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Home Remedies For Headaches



The headache can be cured with very simple pills, but is it not better to reduce using chemical pills until it can be treated with non-medicated treatments?

Strategies to treat headaches

All of us have experienced a headache at least one time during our life time, and you know how annoying it can be. Sometimes this headache is mild and relaxes with a little rest or drinking a cup of tea or coffee. But some types of headaches are really debilitating and can put you out of work and life. Most people who have suffer from severe headaches will get to use the painkillers. While pills are very effective in relieving headaches instantly, but long-term consumption has a negative effect on the body, and after a while, the person really depends on them, But in addition to medication, home remedies are also adequate for headache. In this article, we provide some home remedies that are really effective.

These treatments are both easy and inexpensive; besides, you do not have to worry about their side effects also. Dr. Supra Balley, an internal medicine specialist at Max Hospital, says headaches are characterized by a feeling of tightness (stiffness) in the neck, shoulder and scalp, while migraines are basically trigger headaches that often occur on one side of the head. Symptoms vary actually from person to person and even from a migraine attack to a different attack in some patients.

Avoid this material

You should avoid using substances that cause headaches, Like MSG (monosodium glutamate), too much caffeine, alcohol, phenyl ethylamine in chocolate and cheese, tyramine in nuts and fermented meat, and soy and aspartame which is available many synthetic foods. If your headache starts, stay away from all electronic devices, including phones, laptops, and TVs. Eat healthy and eat your meals at regular intervals. Because any kind of drops in blood glucose can be a source of headache. Exercise for at least three times a week for about 30 minutes, and always emphasize to stay hydrated.

1. Ginger, very effective plant!

You are probably familiar with the properties of ginger for skin and hair, as well as its effect on fat burning also. Ginger, which is known as an elixir to soothe the headache,

A home remedy is a headache that causes immediate relief of any kind of headache. Also it reduces the inflammation of the blood vessels in the head. It reduces pain and, as it improves the digestive process (digestion), ginger also helps to relieve nausea during migraines. Do you want to know how to use this magical material?

Soak root of Ginger for a few minutes in boiling water and drink it as tea, or mix the proportions of ginger and lemon juice. You can drink this herbal juice once or twice a day. You can also make a paste by some powder of ginger and two tablespoons of water, and put it on your forehead for a few minutes to help relieving your headache.

2. Peppermint oil

Its peppermint oil with its refreshing fragrance helps to open blood vessels that cause headaches. Peppermint contains menthol, a substance that regulates blood flow to the body. Inhale peppermint oil in a cool dark room to see the result. You can also mix three drops of peppermint oil with a tablespoon of peanut butter. Or just add some water to it and massage the scalp or the back of your neck with it. Another way is to crush the peppermint leaves and put it on your forehead. Or add a bottle of peppermint teaspoon to a cup of boiling water, make a vegetarian decoction. Then cover the cup and let it soak for about 10 minutes. Then flatten it, pour some honey into it to make it sweet and drink it as a tea.

3. Lavender oil

Not only does lavender have a good scent, but also has a great headache treatment. Savoring the relaxing aroma of lavender essential oil helps to soothe the headache. Just pour a few drops of lavender oil onto a cloth and inhale. You can also add two drops of lavender oil to two cups of boiling water and inhale it. Another way to treat home-made headaches by using lavender oil is mixing two or three drops of it with a tablespoon of almond oil or olive oil and massage your forehead with it. Dr. Manoj Ahouja of Healing Touch Hospital says: You can also pour a few drops of lavender oil and peppermint in a hot water bath and put your feet inside it. Hot water flows to your feet and the pleasant aroma of the oils soothes you.

4. Cinnamon

Cinnamon are good for health and losing weight. In addition, cinnamon is well-known as a magic spice that can be used as a home remedy for headaches and effectively treat it. How to use it? Grind a few cinnamon peppers to make powder. Then add some water to form a thick paste. Apply this dough to your forehead and stay for 30 minutes. Then rinse it with lukewarm water.

5. Try Thyme

Thyme is also a famous for a headache treatment. To relieve headaches, apply one or two drops of thyme oil or rosemary oil on your palms and massage your forehead. Rub it thoroughly to absorb the skin, then sit back for a few minutes to do this home remedy.

6. Basic stretching

A few simple exercises to pull your head and neck can help reducing the severity of the headache. Move your chin up and down, left and right and bend your neck toward each shoulder. You can also rotate your neck in clockwise and counterclockwise moods to relax your shoulder and neck muscles. Now you know what to do when you hurt your head.

7. Get help from heat or cold

Putting an ice pack on the back of your neck can be effective in reducing migraine pain, because ice cold helps to reduce the inflammation – which has caused a headache. Ice cold also has an anesthetic effect. Believe it or not, placing your feet in hot water also helps to get rid of the headache. In severe headaches, add a little powder of mustard powder to this water.

“You can immerse a towel in hot water or ice water and put it on your head for about 5 minutes,” says Dr. Ahoya. Repeat this process several times. ”

8. Do not forget using garlic

Garlic has many properties. Because of its coolant properties, this notorious substance can be a home remedy for headaches and can be used to relieve headaches. Crush a few cubes of garlic and put them in a small bag or clean cloth. Every time you suffer from a severe headache, inhale the aroma of the soy sauce to relieve your pain. You can also mix two drops of garlic oil with a tablespoon of coconut oil and some salt water, and massage your forehead and feet with it.

9. Basil is the best

Basil is a very aromatic herb that is used to treat headaches and has analgesic properties. Its oil is effective as a muscle relaxant and helps to relieve headaches caused by tension and muscle stiffness. You can put three or four pieces of fresh basil leaves in a cup of boiling water and let it soak for a few minutes. Then add some honey and drink it. You can also scour a few fresh basil leaves or boil the basil in a pot of water and inhale it.

10. Eating an apple a day, take a doctor away

Apples and apple vinegar can both be used as home remedies for headaches. They help to restore the acid-alkaline balance in the body. Dr. Superiya Bali says: Mix half a cup of apple cider vinegar with half a cup of water and boil the mixture in a saucepan. Take the pot from the heat, put a towel on your head and inhale it vapor (eating yourself). This method will immediately relieve sinus headaches. If you wake up with a headache, sprinkle and eat some salt and then drink some warm water. Or add two teaspoons of apple cider vinegar to a glass of water with honey and lemon juice and drink it 2-3 times a day.

11. Power of Prevention

Do some yoga movements, such as camel status, can relieve your headache. Yes, yoga combines physical movements, respiratory exercises, and meditation to increase the level of relaxation of the individual. Yoga is effective in increasing concentration of mind. Kills your muscles and moves your body in a way that helps to eliminate tension. Performing yoga exercises regularly is the best thing you can do, because in any case prevention is better than cure.


Make a conscious effort to take full and deep breaths that begin at the aperture and then fill your lungs. This will stream a large amount of fresh oxygen in your bloodstream and help to calm your mind and body.


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