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What are the different hair brushes?


If you want to avoid brushing your hair from possible damage, get familiar with this type of moisturizer with different uses of hair brushes.

Application of all kinds of hair brushes

The brush is one of the products that is right choice, both in hairspray and in reducing the damage to the hair, because the wrong choice can both cause heat damage to the hair and increase the fragility of the hair and in make hair feel good. Get acquainted with all kinds of hair brushes and their application.

Suitable Brushes for all types of hair

To have the best hair condition you need to know which brush is suited for type of hair.
Choosing the right comb is not hard, just knowing what you want to do with it, do you want your hair to be smooth, lightly or even curly? To get the best hair condition, you need to know what each of these brushes and combs come up with. Finally, you can use appropriate hair brushes.

What types of hair brushes are used?

1) For regular combing of hair and opening the knot: Use a brush.

Check out the teeth that are flexible and the floor is pillow. Combining hair with this type of brush makes the knots inside the hair easier to open and at the same time do not damage your hair. Do not use brushes that are sturdy and soft on the floor. Start to comb from the bottom of the hair. After opening the ends of the hair, go slowly and reach the root of the hair. With this method, when you comb your hair from root to bottom, there is no longer a knot that causes the hair to be scratched or damaged.

What types of hair brushes are used

2) For fast hair drying: Use a toothed combs.

If you only want to dry your hair, get these brushes. Some of these brushes have gaps in their ends, which make the hair dry time and hair condition half. These brushes are the best choice for using your hair mousse.

What types of hair brushes are used

3) For umbrellas modeling: Use a rounded brush.

To help manage shorter hair conditioners easily, use small round brushes that have large teeth. These brushes will give you the best.

What types of hair brushes are used

4) For long hairstyles: Use large round bristles with shiny hair teeth.

If you want to shave your hair at home like a beauty salon, there’s nothing better than round bristles with rough hair. The hair teeth of these brushes that fit perfectly and tightly create a lot of pressure and make each hair straightener hair shine brighter and smoother.

What types of hair brushes are used

5) To make hair: Use round ceramic brushes.

If you want to make your hair, use brushes with a ceramic body. This part is very important, because the ceramic keeps the heat in it and with each hair dryer it spreads evenly in the hair and acts like a hair straightener.

What types of hair brushes are used

6) To shave the hair: Use the comb of the tail of the mouse.

Whether you want to split your hair or you can easily differentiate, or comb your hair to any styling you want, this comb can come in handy. The ends of the shoulders are designed in such a way that you can easily split your hair easily and elegantly.

What types of hair brushes are used

7) For hair volume: Use special brushes for hair covering.

Want to give a little bit of volume to your hair roots, just raise your hair and use this brush from top to bottom to drag your hair to cover it and increase the amount of it.

Features of a good brush

you’d love to know when you buy a good brush, you should consider what features to help you fine-tune your hair while not hurting your scalp and hair. Here are some tips for buying a good brush.

▪ It’s better to have nylon brush hair rather than plastic. Nylon hair is more flexible and less damaging to your hair.

▪ Pay attention to brush when shopping. Brushes with an ergonomic handle allow you to have it better and have even better control when brushing your hair.

▪ Make sure there is a fabric padding at the end of the brush hair because this pad causes your hair to be less damaged when coated with a brush.

▪ Buy brushes with rounded ends of hair. This roundness causes the scalp to be damaged and not injured. At the same time, the bristle hair, which is separate and individual, is better than the hair attached.

Brush health

In order to have a clean brush, remove the extra hair every time after combing your hair, and at least once wash it with warm water and soap. It’s better to bring your brushes to the array, because brushes are used to make heads for many people, and it is possible to transmit skin and hair diseases such as fungi, lice and scabies. Your brush is quite personal and you do not even borrow it from your family members. The possibility of transmitting germs of skin and hair diseases among members of a family also exists.


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