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How to Get Rid of a Sty


Most of the time, sty are cured for 7 to 15 days, but most of people; who suffer from this itchy lesion, are looking for a fast and quick treatment because of its inappropriate appearance and pain. Here are some home remedies to cure sty easily and more quickly

Website Donafare – Fatemeh Keshavarz: sty, which is known as Hordelum in medicine, are an acute infection of the eyelid gland that causes a red bulge in eyelid. This lesion may be caused by bacteria due to soil, makeup or other contaminating substances.

To prevent suffering from sty as much as possible, avoid touching your eyes with infected hands. Use appropriate eye tools for makeup. Never share eye makeup or appellants with anyone else. If you’re using lens, be sure to be hygienic. Do not go to bed without getting rid of your makeup.

Ultimately, if you have sty, you should seek for an appropriate treatment to cure this disease. Most of the time, sty are cured for 7 to 15 days, but most of people; who suffer from this itchy lesion, are looking for a fast and quick treatment because of its inappropriate appearance and pain. Here are some home remedies to cure sty easily and more quickly

1. Sty Treatment with Hot Water

Using hot water compressors is one of the best methods to cure sty. Heat increases the flow of blood and causes the weld to become dried and relieves pain and inflammation around the infected area.

Required Materials

Hot water
Small clean cloth (or cotton)


Soak the cloth in hot water. Then press wet cotton to take out extra water. When the fabric temperature is tolerated, close your eyes and place it 10 to 15 minutes (or until the fabric cools down) on your eyes. Repeat this several times a day.

2. Sty Treatment with Coriander Seeds

Coriander seed has an anti-inflammatory properties that can help reducing pain, redness and swelling and make it feel better over time.

Required Materials

One teaspoon of coriander seed
Water a cup


Add coriander seeds and water to a bowl and place on the oven up to the time that start it boil. Then put it away and leave it to cool down. Use this extract to wash your eyes and damaged area. Repeat this procedure two or three times a day until the sty effect disappears.

3. Sty Treatment with Baby’s Shampoo

To improve the sty more quickly, you need to clean the damaged area regularly. It is the best way to do this with a mild detergent such as a baby shampoo.

Required Materials

A cup of Hot water
A few drops of baby shampoo
Cotton ball


Add shampoo to a cup of warm water and stir it thoroughly. Pour the cotton in solution and gently rub in the affected area. Then rinse it with warm water. Finally use hot water compressor for 5 minutes. You can do this several times a day.

4. Sty Treatment with Potato

Potato is another medication that you can use at home to treat the sty. Potatoes cause eye moisture and reduce pain and inflammation.

Required Materials

One number Average potatoes
Clean cloth


Peel and shred potatoes. Then put it in a clean cloth and leave it for 10 to 15 minutes on your eyelid. Repeat this twice a day for one week.

5. Green tea contains anti-inflammatory compounds

Green tea has a natural anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant compounds that can help reducing the pain and inflammation of the sty.

Required Materials

A bag of Green tea
A cup of hot water


Put a bag of green tea in hot water for a few minutes. Then press it to take out the extra water. Close your eyes and put a bag of wet tea on the affected eyelid and press a little. Hold five minutes. Repeat this procedure several times a day until the size of the sty is reduced and no pain is revealed. This solution can also be done with black tea bags also.

6. Turmeric is great disinfection

Turmeric is an excellent and fast disinfectant that is used for most of topical infections. Turmeric helps to eliminate pathogenic and inflammatory bacteria and helps to treat sty well.

Required Materials

A tablespoon Turmeric
Two cups of water


Mix turmeric and water in a container and place it on the heat. Allow to boil and thicken up to half of this mixture; in the other hand, extra water steamed and you have very thick mixture. Then wait until it cools and use one or two day to wash your eyelids.

7. Sty Treatment with Clove

Clove can prevent the eye from infections because of its antibacterial properties. Carnation is like a pain reliever for pain and skin irritation, and is an effective treatment for sty.

Required Materials

5 pcs of Carnation
One glass of water
Clean cloth


Rinse cloves for about 10 minutes. Then press the cloves. Soak a clean cloth in this water and get extra water. Then keep it on the affected lid twice or three times a day for several minutes.

8. Use onions to treat sty

The onion has an anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties. Although it can cause burns, but it speeds up the recovery process. Onion reduces the pain caused by sty, but it may not eliminate sty completely.


Slice onions and place it on sty for several minutes. Repeat this twice a day. Another method of using onions is to slice it into very small pieced so that the tear of the eye is due to the onion’s spit. This will remove the dust that might cause the infection and reduce the pain also.

9. Sty Treatment with Coconut Oil

Coconut oil hydrates the skin and reduces swelling. It also eliminates the bacteria that cause eye infections.

Required Materials

Coconut oil
Cotton ball


To do this, first wash the affected eyelid with clean water. Gently heat the coconut oil and apply it by using cotton on the sty of your eyelid. Repeat this procedure several times throughout the day.

10. Use honey to treat sty

Honey is one of the oldest sty home remedies.treatment. Its antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, and anti-allergic properties are useful for treating skin diseases, especially eye diseases. Honey is a great skin conditioner. This feature of honey can be very helpful in treating it effectively.


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