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The effect of Pilates exercises on general health in elder women with diabetes


Studies in the form of a student dissertation indicates that the Pilates exercise for eight weeks did not have a significant effect on the quality of life of elderly people who suffer diabetes type II, despite the complete satisfaction of the subjects in the experimental group and the absence of any withdrawal of this pathway the effective result of this exercise did not confirmed.


Elder population in Iran, as in many other societies, is increasing. Studies have shown that the life expectancy of elderly people with diabetes is 7.5 to 8.2 years lower than non-diabetic elderly people. Elderly people with diabetes typically have a lower quality of life than other non-diabetic peers and are more likely to become infected with other chronic diseases.
Accordance to this fact, some researches on BA has performed to test and examine the effect of Pilates on the quantity of and quality of elder people life style in Iran.
The purpose of this study was determined the effect of Pilates exercises on the quality of life of elderly women who suffer from diabetes type II.

In this clinical trial study, 40 patients over 60 years of age that has diabetes type II was tested in diabetes clinic in Qom, were randomly selected and assigned randomly. The experimental and control groups were divided into two groups of 20. Finally, the test group, in addition to the usual clinical care, used eight weeks of Pilates training (three sessions per week and 60 minutes each session). Data collection tools in this research were CASP-19 questionnaire on demographic and short-term AMTS tests. The data were analyzed using SPSS-24 software using Fisher’s, independent t-test and covariance analysis.

It should be noted that the elder population of Iran, as in many other societies, is increasing in such a way that the elderly population has risen from 7.3 percent in 2006 to 9.27 percent in 1395, and is projected to be 22 in 1425 Percentage is reached. On the other hand, diabetes is one of the most common chronic diseases, with an increase of age-related outbreaks.

Studies have shown that the incidence of diabetes in women is more than men, and on the other hand, the prevalence of diabetes is increasing with age. Today, many debates have arisen and revealed that elderly people can adapt to have fitness exercises and develop or improve their body work capacity. Adopting specific lifestyle can have a positive effect on the general health of people of old age. One of the sporting techniques that has been widespread in recent years is sports and rehabilitation specialists is Pilates’ Exercise. This sport was invented in 1880 and is a set of specialist exercises that involve the body and the brain in such a way that power, endurance and flexibility are affected.
Contrary to most other sports that focus only on the physical aspect, Pilates exercises simultaneously, in addition to the body, the mental dimension of the individual, so there are several benefits to do this exercise and reduce the risk of injury from musculoskeletal that occurred in other sports is eliminated. The effect of launching movements will be reduced, and will be implemented at any place and is useful for every body of the community, including the elderly.

Based on this, since sports injuries are of particular importance in diabetic patients, Pilates can be a good exercise for them. On the other hand, the exercise has various effects, including the release of the key hormone “Saratovin” that affects the feeling of being well. It also reduces hormone cortisol (stress hormone), decreases fatigue and increases self-esteem.
But after studies of 40 women over 60, it was finally concluded that there was no significant difference between them before and after the intervention. In other words, Pilates exercises did not have a significant effect on diabetes.


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