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Your hair loss is one of 20 reasons! + Solution


Hair loss has so many reasons such as weight loss, pregnancy, emotional stress and it would be increased, but you can fix hair loss by following some of the practical tips.

The main causes of hair loss in men and women

Refer to the pattern of male baldness, men are more likely to loss hair, but thinning and hair loss in women are both common and uncomfortable. The reasons may be temporary such as lack of vitamins or more complex, like a basic problem in body’s health. In most situations, there are many ways to treat hair loss both for women and men, but everything depends on the reason of hair loss. According to so many user’s request in this section of Namnak the causes of hair loss in men and women would be collected.

21 reasons for hair loss and remedy

1. Physical pressure:

Any physical attack, such as surgery, car accident, severe illness, or even the flu, can cause temporary hair loss, which triggers a type of hair loss called the Telogen Streak. hair has a regular life cycle, the growth stage, the resting step, and the stage of losing. Doctor Glaschor; a dermatologist in New York City, says: “When you are on stress situation, it can affect your hair cycle and force your hair to fall.” Hair loss is usually happened 3 to 6 months after the impact

What should we do?
The good news is that as soon as the body is recovery, the hair will be grow again.

Factors that have a great impact on hair loss

2. Pregnancy Effects on Hair Loss:

Pregnancy is another physical stress that can cause hair loss (physical pressure and hormones). Hair loss that depends on pregnancy is most likely to occur after the birth of a child, instead of pregnancy.

What should we do?
If you’re seeing hair loss, do not worry, because your hair will grow again after a few months.

In pregnancy hair loss occurs

3. Hair loss with excessive intake of vitamin A:

According to the American Academy of Skin and Hair, excessive consumption of supplements or vitamin A can stimulated to loss hair.

What should I do to solve this problem? This is a recurring cause of hair loss, and as soon as vitamin A is removed, the hair returns to normal growth.

4. Protein deficiency due to hair loss reasons:

According to the American Academy of Skin and Hair, if your body does not get enough protein in your diet, your body may be able to compensate protein deficiency. It is declared that it happens after two to three weeks of reduction of protein.

What should we do?
There are many sources of protein such as fish, meat and eggs. If you do not consume meat or animal products, you can replace with beans.

Failure to eat enough proteins causes hair loss

5. The pattern of baldness in men causes hair loss:

About 2 out of every three men would be experienced hair loss before the age of 60, and most often this is due to their baldness pattern. This kind of hair loss is caused by the combination of genes and male sex hormones that usually follows a classic pattern, which disappears from the roots and creates a hairline of the M-shape.

What should we do? There are common creams like minoxidil and oral medicines like finasteride which reduce hair loss and even re-grow hair; hair transplant is also a good option.

6. Effect of heredity on hair loss:

The pattern of hair loss in women, called androgenic alopecia that is female version is the same as pattern of male hair loss, if you are from a family that began to lose hair in certain age groups, you are probably more exposed. Women, unlike men, do not develop hairline back, instead they are more distinct and their hair is clearly thinner.

What should we do?
Like men, women may also benefit from minoxidil for hair growth and hair care.

Heredity has a great impact on hair loss

7. Female hormones for hair loss reasons:

Also changes in pregnancy hormones can cause hair loss, it also changing or dropping contraceptives can also cause this problem. Changes in the hormonal balance that occurs during menopause may also have the same result.

What should we do?
If the new prescription is problematic, talk to your doctor about the other types of contraceptive pill. Stopping birth control pills sometimes can cause temporary hair loss.

8. Emotional stresses for hair loss reasons:

Feeling less emotional pressure can cause hair loss, but it may occur, for example, after divorce, the death of loved ones, or when taking care of a sick and elderly parent; however, emotional pressure does not often cause hair loss. , But also intensified the problem.

What should we do?
In such situation, due to emotional pressure, hair loss is finally reduced; although we do not know exactly whether stress relieves your hair or not, it’s not bad to know and it can certainly a positive effect.

Effects of emotional pressure on hair loss

9. Anemia causes hair loss:

Nearly one among 10 women between 20 and 49 years old has lack of iron deficiency (the most common type of anemia) that suffer from anemia. Lack of iron deficiency is just one reason for hair loss that assure the development of this type of Anemia, and it be assured it is better to testify blood exam.

What should we do?
A simple iron supplement can fix the problem; in addition to hair loss, other symptoms of anemia include fatigue, headache, dizziness, paleness and coldness in the hands and feet.

10. Hypothyroidism due to hair loss reasons:

This small intestine in the neck secretes hormones that are essential for metabolism, growth and development, and when it does not produce enough hormone, it can cause hair loss; doctor can detect the underlying cause of the gland during tests.

What should we do?
Artificial thyroid drugs resolve the problem; once your thyroid is returned to normal, hair loss is self-decreasing.

What does effect thyroid function on hair loss?

11. Vitamin B deficiency cause hair loss reasons:

Although this is not so common, but low levels of vitamin B can be eliminated from hair loss for other reasons.

What should we do? Like anemia, simple supplements and dietary changes should be effective. Find natural vitamin B in fish, meat, starchy vegetables and non-citrus fruits. As always, having a balanced diet that is rich in fruits and vegetables, low-protein foods and good fats, such as avocados and seeds, also be beneficial for the health of the body and general body.

12. Hairdressing related to self-safety issues:

This action is called Alopecia Yer-Ata, which is basically a very active immune system. The body is confused and it considers the immune system as a foreign agent and targets it by mistake.

What should we do?
Steroid injections are the first solution to treat this problem, which is a bumpy, round hair loss. Other drugs, such as Rougin, may also be prescribed by physicians. With the growth and rebound of the hair, the process may be unpredictable.

13. Weight loss due to hair loss:

Extreme weight loss is also a kind of physical shock that can lead to hair loss. Even if weight loss is ultimately good for you, this can happen. By weight loss it may be putting pressure on your body, or wrong nutrition will result in a shortage of vitamins and minerals. Hair loss along with significant weight loss may also be the result of an oral disorder such as anorexia or overeating.

What should we do?
A quick loss of weight will make the system unconscious, and you’ll lose hair for 6 months, then get rid of it.

Weight loss is one of the main causes of hair loss

14. Chemotherapy causes hair loss:

Some drugs used to fight cancer, unfortunately, cause hair loss. Chemotherapy is like an atomic bomb. Eliminates rapidly growing cells. Fast-growth cells, such as cancer cells and hair cells. ”

What should we do?
When chemotherapy is stopped, the hair grows again, although it usually grows with a new tissue, such as an oven or with a different color. Researchers are studying on another purposeful treatment for cancer, which this and other consequences set aside.

15. Polycystic ovary syndrome due to hair loss reasons:

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) is another imbalance in female and male sex hormones. High levels of androgen may cause ovarian cysts, weight gain, high risk of diabetes, changes in menstruation, infertility, and infertility. Since male hormones are over-developed in PCOS, women may have harsh hair exercise on face and body.

What should we do?
Treatment for PCOS can help to treat or restore hormonal imbalances; treatments include diet, exercise, birth control pills, and special treatments to reduce the risk of infertility or diabetes.

Causes of hair loss

16. Spreading hair with blood thinners, anti- depressant:

Certain other drug types can also increase hair loss, among them commonly used blood-thinning tablets and blood pressure-lowering drugs known as beta-blockers. Other drugs that can cause hair loss include methotrexate (For the treatment of rheumatic diseases and some skin diseases), lithium (for bipolar disorder) and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs (including ibuprofen, and possibly antidepressants).

What should we do?
If your doctor determines that one or more of your medicines will cause hair loss, talk to him about reducing the dose or changing the drug.

17. Hair Excessive Form and Modeling:

Extreme modeling and treatment of hair can cause hair loss over the years. Examples of unusual modeling include tight tissues, vision or blistering, chemicals, hair banding, hot oil treatments, or any harsh chemicals, or high heat. As these works on the root of the hair, your hair may no longer grow.

Well what should you do?
In addition to avoiding this model and treatments, Academy of Dermatology and Hair America is recommend to use a conditioner after each wash, dry hair with natural air, limit the use of the devil or ironing hair only once a week.

Formatting too much hair from the causes of hair loss

18. Trichotillomania causes hair loss:

Trichotillomania, categorized as an impulse control disorder, makes it compulsory for humans. Like a tick, the patient constantly plays and kills them with his hair. Unfortunately, this play and permanent pulling can really deprive your head of its natural protective. Trichotillomania usually begins before age 17 and in women 4 is more common in women than men.

What should we do?
Some antidepressants can be effective, but treatment for behavioral modification is another option.

19. Increased age for hair loss reasons:

It’s not a strange thing to see hair loss at the age of 50 or 60 in women. Experts are not sure why this is happening.

What should we do?
Experts do not recommend treating this condition. This encourages women to take beautiful alternatives such as scarves, wigs, extensions and hair patterns that cover blank spaces.

The effects of aging on hair loss

20. Hair Rash Using Anabolic Steroids:

If you use anabolic steroids (the kind that athletes use to build muscle from it), according to the American Academy of Skin and Hair, the threat of hair loss threatens you.

What should we do?
After stopping the intake, the side effects should be eliminated.


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