but also prevents dryness. For having soft cuticles rub coconut oil or moisture cream at night to the nail.
  4. Eyelash and eyebrow growth: having strong and long eyelash and eyebrow double your eyes beauty so use coconut and castor oil to strengthen them by having fatty acids in them. Use these oils before sleep time.
  5. Hair growth: for better hair growth, massage hair with warm oil and lavender by your fingers and cover your hair with hat during night and wash them with water in the morning.
  6. Hair leprosy: one of common problems that most people face is dryness and lack of nutrient that cause hair multiple shifts. You can cure this problem by using Aloe Vera gel, lemon juice, olive oil and also castor.
  7. Moisturize:  Cleaning the scaling of dead cells is eliminated dried cells, and for this purpose it is appropriate to use an overnight moisturizer that contain vitamin E or avocado for rejuvenating the face and neck.
  8. Acnes: growing acnes on face is because of bacteria which grow at skin. Tea oil tree has anti-bacteria features that decrease redness and skin fat or also you can use mixture of honey and cinnamon as a mask.
  9. Eliminating black spots and puffy eyes: different causes such as aging, lack of sleep, hormonal changes, inappropriate diets etc. make dark spots and puffy eyes and for solving these problems use coffee oil and almond around the eyes
  10. Soft hand: So many people do not care about their hands so they have rough and dried hands. To have soft hands you can use sugar and olive oil and then rub natural moisturize and wear gloves the result is here in the morning you have shiny and soft hands.
  11. Eliminate crease: using silk pillow cover prevent welds. Also using silk pillow can delay Aging and elderly signs. Moreover sleeping on the satin pillow prevent hair fragility.
  12. Sun Burn: Spending long time under sun light cause sun burn. Aloe Vera is one of the best things for curing sun burn.



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