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A Mask that avoid hair loss instantly + recipe


Hair loss is not primarily have special reasons, and in most cases it can be treated with traditional medicine and home masks.

Hair clipping masks and egg to treat hair loss

One of the reasons for lack of hair is the problem of hair loss, which is prescribed for treating and eliminating many copies of it in modern medicine and traditional medicine. Our selective version of this section of the Namnak is eggs mask for treatment. Egg mask is essential to prevent hair loss because of protein in egg and also it is full of Vitamin E to prevent thinness and fragility of hair.

Natural hair loss treatment

Five different ways to use eggs that prevent and stop hair loss

Simple hair mask with eggs to prevent hair loss

It depends on the length of hair pour 1-3 eggs on the blow. Pour the egg into a bowl to form. Then massage it with clean hands to your hair. After 30 minutes, rinse with a shampoo.

Egg mask and mint to stop hair loss

If you have a scalp scrub, apply the mint oil to the scalp to improve the blood flow.

How to prepare:
Make the egg mask the same as above and add 5 to 7 drops of mint oil and combine it well.

Avoid hair loss in the home

Homemade hair loss treatment with egg mask and lavender

Lavender oil has the same benefits, so combine the egg with the oil to treat and prevent hair loss.

Egg and yogurt mask natural anti-hair loss regimen

Yogurt contains Panthenic Acid and Vitamin B, which are effective for the health of the skin

How to prepare:
Insert an egg into the bowl and squeeze it well and increase it to two spoons of yogurt.

Treatment of hair loss with traditional medicine

Eggs and Avocados A strong combination of hair loss

Avocados are rich in vitamin E and unsaturated fats, which increase the moisture content of the hair and make it dry and fragile.

How to prepare:
Insert an egg into the bowl and place another half of the avacado into the bowl and press it to combine the material together on the bowl.
Although it is a natural habit hair lose 100% a day, but if you notice a fall in excess, you should take it seriously and see your doctor.

How to prepare a mask for treatment of hair loss

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