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Are the essential oils safe?


Essential oils or essential essence can be healing and cure diseases from headaches and colds to wounds. But are you really familiar with them when you purchase these oils? Here are some tips you should follow before you want to buy these essential oils and essence.

When you are looking for a natural therapeutic alternative, essential oils are one of the important things that you will likely know to improve your knowledge. What to do when buying and storing essential oils? Do you need to use tea tree oil as a disinfectant oil and coconut oil to relieve headaches or also lavender oil as a natural remedy to have a better sleep?
In this article, we will outline 6 common mistakes in the using of essential oils from experts’ point of view:

Avoid using all kind of oils because you suspect to have allergies to all of them

It is unlikely that you have allergies to all essential oils. If you experience a contact dermatitis such as (itching, skin rash) after using a special oil (for example, lavender or eucalyptus), you may be allergic to a mixture of that oil. Have an allergy to essential oils are not common as most people think. For example, it is believed that only 0.3 to 1 percent of the total human population has an allergy to one or more components of tea tree oil. In many cases, people react to the impurities in these oils such as pesticides, phthalates and heavy metals, which can be found in low-grade oils. Or, if the oil has high-quality, it may oxidase over time due to exposure to light, heat, and oxygen, and create peroxide levels that can be stimulated the skin. Your skin condition may also occurred because of eczema.
There are three things that make each basic oil to oxide and therefore less effective and even potentially harmful: oxygen, light and temperature

You trust any written instruction which is written on the product’s label

Sometimes there is some parts that is not mentioned on the label in the purchased oil. Sometimes the manufacturers these products use other artificial materials to fill the container, for example, to sell their products cheaply to the people. In this case, the product may contain allergens, toxins or compounds that are ineffective so it reduce the quality of oils and some people has an allergy to them.

You buy some essential oils which produced in China

Many of these oils produced in China and exported to other countries, it means that these essential oils has low quality. For example, some experts found that there was no tea tree oil in the laboratory when they examined the tea tree oil produced in China. Or, in another case, it was found that people who independently assumed as a manufacturer this type of oil never lived in place that tea tree has grown!
If you cannot track where these oil came from, never trust it.

Find the cheapest brand you can choose

Everyone is favor in one brand, but essential oils are products that you need to be careful about them before you want to buy them. High-quality oils leave the process of costly production. So if you deal with a brand that is very cheap, it’s likely that this product is not pure, no matter what the label says. If the product is cheap, it’s not real. This does not mean that expensive brands are all the best, but simply means that a certain cost is paid for the raw materials.

Buy glass of bottles or transparent plastic

To ensure that the essential oil purchased on the store shelf is not oxidized, select a product that has been sealed in glass bottles to prevent air entrapment. Colored glasses are often the best option because it protects the oil against the harmful effects of light.

Store oil or for a long time mistakenly

There are three things that make every basic oil to be oxided and therefore less effective and even potentially harmful: oxygen, light and temperature.
to have maximum life span of essential oils, store it in sealed containers in a cool and dark place. However, the burden cannot be kept forever. It is recommended that do not use more than 6 months after opening and 12 months after opening them. However, for example, on the label of some of these products, written “Expiration for up to 5 years after production”, it should not be taken into consideration.
Others also believe that you can keep containers filled with fully-fledged oil as long as you want. But half-filled dishes that are exposed to sunlight can be lasted up to three weeks.


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