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Hair Health Test only by 10 Seconds


To have beautiful face, having a brilliant and clean hair is very important, of course, for having a great and beautiful hair should be aware of health of hair.

10 Seconds Test for Having Healthy Hair

Many of us are struggling for health of our skin and we think that having a good skin is the only factor in a beautiful face. But you must know that the importance of having youthful skin is the same as having smooth and shiny hair which is just as impressive as other factors in having healthy and beauty skin and hair. Maybe you’re one of those people who do not know whether you have healthy hair or not? In this article of Namnak, we have introduced test about having healthy hair that you can find your question in 10 seconds.

Hair health testing

Remove a few clean threads of your hair and put them in a bowl of water. If these hair strains do not settle and remain floated on the water, your hair texture is good, but if your hair go underwater, it means that water cover your hair, so change the color and wavy hair is the result, so your hair texture is spongy. You can use olive oil or greasy moisturizers to strengthen and smooth your hair.

Tips for increasing hair health:

Recognition your hair type:

Recognize the type of hair and know which type of hair you have. After you know your type of your hair then can choose hair care products. All hair types categorized in the following types (greasy, dry, normal, etc.)

Important Tips to Increase Hair Health

Appropriate time for washing hair

You do not need to set a specific schedule to wash your hair, it is usually enough to wash your hair every other day and this method is recommended for all groups and types of hair texture.

Avoid washing hair with hot water

Hot water eliminates the natural protective oils that cover and protect the natural hair softener. Wash hair with lukewarm water to prevent hair loss

Do not brush your hair with hot water

Healthy Hair and Body

Having Inappropriate nutrition diet, smoking, stress and vitamin deficiencies affect the quality of hair.

Haircut to increase hair health

Stem of hair is prone to suffer trichoptilosis hair and if it does not go away for a long time, it looks unhealthy and damaged. Try to cut your hair every six weeks and finally every three months.

Shortening the hair

Sunscreen Hair Care

It is true that sun can damage and hurt hair the same as skin and this caused damaged hair. To prevent this damage, use a shampoo care sprays which is suited for hair.

Do not use Hairdryer for wet hair

This causes damage to the hair cuticle and makes hair to be dried and damaged.


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