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Hidden Obesity Reason


Five hidden factors weight gain

Your body has the proper time to rest. When you do not sleep well enough, your body experiences a physiological and biochemical pressure, and it will result more fat.
Obesity is a problem that many people are struggling with. This problem does not occur overnight, and the following factors are involved in it:

1. you can suffer from obese due to lack of sleep.

Your body has a proper function to rest adequately. When you do not sleep well enough, your body experiences a physiological and biochemical pressure, and it will save you more fat.
When you are tired, you cannot tolerate stress and stress well, so you may have to eat and this is a defensive mechanism. In addition, you will receive more calories when you eat light foods at midnight and midnight hours.

Some people think that eating can be beneficial to sleep. But the only thing that’s doing is adding more calories to the amount of calories you get per day.
Symptoms that indicate that you have not had enough rest include: Excessive fatigue, low levels of energy, nap, and tiredness.
Try to sleep 8 hours a night. Or add at least 15 minutes to your sleep time to see how you feel. Continue this experience by adding 15 minutes to sleep so you can figure out how much sleep is right for you. When you improve your sleep quality and exercise regularly, you will feel better.

2. You may be living in a society that requires extra work and extra effort

to make it more relaxed because of the stress of obesity. Stress and pressure leads us forward and helps us to cope with life’s demands: stress can, however, affect our morals and emotions.
Responses to stress, even if it comes face to face with financial pressures, triggers a biochemical process that causes the body to survive, so it stores energy, the rate of metabolism goes down, and the material Chemical substances such as cholesterol, leptin and other hormones are stored. This causes obesity to occur in the abdominal areas.

Many people are turning to food to deal with their stress, but this is certainly not useful. Food is a temporary solution, because it does not affect the actual causes of stress, which is difficult to reduce the desire for food and the problem.

People who are stressed are more likely to eat foods that are high in carbohydrates. As these foods result in an increase in a chemical in the brain called serotonin, which can have calming effects. Using food is an approach to self-treatment.
Many people use starchy to calm down and feel better. In order to overcome stress, it is recommended to use relaxing and relaxing methods that are considered to be sports exercises, since both the body’s extra body calories are burned and it can be relaxed.

3. You may be overweight due to the use of obesity.

Some medicines used by doctors to treat diseases such as depression, behavioral disorders, sudden migraine attacks, blood pressure and diabetes can add weight. This weight gain can be up to 5 kilos per month.
Some steroids and hormone replacement therapy in women and even birth control pills can lead to gradual weight gain. Medications can make you overweight in different ways. They can increase appetite, change the process of saving fat in the body, and even change the level of insulin in the body.

Of course, all medications do not have the same effects in different people. About antidepressants, adding weight does not have to do with pill performance, but having a better feel can increase your appetite. Some medications can help keep fluids in the body, which can be seen as overweight. But it is not fat and can easily be recovered.
Some of the most commonly used drugs that increase weight include steroids, antidepressants, antipsychotics (prescribed for mental disorders), anticonvulsants, diabetes medications, anti-hypertensives and stomach acne medications.

But it’s important to remember that a few kilos of overweight are valuable compared to what these medications do for your health. In addition, if the main cause of weight gain is the drugs you consume, you can still prevent excessive weight gain by having a healthy diet and exercising. Even the drug can be replaced with another drug, although rarely medications are the only cause of obesity.
If you suspect that the weight gain factor you are taking is the medicine you are taking, talk to your doctor and ask them to advice on changing your medications. But do not stop taking any decision that you take without your doctor’s advice.

4. You may add weight due to your medical conditions.

One of the most common medical conditions that makes you weight gain is a low level of thyroid function. A deficiency in the thyroid hormones that causes the body’s metabolism to diminish, reduces appetite and lowers weight.
If you feel tired, irregular and flabby, swollen, stingy and frosty, cold intolerance, excessive sleep, or headache, you should see your doctor to find out with a simple test that your thyroid is inadequate or No
There is a rare type of hypertrophic gland called Cushing’s syndrome, in which the cortisol hormone is in the bloodstream: it can also cause weight gain.

5. Women may suffer from overweight after menopause.

Women of all ages are menopausal, but they mostly post menopause in their half-lives, and after that they will have less physical activity and physical activity than when they are younger. . As the age rises, the metabolism of the body naturally slows down, while hormonal changes can make you feel hungry, depressed and sleepy.
This process is multifactorial. When menopause occurs, women produce less estrogen, and their physical form changes and become obese. Estrogen eliminates fat in the lower parts of the body, and when the hormone is lowered in the body, the fats accumulate in the middle part of the body (male obesity).

To prevent fat accumulation in these areas, you need to increase the amount of exercise exercises. Women need to understand how powerful exercise and weight lifting are important to their health and do not worry, exercising power does not make you muscular. A combination of exercise and diet with calcium and vitamin D controlled calorie intake can prevent weight gain from menopause.

Eight reasons that make obesity

a fact that we usually get obese or overweight if we eat too much or do not have enough physical activity. But sometimes, obesity can be due to medical reasons, which we mention here are eight.

1) Hypothyroidism

In this case, the thyroid gland, which is in the form of a butterfly at the bottom of the throat, does not secrete enough thyroid hormone. Since this hormone plays a key role in metabolic equilibrium, its low production causes a slowdown in metabolism, and as a result, the person consuming it will be stored in the form of fat and converted into energy. Women are 6 times more likely than men to suffer from this disease, which is why the prevalence of obesity is higher. If your doctor is diagnosed with thyroid abnormalities, it will probably prescribe hormone replacement therapy for you.

2) taking contraceptive pills

Most prenatal pills contain progesterone and estrogen, which prevents egg from forming up to 99%. However, taking these pills may in part cause overweight. The reason is the effect of estrogen on fat stores by organs, which is a necessity for a woman’s body during pregnancy. If you use pills to prevent pregnancy, it’s advisable to change your method and get help in other ways.

3) Use of antidepressants

Anti-depressant pills can change the balance of the chemical compounds of the brain and leave the person depressed. However, in most cases, they will cause slight overweight. If you are taking any kind of pills for any reason, it’s better to apply the right habits to live up to that is, have a healthy diet and exercise as much as you can.

4) diabetes Type II

Type 2 diabetes occurs when the body does not secrete enough insulin or the body is resistant to it. Antidiabetic treatments prescribed for these patients usually cause overweight. Treatment with insulin or other medicines is unnecessarily slow for overweight, so if you have type 2 diabetes, it is better to take metformin besides anti-diabetic drugs, but consult your doctor before anything else, because this Drug is not compatible with everyone.

5) Cushing’s syndrome

This rare disease, also known as Hemopacticotiazosis is caused by high levels of cortisol secretion by the adrenal glands. The function of this hormone is to control blood pressure and metabolism. Some signs of the disease include weight loss, especially in the face and neck area, fatigue, hypertension and increased glycaemia or glucose. Many factors can provide the basis for this discomfort. For example, long-term hormone therapy for the treatment of diseases such as asthma or non-cancerous tumors. Depending on the cause of the disease, surgery, radiotherapy or taking anti-inflammatory drugs can be effective.

6) Polycystic ovary syndrome

Hormone balance can lead to cysts or oocytes containing oocytes that are not released from the ovaries. These cysts disrupt the process of ovulation, resulting in overweight, pruritus in the face, disruption of the menstrual periods, and sometimes the appearance of acne. If this discomfort occurs, the doctor’s first recommendation is to change lifestyle and take medications such as metformin, which controls the metabolism and helps to balance hormones.

7) Estrogen intake

With the onset of menopause, the amount of estrogen production in the body is significantly reduced, including signs of flushing and night sweats. In this case, the doctor usually recommends alternative hormone replacement therapy. The hormone therapy itself is absorbed by the water, which will lead to the weight gain of the individual. Along with this, with weight gain Metabolism becomes slower. To solve this problem, it is best to recommend choosing the right food habits and physical exercises to deal with changes in menopause.

8) Steroids

Corticosteroids are commonly used to treat rheumatoid arthritis, asthma, or other diseases, and relieve painful inflammation. But it also increases the amount of water absorbed by the body. On the other hand, since the person with these discomforts has less mobility, fewer calories burns and become overweight. If you suffer from obesity in this condition, ask your doctor to change the type of treatment, but be aware that other drugs may not be due to obesity, but there are other complications.

Smooth abdomen for women with proper schedule

Soft and balanced exercises (such as yoga and walking) speed up the melting of fats and solve your problem in a shorter amount of time …

* Discontinue the use of honey.
Many candies and snacks contain glycerin and high sugar. Are The stomach is not digested completely and this causes your stomach to bloat. ”

* Run (about 2 km):
“Exercise is heavy, putting stress and tension on your body, which makes the muscles stay soft and loose for a long time. But gentle and balanced exercise (such as yoga and walking) speeds up the melting of fats and solves your problem in less time. ”

* Do not overuse salt and excessive
consumption of spices and salts, which causes your stomach to bloat. A quarter cup of ketchup will give you three times the amount of sodium that your body needs throughout the day. A spoonful of soy sauce will be the perfect replacement for it.

* Take potassium
This is a natural urine and eliminate the inhaling effect of salt. You can find it in tomatoes, bananas, salmon, almonds and cherries.

* Eat more H2O .

Drinking as much water as possible will make it easy for your body to accumulate in the body due to the accumulation of salt, and the abdominal distension will be eliminated.
4 abdominal movements that miracles!
1-long standard seat … .. 2-bicycle … 3.-Lateral vertical meeting … 4- Exercise flanks
6-False impression that causes abdominal disintegration

1- To stomach the abdomen, you must do the movements every day.

Reason: Abdominal muscles require rest and recovery. During the rest of the time, the muscles are made. Performing abdominal exercises for 3 to 5 days a week will make you tight muscles and a smooth stomach. ”

2. A full-stomach training takes

half an hour if it takes half an hour to feel that your abdominal muscles are in motion, So you’re probably doing the wrong thing. … Review the way of doing the exercises and do not focus on the duration. Always quality is more important than quantity.

3- Lay down the seat very quietly, tightening the muscles

Reason: As long as your typical process slows down, it does not help slow down the fats. In fact, slowness in exercising is not at all helpful. Exercises should help you in any case: What do you want to enter into a kickboxing sport if you want to lift a suitcase from the ground. In both of these cases, you do not do your work in slow motion mode.

4. The best time to perform abdominal movements is the end of the exercises.

It does not matter when you are doing abdominal exercises. It’s just the right thing to do and stability in exercises that should be taken into consideration. “So the best time is. You feel like you’re doing exercises. But if you want to do the abdominal movements at the beginning of the exercises, you first need to warm yourself up. When blood circulates, it can easily prevent many injuries.

5. Paylyt exercise (Pilates)

Can your belly 6 Pieces to moves have the greatest impact on your abdomen, and if you do it with a healthy diet, you can definitely create your own layers on the abdomen. The shape of your abdomen, your upper torso, is one of the things that connects with your genes. ”

6. Without weight and device, you cannot get your stomach.

Reason: You do not need a weight at all, of course many athletes use weight to increase their ability and strength. “Many devices and weights are not intended for use by women,” Lyon says. If you do not fit properly into the device, pressure may be applied to areas that should not be inserted. He has another advice for us: stick to the ground, which is both effective and cheap, and you can easily find it anywhere.

More result in less time

Make the moves a bit quieter: come up with four numbers and return to 4 with 4 numbers.
Stay in 5 to 10 seconds in the most difficult layout.
Make your movements at the very least: this makes the muscles of the abdomen separate from other muscles and the effects of the exercises are directly applied to the abdomen.
Straighten your abdomen.
This exercise helps you slim down your abdomen. While your face is in front of the ground, lie on your stomach. Give your weight to your waist and abdomen, and try lifting your hands and feet from the ground. Stay in this situation for a few seconds. Then return to the initial position and repeat this move once again


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