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Serious effects of dehydration and lack of exercise for body


Water helps regulate your body temperature and function properly, and therefore dehydration and low levels of exercise in your body have many benefits on your health.

Disturbing events and dehydration and sedation in body

Water regulates your body temperature and lubricates the joints. It helps carry nutrients to give you energy and maintain health. If you are not hydrated, the body cannot function at its highest level.

As it is stated in this section of Namnak, you may suffer from tiredness, cramps, dizziness, or other serious symptoms. The most portion of our body is consist of water. As you know, your body consists of 60% water.

To help and put this number in perspective, let’s take the average weight of men and women over the age of 20. In each Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the average weight of age men over 20 is about 195 pounds (88.5 kg), and women over 20 years old weigh about 168 pounds (76.2 kg). So, the average body weight of a man is 117 pounds (53 kg) and the average weight of a woman is 101 pounds (45.8 kg).

Complications of dehydration and sedation in the body

The most important and actual water functions

• Set the core temperature

• Protection of joints, nervous system and tissue

• Remove toxins and garbage

• Digestion control

• Nutrition of cells and other components of the body

Here is something valuable:

An individual, depending on fat accumulation, can survive for 30 to 40 days without food, but this is important for just a week to 10 days without water.

Water helps to regulate body temperature

Exercise and hydration:

Our body mainly loses water through sweat, urination, and diarrhea. Other ways that losing H2O include diet, medications, stress and temperature changes. When we exercise, our body temperature rises and we sweat.

While doing exercise can affect other systems of body to lose water, the large amount of sweating production is significant; it is important to drink water before, during and after exercise that we mentioned in the following article in Namnak.

If our body is not hydrated enough, we can suffer from hygiene and health problems more than before. In this part of Namnak health’s section, there are things that may harm your body.

Do not forget to drink water while exercising

Serious complications when you do not drink enough water during a day

1. Lose focus

Your brain needs proper hydration to function properly. Due to complex balance of chemicals, losing water of body can disrupt brain neurotransmitter activity that can disrupt a short-term memory and impede concentration and attention.

2. Inflammation

While low water consumption and swelling may be contradictory, it is not. If the body recognizes any imbalance in the fluid, a condition called a denture may be created. Odema creates fluid in the skin and tissue and creates a swollen appearance.

3. Inappropriate heart function

Water consumption is essential for proper shrinkage and blood vessel expansion. Water shortages lead to thickening of blood, thus disrupting blood vessels, then the veins become narrower, which causes more pressure on the heart, and it can lead to shortness of breath and high blood pressure .

Adequate intake of water to heart health help

4. Create pain and lethargy

Speaking of contraction and expansion, our muscles also need water. Water is also a catalyst; muscle cramps are a sign that body needs water more.

5. affects practice

Water is essential for energy production. The body consumes this energy very quickly during the period of physical activity. This physical relationship helps to explain why H2O consumption is also essential during exercise.

6. Decrease fat weight

In a study published in the Clinical Journal of Endocrinology and Metabolism, taking only 17 ounces of water – just over two cups – increases metabolic rate by about 30% in healthy men and women. While this study does not provide any water, metabolism, and work-related figures, it can easily be assumed that adequate H2O intake before, during and after work significantly reduces fat burning.

Decrease fat weight from dehydration for the body

7. Real age

If your attention is not drawn on the subject before, it is now attracted, while drinking water does not make you healthy, there is a lot of evidence that helps your skin – including elastic and smooth skin.

8. Remove toxins

As you probably know, we experience a lot of sweat during the exercise. Severe sweating helps to remove toxins. In addition, drinking water exacerbates the vigilance and leads more toxins removal than when our H2O levels are low.

9. Eat more

Drinking water boost your appetite. There are at least two reasons for these. First, the water makes us feel satiety for a long time. Second, it enables to transport nutrients, including fiber and protein, while you may not feel hungry during the exercise, you will probably feel it later.

Increase appetite by drinking water

10. take risks

Water is the foundation of life. What sports do you do? We all have heard the lamentable stories of people who suffer from water shortages during exercise. In uncertain conditions, before, during and after exercise, it is essential to drink water.

Tips for having enough body water

• Take 17 ounces of water before exercising.

• Always keep the bottle of water at work.

• Drink all the contents of your bottle of water before leaving the gym or practicing area.

• Drink cool water, which helps to keep the core temperature low.


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