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The importance of Good Digestion



The importance of Good Digestion

We need to have energy for anything we do in our daily activity; from walking to thinking, even for our heart beating we need to have energy and this power is produced from foods we eat. But what is the source of this energy in food?

This power comes from sun energy that provides the light and heat which is needed by our planet to have a growth. During digestion, complex molecules of food are divided into simpler forms; this evolution is known as metabolism, in other words, it can be said that metabolism is burning food to make a power for our body that is prominent for body movement in a way that oxygen is combined with simple molecules such as sugar and produced a break in complex molecules. This procedure is known as an oxidation. Oxidation is done by the speed of light. Oxygen that you breathe enters the cells through blood vessels and combined with food molecules. This procedure is the same as burning wood and fire in the fireplace that released heat and light .But in human body, energy which is produced because of food oxidation is stored in a very controlled form of the fat cells for future needs mostly.

Enzymes are those devices that release energy and metaphor for this vital substances is fire which is used in arid language, also this word is used in Sanskrit as a fire due to its digestion function of enzymes. Metabolized production of energy is depend on so many factors such as type of consuming food, general health statue, quality and quantity of breathing air, even thoughts and experienced emotions. Just as we need flammable material (urban gas) to burn gas, and a chimney to breathe the flame to light it for producing energy in our body we need these enzymes.

In recent years, the importance of good habits of eating has been highlighted in human health so many times. But digestive power is more important than having a good nutrition. In fact, the nutritional value of any nutrient food that you eat is depends on the digestion of the digestive tract system of our body. If this digestive tract system is weak, the food will not be metabolized sufficiently and it will accumulate in the intestines.

Poor digestion and producing poisonous substance

In addition to eliminating energy and value of foods, poor digestion causes residues of food not disposed very well so the result is producing poison in our body. In fact, mucus (venom) is a sponge-like substance which blocks the body’s natural channel, such as lymph nodes and capillary; substances that operating to carry enzymes to perform metabolism of enzymes in the digestive tract. Some symptoms of weak digestive and the presence of toxin in the body can be stated in the following: feeling weak and clogged, heavy, irregular feces, and extreme fluctuations in appetite.
It is not necessary always to visit a specialist to find out to know which part of your diet is not correct. It’s enough to follow very simple signs that you have in your body to know everything which is needed to know about your physical condition.

Physical Symptoms

The most common physical symptoms in body is stated below to evaluate the statue of health and general health:


Our tongue is representing status of our health and it’s known as a gate (camera) of organs in our body. Tip of the tongue is presenting state of our heart; shortly after the tongue; statue of lungs; the right side of the tongue shows the state of the gallbladder and the left side of the liver. The middle part of the tongue indicates the state of the stomach and the spleen and back of the tongue represent the state of the kidneys, intestines, bladder, and uterus.

The healthy tongue should be smooth and flat, and slightly moist. Its color should be reddish, along with a very thin layer of white. The most important signs of the tongue that should be considered are cracks, drooping, yellowish, furry, thick and white, lines, swollen, and red masses and cuts.
That’s precisely why when you go to a general practitioner, first of all check your tongue with a stick of ice cream. During my childhood our family doctor in addition to observe the tongue, he also saw the eyelid and the color of it. I advise you to read more about this and learn other physical symptoms in an article titled “You are what you are eating”.

Quality of gastrointestinal tract

Quality of gastrointestinal tract is an important factor to provide body energy. Four factors that affect digestion are mentioned here:

1. Quality of knowledge.

2. Time.

3. Quantity of Food.

4. Quality of food.

In the following, we introduce you some of the most important ways to improve the quality of your digestive system. These methods can be useful for all three types of body. To balance your digestive tract, we can follow these principles: First Principle is using Foods with High Water, second Principle is using proper mixing Ingredients and Third Principle is Eating Proper Fruit. These principles may require changes in your habits, but the immediate effects appear and is very useful. In other words it can be said: small changes create great results. Along with these principles, it is also important to observe the rules of eating with food, which is referred to below:

Knowledge of food quality

Eat it with a feeling of eating. Always eat sitting, even if you eat a little food, sit it. It’s better to sit behind a table with a bowl and a fork table and do not sit on a table with a flower branch in a pot and candle. Due to the increased attention you make to eating, you make digestion easier. When you’re eating in a quiet environment, without working and watching TV news and listening to sharp music, your attention is full of food and increases your digestive power Remember, you know the power of the organization. When you are calm, but consciously eating, digestive enzymes (fire) will be balanced and powerful in you. But if your awareness is distorted, gastrointestinal capacity decreases.

You should, in any case, adhere to the principles of eating and being fit, whether you are eating hamburgers in a typical restaurant, whether you are eating chickens in the park or whether you’re having dreams in the five-star restaurant .
while chewing. Do not talk about food. Chewing is the first step in my diet. By chewing the saliva begins to secrete and soften and prepare (scoop) a mouthful for the stomach. In this way, if you break the dishes, you will disrupt the digestive function from the beginning. It also causes bloating with air that you have swallowed the stomach.

Avoid filling the next spoon before swallowing the mouthful that is in your mouth. Eat so that you can enjoy every meal to eat less, and be more pleasurable.
the amount of avoid eating too much. The amount of food consumed per serving affects its digestion. Eat up to three quarters of your stomach uplift.
When the stomach is completely filled, the food is not fully metabolized because the digestive enzyme does not have the necessary space to function. The most important reason is that when you start eating, it takes 20 minutes for your stomach to send a signal to the brain and say it’s eaten enough.
Your mouth consumes food much faster than your stomach, eating it. You should eat slowly to match the speed.

Quality of food

they eat and drink with nutritional supplements and avoid ice. Cold materials absorb germs, since some have a cool, wet, cold or dry texture, are heavily influenced by the consumption of cold food. Unfortunately, since this habit is like enjoying ice water in the summer, it might be difficult to break this habit. But be sure to Leaving this habit does not make the liver more fat and feel better.
Do not eat until the food that was consumed is digested. It’s just like making bean beans, adding bean to it. While it’s still not working. Digestion takes 3 to 6 hours. Hunger is a sign of the end of digestion. So, if you do not feel hungry, do not eat anything.

For example, pay attention to children, only when they are hungry they eat the mother’s milk and return to their heads as soon as they have gone, and even if the mother insists they will not add anything. It is interesting that some mothers think that at the end of the night, giving extra milk to the child, preventing the baby from waking up at midnight by starvation, but it is impossible for the baby to eat excess milk when she does not feel hungry.You do not starve at lunchtime until dinner, because it’s probably because the accumulated poisonous substances have made your appetite blind. If you feel very hungry between meals and you should eat something, eat a light meal like fruit or almonds.
Unfortunately, there is a reality called false appetite. In fact, false appetite is an unnatural and unnecessary burden of food. In such a way that your brain is planned to make things so cuddly you can start eating it unnecessarily. Pseudo appetite is often for foods that are harmful to the body, such as starchy and sweet substances. You do not need to fight your appetite, just direct it as part of your diet. Starting an unpleasant job is always worse than continuing. That’s the way you decide To lose weight, it looks very hard at first. But if you think that as soon as I get up early in the morning and walk a few minutes it’s great, you can have a good start for a great victory. When you engineer your initial success, work What you really do is engineering hope. The hope for change is worthwhile.


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