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Facts about men’s beauty and health

Men beauty
Men who take care of their beauty and health should start their dental hygiene and also they do not ignore their skin care if they tend to be attractive.


Facts about men’s beauty and health

A special group of men; who do not care about their hygiene to have a neat and beautiful appearance and also have vogue character, are not attractive for women and this fact is not related to their attractive faces or symmetry.

Hygiene is one of essential part of matrimony life and those men’s who take care of it are always have more sexual attractiveness and concerned more by their partners. In this article in Namnak get along with some tips about hygiene, health and beauty of men. Please follow us.

How is beauty in men?
How is beauty in men?


Men should care about their beauty and adornment.

Pearly teeth and beautiful smile

Beautiful smile is one of prominent aspect of body language (non-verbal communication) and great tool to show happiness and affections to others. The health of tooth and gums make us have a more beautiful smile and also higher self-confidence.  One of the factor to be beautiful is having white and healthy teeth and maintain this fact is not so hard.

  • Visit your dentist every six month and tooth brushing your teeth.
  • Avoid drinking too much cola, tea and coffee because the make decay on teeth.


Ways that men be handsome and healthy

Men’s nice hands and feet.

One of the essential facts to be neat in men is having clean and arranged nails, having beautiful and neat hands is not only for women. Men should keep their hands and feet clean and nail file their nails also they should prevent bad smell of feet they have to use foot-wearing powder before they wear shoes.

Solutions about maintaining beauty in men

Face-skin care

Facial skin care is one of the main things that should considered for men’s health and beauty and it is not only related to women so men should take care of their skin.

  • So many men use common soap for washing their body and face but this is not possible and should use with mild soap to wash their face.
  • Avoid wash your face with hot water.
  • After taking shower use moisture cream to avoid having dried skin.
  • Wear sunscreen with 15 SPF before go out of home.

Eliminating bad breath

Observing teeth and mouth hygiene is essential and there is not anything worse than bad smell of breath. Failure of oral hygiene and bad breath in man cause to danger their beauty and no women attract them.

For eliminating bad smell breath should take care of the following steps:

  • Brush your tongue during brush your teeth
  • If you have decade teeth visit your dentist because sometimes bad smell breath is the result of decade teeth in their mouth.
  • Combine a second cup of apple vinegar in a glass of water and gargle to remove bad smell of breath.

Eliminating bad smell of body

Bad smell of body is the same as bad smell of breath cause to eliminate men’s attractiveness. To remove bad smell of body, you should follow the steps in below:

  • Take bath repeatedly to remove bad smell of body
  • Use deodorant and perfume to disappear bad smell of body but also you should avoid overuse of them because make people away instead of attract them.
  • Select your perfume‘s type and amount of wearing it cleverly.

The beauty of hair is one of factors that make men’s to be attractive and men should take care of cleanness and adornment. Some men have low back hair and do some things that are not interesting and make their hair looking ugly and not interesting.

If you have low back hair accept the reality and cut them short also avoid combing them in opposite side or shave all of them.

Men’s beauty and effect of their smell to their partners

How should men maintain their beauty?


Having normal and healthy diet is one of the essential factor of beauty. You should avoid eating fast-food or processed food to have a healthy diet. Eat lots of fruit and vegetable in your diet.

Shaving face

Shaving face is one factor that make men be handsome and all men know about this fact. Having hairiness remove their beauty and attractiveness and it make them to look dirty. For shaving your face consider these tips:

  • To shave the beard, you need three main things that contain them blade tools, a fine brush and a cream that contains glycerin.
  • To have a good shave you need patient and care.
  • After rubbing shave cream, wait 2 or three minutes and then shave the hair because this work make hair soft to shave more easily.
  • If your face becomes scaly, use foam or beige gel instead of your dumplings.

Beauty of eye in men

The first thing that attract other people is your eyes although you cannot change the appearance of eye but you can remove crease to be younger and also more handsome.

  • Eyes puff caused because of age and sleep
  • By using eye-cream before your sleep time you can solve your eye’s puff.
  • By using eyes exercise you can make your eyes more beautiful because these exercises cause increased blood circulation.

Secrets of men’s beauty

Attractive cloth

Way of clothing and neatness is effective in men’s attractiveness. Follow these steps to be always handsome and attractive:

  • Wear clothes that are harmonized with your face and body
  • Iron clothes before wearing them
  • Use fitted clothes
  • Look at your clothes in front of mirror before go out.

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