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Eliminate wrinkles with your finger!


There are many ways to make your skin look good and wrinkle-free, which are very practical and helpful.

Eliminate facial wrinkle with your fingers; an anti-aging trick at your fingertips.
Just a few minutes massage your face in a day and this method can compress the lines, tighten the skin and make it younger; all you need is a few drops of oil and two hands. We taught you in this section of Namnak how you should decrease them and methods also that you need to know.

Methods of beautifying skin and relieving facial wrinkles with fingers

Anti- Puff Eye:

If you wake up with puffy eyes, this little rub is appropriate for you.
Put an eye cream on your fingers, then place it on the inside of each eye.

Using a little pressure, take your fingers along the bones of the eye to the outer corners of the eye, then reach the inner corners of the eye around the bones under your eyes.

It’s important to move in this direction, which puts extra fluids out of range.
After two full turns, do it eight times again, but this time with a deeper and faster compression, and rhythmic blows.
If you’re prone to have puffiness, try this method at night.

What do we do for beautiful skin and wrinkles facial skin?

Lines of the forehead:

This one-minute massage helps smooth skin.
It is better to do before go to sleep t to destroy the toxins.

Place your fingers just above each foot and massage your first three fingers together, massage your forehead with small rings, start your eyebrows and move upwards.

This increasing of blood circulation helps skin and stimulates collagen to reduce and prevent wrinkles over time.

Procedures for beauty of the skin and eliminating facial wrinkles

A way to pick up cheeks:

To raise your cheeks, put your middle finger directly under the bones of the cheeks.
Use small scrubbing, fleshy parts of your cheeks.

Continue the pressure from the cheek to your hairline, repeat 10 times, and really push.
This stimulates the muscles and forms the tissue of the cheeks.
This effect lasts for a few hours – do this exercise daily for a few weeks to make your cheeks look good.

What do we do to raise the cheeks?

Tightening jaw

First, put your thumbs under your chin and keep your fingers right below it.
Then, pinch your jaw length, until it reaches your ears, then reverse this and repeat the initial position. Enter good pressure. This work overcome the lymph nodes and reduces the hanging of the jaw under the chin.

Do this five times in a row to increase your healing, then repeat the cycle twice a week to maintain the benefits of rejuvenating it.


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