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The main cause of “Losing eyelash ” and its treatment with traditional methods


Losing eyelashes are such as infection, various illnesses, malnutrition, and cocaine. Also, the use of waterproof mascara also stimulates losing eyelashes.

Important Tips to Know about losing eyelash

One of the problems that affects the beauty of our eyes is losing eyelash. All of us, when faced with this incident, are looking for a reason and a solution for this problem is going to the skin and hair care clinics.

Genetics has a lot of effect on the shape of the losing eyelashes and the volume and length of eyelash. If you had a compact or tall lining eyelashes before and now losing eyelashes, several causes can cause losing eyelashes that should be treated by a dermatologist.

Some of reasons of losing eyelash include: autoimmune diseases, internal and endocrine diseases, local inflammation and infections, some eyelid edema tumors, mental status and stress , side effects of some medications

From causes to cure losing eyelashes

Causes of losing eyelashes

Nutrition disorders and losing eyelashes

Deficiency of protein, deficiency of biotin and iron deficiency are nutritional disorders that cause eyebrows and eyelashes to lose. Some of the causes of losing eyelashes are infections such as syphilis, viral infections such as herpes virus, leprosy, fungal infections and parasitic infections. Trauma and injuries also cause lashes fall that are including those who have trichotillonia. They are accustomed to lying down the losing eyelashes.

Inflammation of the edges of the eyelids

One of the causes of losing eyelashes is the inflammation of the edges of the eyelid which suffer from Blepharitis, which causes the eyelid to swell so that losing eyelashes are easier to prevent and their hair loss is accelerated. This condition does not cause a complete loss of eyelashes, and it is possible to remove a number of eyelashes by washing or rubbing the eyelids.

Infection, seborrheic dermatitis, allergies, or blunting and manipulation of the site can cause inflammation of the edges of the eyelids. Staphylococcal infections at the edges of the eyelid should be treated promptly, as non-treatment cause’s prolonged inflammation, which may result in the loss of eyelashes due to increasing the edema.

A parasitic infection on the edges of the eyelids causes seborrheic dermatitis. Swelling and flaking are symptoms of seborrheic dermatitis, which can lead to eyelash loss.

Uncommon infections such as skin lesions or leprosy can also cause losing eyelashes, but are not commonly considered as a disease.

Occasionally, a severe bacterial infection, such as scarlet fever, also causes the lashes to fall, and after the treatment, losing eyelashes are removed.

Severe viral infections can cause hair loss, but this condition can be reversed after treatment.
Occasionally, injury and eye damage, such as severe rubbing of the eyelids and allergy to cosmetics such as eye shadow cause to lose eyelashes, and especially mascara, can cause to lose eyelashes.

Losing eyelashes due to illness


One of the causes of losing eyelashes can be drugs that include retinoid, heparin, androgens , anti-cholesterol emic drugs, anti- thyroid drugs , propranolol, valproic acid and anticoagulant drugs.

One of the drugs that causes eye swelling and eyebrows are chemotherapy and radiotherapy drugs, with eyebrows and losing eyelashes. Telogen effluvium, which is caused by a mental condition or systemic disease that causes severe stress, is characterized by an increase in hair loss of the person entering the resting phase.

Losing eyelash coin hair loss

The loss of coin hair (ortha) is another common cause of losing eyelashes. This condition can cause the whole or part of the eyelashes to emptiness completely, and can also occur in the area of ​​the eyebrows and the root of the head. The loss of coin hair is a safety condition that has specific treatments due to the severity of the disease.

Causes and remedies for losing eyelashes

In many illnesses mentioned, lashes accompanied without Oscar of lashes, and in some losing eyelashes associated with scarring. Hair transplantation is a therapeutic approach in cases where losing eyelashes are scarred, and in cases where losing eyelashes without scarring are used, artificial eyelashes can be used.

Complications of waterproof mascara

The frequent use of artificial eyelashes or makeup with mascara is from another sore throat and low back of the lash. Do not use waterproof mascara to prevent damage eyelashes, because this type of mascara is hard to clean and blows and tightening them to damage the eyelashes.

Creating allergy and allergy to adhesives or cosmetics and cleansers can cause eczema and itching, and then lead to hair loss and losing eyelashes.

If the alopecia aerate causes losing eyelashes to be treated, it should be treated because its treatment has an effective effect in reducing eyelash. Excessive makeup can also be a result of losing eyelashes, but can be treated with some eyelashes by removing some makeup.

Losing eyelashes due to the use of waterproof mascara

Other reasons for losing eyelashes

• Hormonal diseases such as hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism and internal diseases

• Pypism and hypoparathyroidism

• Long-term use of some anti-cholesterol emic drugs, anticoagulant, ant thyroid, inedal, valproic acid.

• Taking cocaine

• Poisoning with drugs such as bismuth, arsenic

• High intake of vitamin A Slimming diets are very low calorie or malnourished

• Types of anemia , especially anemia, iron deficiency and sickle cell anemia

• Chronic diseases such as acne , rosacea and psoriasis

• Radiation therapy for eye tumors

• Heat damage (heat and cold) in the eyelids and margins of the eyelids, such as burns and freezing of the eyelids.

• Tetanus of the edges of the eyelids and behind the eyelids

• Mental states such as tension, depression , fear, anxiety and restlessness

Slimming diets without principles of the causes of losing eyelashes

Traditional methods for backing eyebrows and losing eyelashes

Before using eyelash extensions, it is necessary to wash the eyebrows and eyelashes with baby shampoo and use the following methods after drying.

Thick brow with almond oil:

Both bitter and sweet almond oil will be beneficial, but the bitter almond oil will be more effective. Use a scrub or brush to massage your eyebrows and use mascara for eyelashes.

Egg yolk oil:

Egg yolk is very effective in strengthening and tightening eyebrows and strengthening eyelashes.

Oily combination:

Combining the oils of the snake, case, rosemary and massage them on the eyelashes in the reinforcement and throat has an extraordinary effect.

Seven seed Oil:

Seven seed Oil is one of the best blend oils that is composed of seven oily seeds, such as bitter and sweet almonds, hazelnut, black currant, pistachios, sesame and castor oil, and one of the most unique oily compounds for the growth and strengthening of eyebrows and eyelashes.

Treating traditional medicine for losing eyelashes

Homemade Remedies for Treating and Lightening eyelashes

Massage of the eyelids

Eyelash massage is a way to lift and strengthen the eyelashes. You can stimulate the follicles of the eyelashes by gentle massage of your eyelids. To do this, be careful not to massage with the pressure to prevent further damage to the eyelashes.

Non-manipulating the eyelashes

Avoid rubbing your eyes or pulling your eyelashes when you clean your makeup. Otherwise, you will not only have wrinkles underneath the eyes, but also cause the eyelashes to pull out and drop them off.

Avoid using synthetic eyelashes

The lack of artificial eyelashes is another tip for lashes to thicken and thicken. The use of artificial eyelashes or extensions of the eyelashes in the long period causes more damage to the eyelashes because when removing artificial eyelashes, a number of natural eyelashes are also removed.

Brush the eyelashes

Brushing lashes twice a day helps to boost their growth and increase their health.

Clear makeup at night

Always clean cosmetics at night so your eyelashes can breathe, because the lashes are less exposed to cosmetics, they grow better.


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