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Symptoms of deficiency of Vitamins on your face


Do you know that you can distinguish vitamin and mineral’s deficiency on your face? You can distinguish these deficiencies with some methods and recognize lack of essential mineral and vitamins in your body.

Your face is the mirror of your health and most of doctors will recognize illness by examination of eyes and mouth of patient. Become your own doctor for a few minutes and distinguish shortage and lack of vitamin from by your appearance. As you read in the following article in Namnak, if you have vitamin’s deficiency you have to take blood test therefore if you suffer from any shortage of vitamins or nutritional materials in your body the symptoms of it will be appeared in your face and body. Use all types of as much as you need and the most important and prominent factor for absorbing nutrition’s and vitamins is healthy alimentary canal that you have.

Symptoms of mineral and vitamins deficiency in body

1. Pale Skin:

if you suffer from pale and this problem become more and more it means that you have lack of Vitamin B12. So if you have some problems with memorizing or tiredness during a day it recommend to use organic meat and fish more.

2. Thin Hair:

if you have dry, fragile and full of dandruff hair it may be the sign of Vitamin B7 shortage which is called as Biotin. This can happen when you take so many anti-biotics that eliminate bacteria in your gut. In this kind of situation eating foods which contain a lot of biotin is recommended and you can find Biotin in some foods like mushroom, yolk and cauliflower.

Symptoms of vitamins and mineral deficiency in body

3. Puffy Eyes:

puffy eyes and feet are the sign of iodine deficiency, also this deficiency has other symptoms such as fragile nail, dry hair and also gain weight. Henceforward it recommend to use foods that are rich in iodine such as vegetables and fish.

4. Pale Lips:

pale lips and gums is shown lack of iron in body and it more seen in women than men. So it is useful to eat spinach because this vegetable is full of iron that can eliminate the shortage of iron in our body.

Symptoms of vitamin and mineral deficiency in face and body

5. Loose tongue more than usual:

this is one sign of vitamin B12 deficiency that cause your tongue be too shell texture. To solve this problem it is better to eat meat without fat.

6. Sensitive or gum blood:

bleeding gum and sensitive is the sign of vitamin C deficiency and this deficiency cause health problems and also sore muscles in some people so it is better to eat citrus such as berry and other fruits that are full of Vitamin C to help improving the health of gum.


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