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Fight with Acne by Corm


Face pimping or acne is a skin disorder that disturb a lot of people around the world. In order to resolve this skin problem, Iranian researchers have tested and validated the botanical herb extract in a research activity.

Acne is an inflammatory and chronic skin disease that is associated with factors such as diet, menstrual cycle, transpiration, sunlight, occupation, mental stress, genetics, drugs, detergents and cosmetics, and it counts as those groups which causes of referring to dermatologists..

There are medicines to treat this disease, but there is always a need to introduce newer therapies to treat. In this regard, herbal and home made preparations have fewer complications than chemical medicine, and they have a better effect on the skin.

The use of herbal medicines as a treatment method has a history of human life. For the treatment of acne, some herbs like mountain grape, tea tree oil, Saccharomyces and basil can be replaced with commonly used medications due to their mild to moderate acne. Nonetheless, researchers have been constantly testing the active ingredients of newer plants to achieve more curable treatments for the disease.

In this regard, a group of researchers from our country from Yazd University and Shahid Sadoughi University of Medical Sciences in the city, in a research study, investigated the therapeutic effect of the extract of the plant “corm”, a tree which is very similar to a pistachio tree, on facial or acne lesions.
In this study, 60 patients with mild to moderate acne participated in the study of female students living in Yazd University dormitory. For a group of these individuals, once daily, the extract was prescribed 15% of the mastitis for 6 weeks, but the other groups did not receive treatment. Then the test results were analyzed.

The results of the study showed that acne lesions were reduced by about 60% in those who used the extract from corm medicines. Also, the amount of delicacy and transparency of the skin in these people was higher. So it suggests that the extract of pomegranate can be used as an alternative to chemical treatments for topical acne treatment.

According to Mohammad Ebrahimzadeh Ardakani, a researcher in the dermatology department of Shahid Sadoughi University of Medical Sciences, Yazd and his colleagues: “The findings from our study indicated that lesions were improved in acne. The antibacterial properties of Bennet Leaf extract play an important role in its therapeutic effects, and since bacteria are an effective factor in the formation of acne, the results obtained in our study may be due to this feature of the plant. “

They say: “Benet fruit has other useful properties as well. This way, with high fat content and nutritious, it is considered by the inhabitants of the area on a large scale, and in addition to self-consumption for sale to the regional market and even exported to the Gulf countries in recent years.
In addition, according to researchers, a diet containing 10% cornflower powder reduces the amount of liver triglyceride. Due to having tannin, the leaves of the shrub have astringent effect and are used in simple diarrhea. In addition, Bennet has astringent, anti-inflammatory, anti-fever, antibacterial and antiviral properties and is also used to treat eczema, throat, kidney stones, asthma, and also oral fragrances.


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