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Green tea mask rejuvenate youthful skin


The green tea mask will have an extraordinary effect on keeping your skin and beauty.

Amazing miracle of green tea mask on the skin

Green tea mask, as a strong protector, can protect skin from exposure of sunlight, absorb free radicals, and reduce inflammation that caused by harmful UV rays. Learn about the wonderful effect of green tea mask on the skin.

Smooth and attractive skin using a green tea mask

Many of us would love to treat our beauty, but we have a lot of work during the day, so what’s better than a night mask for the beauty of the skin! This mask, which consists of a combination of green tea and potato juice, helps to control skin fats and is a good detergent, and can also be useful for blackening the eyes.

Great effect of green tea mask for refreshing the skin

Sparkling eyes without puffiness and blackness around it:

puffy eyes and black eyes around are a problem that many people are involved with these days. One of the effective ways to treat these problems is using green tea compresses.

Instead of dispensing green tea bags, put them in the refrigerator to cool them down. Then use them as a compress on your eyes for at least 20 minutes. The green tea leaf’s antioxidant content cleanses the eyes and improves tension and surrounding stress.


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