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7 Facts about body temperature


Body’s temperature is not shown the severity of a disease; it means that if your body temperature reach to 40 degree, it doesn’t mean that patient’s disease is worse than a person who has 38 degree of fever.

What is a fever?

When we talk about fever, it means that the temperature rises from 38 degree.

Fever does not distinguish as a disease by itself, but it suppose as a danger alert to indicate that you are conscious about disease in your body. In other hand, fever shows that the body has been attacked.

Of course, everything does not finish here. Any kind of increasing in body’s temperature would be indicated that aggressive factors attack body and this high temperature is sign of defense.

In fact, that this increasing of temperature indicates that our body responds to viral or bacterial infections and is defending against these infectious agents naturally.

Note that viruses and bacteria will have grown and multiply rarely in conditions that body temperatures is high. It can be said that immune system of body work better in febrile conditions, but this phenomenon has not been proven yet.

Of course, body temperature varies from one person to another. The body temperature of some people is naturally low and about 35.5 degrees centigrade. In other hand, some other people’s natural temperature is 37 Celsius.

High Temperature, Disease Get Worse?

Body temperature does not indicate the severity and seriousness of the disease, that is, if body temperature reaches 40 degrees, it does not mean that the disease is more severe than person who has a fever about 38 degrees.

Fortunately, fever disappears as soon as body overcomes the disease.

The best way to measure body temperature is through the anus and it should be tested once a day.

you have to care about other symptoms such as press on your chest or sleepiness and do not neglect them because they are very important factors that show severe and vital indicators of inner problems of body.

Do people have the same condition toward fever?

Fever is not the same in all people. Some people easily and quickly get fever and their body temperature reaches 40 degrees. Click on the following image.

While in others, it takes a long time to reach body’s temperature.

In some cases, patient’s temperature does not raise high. Thus, the body of the individual responds to the temperature rise differently.

Is too high body temperature dangerous?

If the fever is controlled, it will not be a threat. In most cases there is no need to attempt reducing body temperature.

You can use acetaminophen if you feel painful or really sick. This care can reduces fever.

But fever which caused by heat stroke is not cut off and if it is accompanied by dehydration, it will be dangerous and hazard for our health.

As a result and conclusion it is best to consult with your doctor if you have fever.

Note that fever in infants and children should be taken seriously and should be referred to a pediatrician immediately.
Note that children should only use acetaminophen or broufen syrup and never use aspirin for them.

Is the low degree of body dangerous?

An abnormal drop in body temperature can be dangerous and even fatal for our health.

Reducing body temperature can be caused by prolonged exposure to cold, shock, alcohol or drugs, and metabolic diseases such as diabetes.

The loss of body temperature occurs when the body temperature drops significantly and the vital organs of the body are affected.

Reducing body temperature can also be indicated as infections in elderly and weak people.

Note that blood infections can also lead to lower body temperature.

Note: Common fever killer

if you suffer from fever, the use of common fever-killer is a good way to reduce body temperature.

Usually acetaminophen and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs such as aspirin and brofen are recommended.

Note that children should only use acetaminophen or broufen syrup and never use aspirin.

It’s the best solution to check with your doctor and visit fever symptoms especially in children.


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