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The cause of dandruff and its treatment in a completely natural way


Dandruff is a very common skin disorder that, in the absence of treatment, causes severe hair loss. Get familiar with this method of dandruff with natural and home remedies and complete removal of dandruff.

How to get rid of dandruff

Dandruff is a disorder that, if not treated, will result in severe hair loss and poor appearance. White hair dandruff appears on the shoulder or clothes seems very unpleasant and bad. That people are going to try any way to get rid of it.

Dandruff is basically the dead skin of the scalp that drops, dandruff is a very common skin disorder, especially in adolescents. This problem can also lead to lower self-esteem. Commercial advertisements show several treatments available for treating dandruff. In addition, many natural and home remedies for treating and eliminating dandruff are recommended by traditional medical practitioners, which will be followed by a section on skin and hair health in Namnak.

Dandruff treatment by traditional medicine

Causes of dandruff

• Dry skin

• Emotional problems

• Allergy to products of Hair Care

• Fatty or stimulated skin

• Cleaning the head

• Stress

• Unbalanced diet

• Hormones

• Lack of vitamins

• Continuous and early replacement of hair care products

• Malassezia, a type of mushroom

• Climate change, especially in the winter

• Excessive use of hair gel or hair spray or other products

What causes dandruff?

Signs of dandruff

• Itchy skin head

• Crusty skin

• Dry white patches on the hair and on the shoulders

What are the symptoms of dandruff?

Home Remedies for Dandruff

Sometimes anti-dandruff shampoos are effective, but sometimes they are not working. Here you have to go along with another treatment that you can read about it in this section.

Treating dandruff with yogurt

1. Yogurt:

Yogurt is not only a great ingredient to your hair and scalp, it’s also a great way to eliminate dandruff. Take yogurt and apply it on your skin. Let it stay for 20 minutes, then rinse it, now use a little shampoo to wash your scalp.

Second method: Yogurt is considered along with a world of properties excellent elimination dandruff. The right way is to rub the yogurt with your fingertips and rinse well after 10-15 minutes, and then wash your hair in the normal course of the bath.

Treat dandruff quickly with yogurt

Aspirin is one of the dandruff home remedies

2. Aspirin:

Take two aspirin mats and squeeze them, pour it and add to your usual shampoo. When shampooing, let it stay for 2 minutes, then rinse.

Apple vinegar is the best ingredient to treat dandruff

3. Apple vinegar:

Take a little vinegar of apples and mix it with water, both vinegar and apple juice should be mixed equally. Mix them well. After shampooing hair, put a small amount of the mixture in the palm of your hand and apply it onto your scalp. Wait 10 to 15 minutes then rinse it again. Repeat this procedure for a week or more.

Rapid dandruff treatment with apple cider vinegar

Dandruff treatment with baby oil and coconut

4. Oil Treatment:

Choose a gentle oil. Baby oil is considered a gentle oil, if you cannot find a mild oil, use a baby oil. Heat the oil, but do not burn your head and fingers too much. First, touch the oil. If it is good, pour a little oil in the palm of your hand and massage it calmly. Do not put too much pressure to drop your hair, then get some warm water.

Soak a towel in it. The towel should be long enough to cover your skin and hair. Remove excess water and wipe your hair with this warm towel and let it stay for 20 minutes. Remove the towel after 15-20 minutes and leave for one night and stay, in the morning shampoo your hair.

Rapid dandruff treatment with therapeutic oil

5. Coconut Oil Massage:

Heat a little coconut oil and massage your skin with it, gently massage and let it stay for one night and gently wash it in the next morning. It will be difficult to remove oil from the head. If necessary, shampoo your hair twice. Coconut oil, and especially warm oils, moisturize the scalp and hair, so repeat this procedure every week.

Sweetened natural remedy for dandruff

6. Baking Soda:

Take a little baking soda and apply it on your skin, massage for a minute, and then wash your head. Repeat this procedure for 2 weeks. After 2 weeks, your scalp will be free from dandruff and will have beautiful hair.

7. Tea tree oil:

Pour the tea tree oil in your palm and massage your scalp and hair. Stay one night, rinse your hair with water in the morning.

Rapid dandruff treatment with herbal medicines

8. Listerine:

We all know that Listerine is an excellent mouthwash, but how many of people know that it can also be useful to eliminate dandruff? Methyl salicylate and menthol can relieve itching hair. Insert a piece of cotton in Listerine and put it on your head and you will surely be surprised after using it.

Lemon remove dandruff

9. Lemon:

Lemon is a very good and effective natural remedy for dandruff treatment. After shampooing, pour a little lemon juice onto your skin and massage. Leave 1-2 minutes and then rinse.

The method of using mouthwash to treat dandruff

Quick dandruff treatment with mouthwash

10. Mouthwash:

Take 1 cup of mouthwash and 9 cups of ordinary water. Mix together. After shampooing, rinse your hair and scalp with this mixture. After that, do not use water to just make your hair as usual, repeat this procedure once a month.

Use natural and pure olive oil to treat dandruff

11. Olive oil:

Use natural and pure olive oil; if you do not have it, take it out of your usual olive oil and heat it and apply it on your hair and skin. Massage gently. Olive oil returns your losing moisture. ; Your hair is healthy, shiny and of course without dandruff.

Best Dandruff Treatment with Aloe Vera

Rapid dandruff treatment with Aloe Vera

12. Aloe Vera:

Aloe Vera has many beneficial properties, a half Aloe Vera and pour it in a bowl of sticky gel. Use this gel before showering. If you are not able to find the raw Aloe Vera, you can use Aloe Vera juice. After using Aloe Vera or gel, thoroughly rinse your hair with a mild shampoo.

Dandruff treatment with thyme

13. Thyme:

4 tablespoons of thyme in 2 cups of boiling water. Let it go for 10-15 minutes. Let it cool and then smooth the mixture. Apply it onto your skin and leave for 5 minutes. It is a suitable herbal remedy for Dandruff

White vinegar is the best remedy for dandruff

14. White vinegar:

Mix a cup of white vinegar with 3 cups of ordinary water. Rinse your hair with vinegar mix and then pour water onto your skin.

Natural and Homemade Dandruff Treatments

By Using salt remove the dandruff

15. Salt:

Salt really works like a scrub. Take some salt and pour it onto your dry skin. Massage gently to remove dandruff. Then shampoo your hair.

How to use eggs to relieve dandruff

16. Eggs:

Cut 2 eggs and mix the yolks and whites; put this mixture on your skin and stay for 1 hour. After a while, rinse your hair. This makes the hair shiny and without dandruff and silky.

Quick dandruff treatment with eggs

Treat dandruff with apple and orange dough

17. Apples and Oranges:

Mix the oranges and apples in equal proportions to get good dough, apply the dough on your scalp and massage gently and wash your hair after 20-30 minutes with a shampoo.

Garlic is an effective home remedies for dandruff

18. Garlic:

Mix 2 tablespoons garlic powder with 1 tablespoon of lemon juice. Make a good dough and apply it on your scalp. Leave for 35-40 minutes and then rinse it with mild water and mild shampoo.

Rapid dandruff treatment with garlic

How to use onions to relieve dandruff

19. Onion:

Take a bulb and make a good paste with it; apply the dough on your skin. Wash your skin after an hour.

Dandruff removal with ginger and beet

20. Ginger and sugar beet:

Remove ginger and beet to make a good dough. Massage your scalp and let it stay for one night. Wash your hair next morning, repeat this procedure for 4-5 nights.

Rosemary Oil is the best treatment for dandruff

21. Rosemary Oil:

Mix rosemary oil with vinegar; massage your scalp with this oil. After 15-20 minutes, rinse it thoroughly.

Recipe for 5 homemade shampoos for the treatment of dandruff

Rapid dandruff treatment with home shampoos

Honey Softener Shampoo for dandruff

Compared with the instructions above, this one is very simple and requires only two elements: pure honey and organic filtered water. Honey contains vitamins A, C and B as well as with potassium, iron, calcium, phosphorus and magnesium. If you combine honey and water to your skin, you will find that this is a real and wonderful treat. The notion that honey can prevent dandruff is done by a study on ten women and twenty men, who were executed in 2001. This test requires patients with chronic dermatitis to use a mixture of 90% honey and 10% water in damaged areas.

After a gentle massage with honey for a few minutes and then 3 hours allowed to stay; after a week, the first result was felt: itching subsided, and the next week, crusty was gone. People who treated this treatment did not occur to this problem, however, 10 of the 15 patients who stopped honey’s shampoo technique returned four months later.

How to make anti-dandruff shampoos with plant material

The preparation of this shampoo is very easy:

Choose a high quality organic honey, so you can enjoy all the benefits of minerals and all its vitamins. Mix it with a little warm water and make it only for use at the same time. Moisten your mousse and mix apply on your skin. Apply and massage your scalp.

This method stimulates the flow of blood and makes sure that the honey gets to all areas which suffer from itchy and scaly. Let it stay for three hours. Wash your hair in a warm towel. When it’s over, rinse it with warm water, or rinse with vinegar and water, which is another great treat of dandruff. Is.

Castile soap shampoo and watering coconut milk for dandruff

Need a quarter cups of coconut milk, half a glass of liquid Castellan soap, half a glass of vegetables glycerin , two tablespoons of natural oil (Jojoba, Coconut or Almond Oil , all of which we offer) and three to four drops of high quality basic oil you have because of smell.

Pour all the ingredients into the bottle you want to use and shake. All these materials are separated after several hours, so be sure to shake the mixture well before each use.

You can use this shampoo every other day to have a shiny and silky hair. We do not recommend to use this shampoo every day because your hair need to feed by its natural oil to nourish the root.

Rapid dandruff treatment with Castile Soap

Cleansing shampoo for apple cider vinegar

It balances the pH and prevents dead skin cells that convert to unwanted dandruff.
The first way to use apple vinegar in your usual wash is to add one cup of vinegar to a liter of warm water and rinse your hair after washing. Not only relieves itching and calms skin irritations. But also makes your hair more comfortable and smoother. If worried about the bad smell of your hair, do not worry, it will disappear after a day.

Anti-dandruff shampoos preparation method

The second method for using apple vinegar:

Need a bottle of spray. Mix a proportion of the water with a ratio of vinegar and pour it in a bottle. Then, start with the hair roots, spray the vinegar water solution, massage your skin, and wrap your hair in a towel and let it activate ingredients for 15 to 20 minutes. After that, you can rinse your hair with warm water only.

Dandruff cleansing

We are studying about the various benefits of baking. From the cleaning of the kitchen to the excellent facial scrub, the sweet beverage has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. In addition, it can also fight dandruff. Also, as a mild peeling, it can act as a fungicide, and cleanse the scalp and eliminate dandruff. Using a baking soda instead of a shampoo may be unusual; the result may not occur on the first night, but should be used regularly to dandruff.

Rapid dandruff treatment

To make this shampoo:

Need a baking soda, a cup of filtered water, and optionally a few drops of rosemary oil. Take one tablespoon of baking soda to one cup of water. Pour the mixture into a bottle or a glass until get a hard paste like a regular shampoo. If you’re not ready to completely replace your shampoo with baking, add your own way to your shampoo by adding a tablespoon of binge. You can use this technique one day, until progress is made. After dandruff is completely eliminated, you can use baking soda for just one day, two weeks.

Balancing shampoo of tea tree oil for treatment of dandruff

Most people think adding oil to the scalp is the solution, but there is no more misunderstanding. Fat scalp shows that in fact, the skin tries to eliminate excessive dryness by secreting more fat. Green tea oil is not fatty for dandruff; on the contrary: it is proven that tea tree oil reduces fat, itching and combats hair loss, making the best shampoo for dandruff. To treat stains and pimples, tea tree oil is also helpful in treating dead skin cells.

Rapid dandruff treatment with tea tree oil

To prepare this mixture:
Combine a cup of warm water with a teaspoon of tea tree oil. Add it to a spray in bottle, and then apply your shampoo over your skin. Do not rinse it. Its anti-fungal properties that cleanse the scalp, and do not remove itching and pain in tea on your thin skin, because the oil is strong and it can cause itching.


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