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Gnashing; causes and treatments


If you think you are gnashing at sleep because of your unsaid words or feeling, please visit and consult with your doctors.

Negative and suppressed feelings

introverts are those people who have family problems or are not taught to talk about their feelings, and share their feelings with their loved ones hardly.

These people also suffer from bruxism. In fact, all thoughts and feelings that they have can increase the gnashing problem.

Mental exhaustion

during exams, high workloads, or extreme mental work, due to mental fatigue, also increases or intensifies the problem of bruxism.

What kind of health problems caused by gnashing?

– Toothache which is caused by severe pressure

– Pain in the neck and back of your body due to jaw squeezing

– Tango-Mandibular joint problems that may lead to hearing impairment

– Abrasion, tenderness and weakness of the teeth that can increase the chance of rot, falling or breaking teeth and swelling of the gums.

– Pain and swelling in the jaw

– Sleepiness caused by toothache

Methods of coping with bruxism

Reduce mental stress.

In the first step, you need to drain feelings of suppression and put away with healthy habits. Stress and anger should be resolved before going to bed. Therefore, learning to control emotions is a must that you need to be experts on it.

Get rid of everything that hurts or depresses you. It’s best to exercise, stay away from overtime or stressful situation, and so on.
This small change will greatly improve your spirits and moods.

If you think you are gnashing at sleep because of your unsaid words or feeling, please visit and consult with your doctors.

Trust your friends or visit a psychiatrist.

By speaking, you can find a solution for your problems. In this case, gnashing problem will be resolved by itself, because there is no internal or external pressure that disturb you.

Break the silence and lets to spill out all things that bother you.


Exercise is the best way to evacuate negative emotions and reduce mental stress. This will reduce your stress and, as a result, less gnashing.

Some people believe that the best way to evacuate psychological stresses is to do sports such as boxing, marathon games, and so on.

Some others prefer to do relaxing exercises such as Pilates or swimming.

If you do not have these exercises, be sure to have a walk every day.

Use a nocturne toothpaste.

a good recommendation for those who suffer gnashing is referring to a dentist and consult their gnash problems with him. Night tooth protector (knight guard) is a device which is prescribed by dentist to protect you from gnashing at night during sleep-time (side image).

This device is made after the teeth are molded and you can put it in the mouth at night to prevent the pressure which is applied to your teeth.

In fact, you need to reduce stress initially, and using this device to protect your teeth from night-time teeth can be a good solution.

Avoid taking some food

consuming some foods lead to be calm and others exacerbate to be stressed and have anxiety.

If you suffer from bruxism, stop using some foods, such as refined sugars, soft drinks, frying foods, fast food, coffee, vinegar and industrial juices.

These foods are not good for teeth health and make the tooth enamel to be sensitive and weak.

You can increase the consumption of fruits and vegetables, because they contain essential nutrients.

Drinking smoothies and home-made juices during the day is also recommended.

Be sure to take salads and potatoes for dinner to sleep with calm nerves. Do not overlook using banana.

Relaxing herbal remedies

You can use sedation during the day. Of course, the best time to use these analgesics is one to two hours before going to bed.

You must know that some herbs have a sedative effect and they also deal with reduction of mental tensions with gnashing problems.

From these tranquil plants, you can refer to the Passion flower, or Rai, Roman anemone, Chamomile, Barnaranth and Mint.


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