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Prevention and rapid cure for sunburn


Usually in summer, when the weather is very hot and sun burning, most people develop sunburns from neck area and are unaware of the way they treat sunburn.

How to protect our neck against the sun? What to do after sunburn?

It’s easy to remember, take care of your face skin in front of the sun’s rays, but your neck needs protection. A good way to start is to find and use a high-SPF sunscreen and make sure all distant parts of your neck are covered with sunscreen, if you need to check it with a mirror. You can also prevent sun exposure to your neck using a shabby hat scarf or long-necked t-shirt. Also, to protect more from Use +50 upfs.

Neck burning method and protection of the skin from the neck against the sun:

1. Use sunscreen to protect your skin, sunscreen with high spf. Sunscreen cannot guarantee your skin protection completely but sunscreen with 100% spf can protect UV ray damage up to 99%. (Before usage consult with doctor)

2. Look for waterproof or antiperspirant sunscreen. Check for 40 to 80 minutes of moisture in your neck.
For further protection, apply sunscreen as a layer and then use spray sunscreen. It’s better to wear sunscreen for 15 minutes before getting underneath the sun rays. This will create the time for sunscreen to protect

Neck skin sunburn prevention methods

3. Use both sunscreen on your neck every hour because sunscreen loses its effect under normal conditions. If you swim or dry your neck with a towel, soon you should wear sunscreen again.

4. Set up a bandana around the neck. Bandana is light weight square texture that can easily be folded around the neck and you can tie it to the back or front of your neck, adjust the fabric to cover every corner of your neck. If the air is very hot, soak your bands before close the neck; if you do not have a bandana, you can use any square texture.

5. Select clothing with the UPF label.
Looking for long-sleeved, bandanas or hat caps, UPS labels are also recommended. Protective clothing designed to protect the skin from sunlight, usually with tight texture and dark colors. These clothes are labeled UPF, an ultraviolet protection factor that measures the level of protection of these clothing against the UV rays of the sun.

Which grade of these suits is more suitable?

The degree of UPF indicates how much UV rays are absorbed by clothing. For example, clothing with a UPF 20 degree, only 1/20 ultraviolet rays go through the clothes and reach the skin.
Estimated spf ranging from 15 to 50, which is better when it’s dry, for example when you’re under sunlight for up to 40%, because it can reduce up to 98% of uv rays.
Uv-25, 35 can be suitable for short staying under sunlight.

Neck Sunscreen Treatment with Natural Version

6. Restrict your exposure to sunlight from 10am to 4pm. In this period, the peak is the emission of UV rays, if you like more tan. If the sun is above the sky, your shadow is very short, so this heat is very high. Try to stay inside the house during these hours or spend your time in the shade.

What to do to treat sunburn on the neck? Natural versions fit:

1. Treat the burnt neck with a lotion of Aloe Vera, soy, or calamine lotion.

2. If your neck is red or painful, apply a small amount of lotion to your skin.

3. You can also use OTC drugs such as ibuprofen to help with pain and swelling.

4. Avoid getting sunburn so that neck and other areas burned will be completely fine.

5. Do not use lotion containing oil, benzocaine or lidocaine exposed to sunlight.

What do we do after sunburn?

6. Be sure to follow the instructions and applications of the drug and OTC lotions.

7. Place a cool, damp cloth to relieve the scorched areas of your neck, once or twice a day, until it is good.

8. Cover the burnt skin to improve it so that it does not worsen if the blisters get bigger, do not push , do not touch and do not touch, just leave them until they are good.

9. Refer to the doctor if you have dizziness, weakness, cold, fever, or severe fever.


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