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Domestic mistakes and expense your life


Any movement or breath in a day has given you an opportunity to have a healthier life. Do not commit stated mistakes in the following because some of them reduces years of your life.

The Best – Translation from Hoda Banki: Any movement or breath in a day have given you an opportunity to have a healthier life. Do not commit the mistakes that we are telling here because some of them can eliminate days of your life time.

Do not Stand Up

Several studies indicate hurts and damage of sitting in one place for long time. Together, sitting at the table, whether at the desk or in the front of TV, not only dis-improved the condition of the body, but also increased the risk of cardiovascular disease. One of easiest way to avoid this condition is considering a little mobility during the day, even a short walk after work or lunch time. Stand up with the phone and try to sit down less.

Eat a lot of grilled food

It is true that grilling or barbecue may have a low-calorie diet for cooking, but it also has negative aspects for our health. Grilled food patches can contain carcinogenic compounds which is called heterocyclic amines and aromatic polycyclic amines. With a few simple modifications, you can minimize the production of carcinogens: Before cooking limit grinding time by refining the meat. Minimize the pieces of meat to cook easier. Remove fats of meat that you see t so that it does not fall on molten charcoal the result is not producing smoke. Also use vinegar or lemon juice to marinate meat and have a good taste. Turn the pieces of meat regularly from one face to another so that the extract does not burn completely.

Have a long list of to do

To have a healthy life, you need to give yourself an opportunity to reduce stress. Chronic stress keeps cortisol up and can cause many health problems, including weight gain, heart disease, anxiety, depression, difficulty concentrating, and memory problems. Of course, these were only a few problematic situation that one person occur during his life. When you feel this emotion it is time to have a little breathing and relaxing time, stop working and give yourself opportunity to take rest and spend time with the ones you love.

Use artificial sweeteners

Studies have shown that dietary beverages cause cardiovascular disease such as stroke and heart attack. Obesity and headache and even depression can also be a side effect of drinking these beverages. Substitute flavored water with lime or raspberries and IIS with honey instead of artificial beverage.

Spend a long time in front of Computer and TV

Late watching TV with chips and … can intensify your insomnia, because exposing to blue screen can dearanged the rhythm of your internal clock. Instead of a TV and computer, do some useful before-sleep activities to help you sleep, such as reading a book (real book!) Or listening to relaxing music.

Immediate Brush After Eating Food

Previously, dentists advised to brush immediately after eating, in a way that removing acid from mouth sooner and cannot damage the enamel. But nowadays it declared that brushing immediately after a meal is actually detrimental to the teeth because it damages the teeth’s protective layer, especially if you have one acidity such as juice or coffee. Rinse your mouth with water and wait 40 minutes, then brush it.

Raise the volume of music

Putting your headphones and raising the sound of the song may help you to focus better in noisy environment, but will hurt your hearing. Exposure to noises higher than 90 dB for more than 8 hours per day can cause permanent damage to your hearing sense.

No enough sleep

Everyone knows that they should have six to eight hours of sleep every night, but in 2016, almost one-third of Americans do not consider this advice. People who regularly fall asleep increase the risk of depression, cancer, memory impairment and heart disease. Meanwhile, lack of sleep can also increase weight.

Do not get dental floss

If you do not floss your teeth, effect of smile is obvious. Various studies have shown gum disease is associated with heart disease. Fortunately, the solution is simple: do flossing every day.

Put your mobile on your bed

The proximity of your mobile phone to you when you are asleep causes serious health problems. In addition to the blue screen, before sleep, your sleep disrupts, vibrations and notifications that interfere with your midnight can overwhelm your sleep patterns and even cause you to wake up at night. Do not let the mobile into your bedroom.

Do not drink water

60% of our body consist of water, so you should keep it hydrated regularly. Dehydration causes fatigue, headache, constipation, dizziness, palpitations, and so on. These effects not only affect your health, but also your mental health will be harmed. Sometimes when you’re hungry, you’re actually thirsty, so always have a bottle of water available.

Remove Contact Lenses before Sleep

Do not sleep or take nap with a contact lens. Contact lenses are basically sponges that can hold bacteria and many contaminants.which are harmful for our eye’s health. When you sleep, the lens prevents to flow tear in the eyes. Tears help some bacteria come out of the eye. Meanwhile, the lens prevents reaching oxygen from the cornea.

When you get stress you eat something

If you are accustomed to responding to your stress by eating confectionery and sweets, you are not alone and many other people are the same as you, but constantly eating fatty foods can cause obesity and heart problems. Rather than eating, do some meditation, exercising, or talking to friends to control your stress.

Just do aerobic exercise

Aerobic exercise helps burning calories and it is useful for your heart health, but you need to have space for strength training. Bodybuilding exercises boost bone health, increase your metabolic rate at rest and increase your energy level.

Depend on supplements

Certainly, in your healthy lifestyle, there is a place to use supplements and natural remedies for treating illnesses, but some people get exaggerated. One of the common mistakes is using supplements instead of taking prescription drugs to treat a serious illness.
For example, when they are diagnosed, their triglycerides are high (an indication of the risk of heart disease), they use a fish oil supplement instead of the medicine their doctor prescribed for them. Fish oil supplements are usually greasy and have other elements, such as saturated fats, which can increase LDL cholesterol. You might imagine that you are helping your heart, but the true fact is here you actually hurt yourself.

Down the car glass

It might seem good when you are driving , cars’ window is down but it’s only good when driving on a forest road or outside of city. On highways and busy streets, the air you breathe is not fresh. Air pollution on the highways is ten times worse than road ways. Gas from diesel vehicles can be a factor of cancer and heart disease. So raise the windows and turn on the air conditioning inside the car.

Not eat enough protein

More than one-third of people over the age of 50 do not get enough protein. Getting enough protein to help power and energy is essential.

Not Enough Sunscreen

You might think that sunscreen is only for hot summer days or beaches.

Excessive consumption of probiotics

Probiotics are boosting immune system and digestive system of our body.

Not warm-up your body before exercise

Failure to warm-up your body makes muscles and joints not ready for exercise. Be sure to do some dynamic stretching and a little aerobic exercise to reduce the risk of injury.

Salt-sprinkler is right next to your hand

We all like to make our foods a little bit sweeter, but a lot of salt can make the electrolyte level go up. This condition affects the distribution of water in our body and causes high blood pressure, also it increased risk of diabetes, and excessive overeating and sweating.

Not eat breakfast

It’s always a lie that breakfast is the most important meal. By eating a healthy breakfast, you can reduce the risk of heart attack, stroke, and other cardiovascular disease. A healthy breakfast will increase your body’s endurance and increase your ability to concentrate.

Peeling your skin so many times

Exfoliate skin, dead cells and contaminants, can open the skin’s pore, but excessive odor in this work causes sensitivity, redness and staining. Use cautious peeling products.

Go to the nearest park

Park a little farther away from your destination, so you have to walk, unless you really have time. Try to get used to getting parked further away to encourage yourself to walk and move. Alternatively use stairs instead of the elevator.

Set great goals for yourself

If you want to set a goal for your life, it’s best to start with smaller goals. Split a big goal into a few small goals so you can go forward with steps that are possible at any time but continuously and patiently. This will be much more likely for your success.

Take a Bathroom late

Do not wait until you need a toilet. By delaying the restroom regularly, you can relieve stools more easily and result in constipation on the nerve’s reflexes that help you.

Sleep with makeup

Keeping makeup on your skin is damaging beyond the contamination of your skin; it can prevent to remove dead skin cells, darken the skin’s color, close the cavities and cause blistering. Cleaning your face will not take you long.

Self-diagnosis and self-care

These days, almost all of us will go to Google as soon as we encounter a problem and try to obtain some knowledge about everything. This work is somewhat helpful and informs us, but it’s not right to get rid of this information and cause fearlessness or neglect of referring to a doctor. Also, be sure to search the information you need on valid sites and consult with the doctor when you visit the doctor.

Get a very hot shower

A hot shower or hot bath helps to get rid of muscle aches, but it’s bad for your skin and can help eliminating moisture and lipids. Particularly in the cold months of the winter, a hot shower can cause dryness and cracking of the skin and make eczema become worse. It is better to use lukewarm water for bathing.

Hold your Cell-phone all the time

Addicted to using the phone continuously can make your neck painful. When you spend a lot of time working with your phone, in addition to raise the risk of neck damage and spine and eyes, your anxiety is also overwhelmed, and you cannot look around and see potential hazards.

In the morning, put Snooze and sleep again

If you are accustomed to wake up, Snooze your alarms and sleep again. You should know that this extra 20 minutes of sleep is not only good for you, it is also detrimental to the quality of sleep and rest, leading to heart disease, cancer, and ambiguity. Instead, try to sleep early in the night to sleep well, and just set the alarm one time for the hour you really wake up.

Not be Honest with your Doctor

Many of us are afraid to tell their doctor that they have stopped taking medication because of their side effects, forgetting to take their medication daily, or they cannot take the diet that the doctor ordered. This makes the decision of the doctor based on the wrong information that is dangerous to health. Just remember that the doctor is on your front, and being honest with him can lead to better treatment.

Use so many Sugar

Those who love sugar and sweets should know that artificial sweeteners create both health problems that include heart disease, diabetes type II, obesity and even death. Candy drinks such as energy drinks and carbonated beverages are consuming a lot, and then there are a variety of cakes and cookies, ice cream and candy. Try to eat sweets less than your maximum daily allowance.

Remember to have fun and be happy

You are not supposed to participate any kind of parties or go for luxury trips to be happy. You can use any little opportunity to communicate and chat with your friends. People who have a lot of social connections are likely to be 50% more likely to live than those who are not social.

Do not spoil your acne

It’s tempting to tear out the annoying pimples, but turning up the watery acne and … will make things worse. Scaling the wounds can spread bacteria and contaminants more on the skin surface and prolong the healing process. You can use the hot compressor to suppress the inflammation.


Eating until satiety can reduce your years of life. Studies have shown that overeating can increase the risk of diabetes type II and cardiovascular disease. Do not forget that it usually takes about 20 minutes to keep your body feeling tired, then slowly eat and thoroughly whip each mouthful.

Spend a lot of housing

Housing consumes more than the recommended dose, which can lead to problems such as liver damage. Take medications according to their instructions.

Do not eat soya

When research results showed that soya-containing foods increase the risk of breast cancer, many women have abandoned this healthy protein. But soya products reduce the risk of some cancers and lower cholesterol, and a new study suggests that soya can help to prevent osteoporosis in menopause. Instead of soya supplements, it is better to eat whole soya products.

Taking multivitamins

The use of multivitamins seems good because you can compensate for your nutritional deficiencies. But research from Johns Hopkins University has shown that most vitamin supplements do not have any benefits unless you are pregnant, then you need to take folic acid.

Not Stretching exercises

Correct flexibility is as important as strength and endurance. Adding stretching exercises to your routine exercises helps reducing risk of damage and improve your balance.

Sleep a lot over the weekend

After a week’s sleep deprivation, weekend holidays are a good opportunity to be compensated. But changing the weekend’s sleep schedule can increase the likelihood of heart disease, depression and fatigue.

Negative view

Positive nose and positive thinking help to reduce the death from cancer, diabetes, stroke and other diseases. Fortunately, you can strengthen your optimistic aspect by using techniques like memorizing good things. Be kinder to yourself.

Do not walk

Walking is one of the best sports. At least 10,000 steps a day to mitigate the risk of diabetes, heart disease and other chronic diseases.


Humor and false posture are common habits that can cause back problems, jaw, and neck and headache. Correct your sitting position to reduce pressure on your spine.

Not let the sun come in

If you do not put up the curtains after waking up and do not allow the natural light of the day to enter the room, you will be asleep and be sleepy. Exposure to normal morning light adjusts your inner clock, increases your metabolism and is good for weight loss.

Put plastic containers in the microwave

Plastics, especially those that have bisphenol A, spill chemicals into food. Exposure to this chemical causes blood pressure increased, weight gain, and impaired brain development in children.

Highly ideal

Perfectionism is a good thing, but research and experiments have proved that the mistakes are informative. So do not be afraid of risking and making mistakes.

Pour cream in your coffee

Are you accustomed to drinking coffee with cream? Dairy products are a great source of saturated fats and salt. Improve your diet choices and replace healthy habits.


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