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Mistakes happens during brushing and using mouthwash and dental floss



Most of us brush our teeth daily and think that they are cleaned, but in fact there are some common mistakes in brushing that we make by habit.

A beautiful smile; this is one of your most attractive features, but what can destroy teeth? Poor tooth health habits. Most people do not take proper care of their teeth.
Keeping your teeth in the best shape requires a regular dentist visit. However, good oral hygiene starts at home, and for this purpose, brushing teeth is a good way to keep gums and teeth be healthy, this is a really important factor that most of us ignore and do not do it properly.
As we read in this section of oral and dental health of Namnak , we are faced with these common mistakes when brush teeth.

Mistakes that most people commit while brushing

11 Common mistakes during brushing

1. Use a toothbrush for a long time:

With constant use (twice a day for seven days a week), the average life of the toothbrush is about 3 months. After 200 times, you need to change your toothbrush because the toothbrush breaks and broken hair of your toothbrush cannot clean you them properly.
Change your toothbrush after its hair has lost its flexibility. After two months of daily use of toothbrush – bacteria and food particles remain on the toothbrush, so make sure to change your brush every three months.

How to Use Toothbrushes and common mistake of brushing

2. Do not brush your teeth enough:

Two minutes is the appropriate time to brush teeth; but in real time of brushing is only 45 seconds that each person spend on it. Brushing less than 2 minutes prevents fluoride to absorb toothpaste and does not clean the teeth by brushing it.
Most parts of the mouth are ignored; it may be on to see white to pearl side of your teeth – but what about the sides of the teeth that is not fronted or the back of the teeth? You can use an electric toothbrush or set your phone or timer for 2 minutes; just make sure to brush teeth for up to 2 minutes.

Mistakes in brushing teeth daily

3. Wash your mouth with water after brushing:

Yes, after brushing your teeth with water, you can throw the toothpaste, but when the water enters the mixture – it eliminates the fluoride function. Some of us wash our mouth as your habit. Use mouthwash which is containing fluoride instead of water, drink at least half an hour after brushing water or fluids.

Mistakes in brushing and washing the mouth and teeth

Mistakes that occur in tooth brushing

4. Toothbrush kept in the toilet

We all probably made this mistake:
According to a study of toothbrush keeping in the toilet, it contaminates it. Even the human stool has been found on it. How does this happen? Because you keep it in your toilet. When you drain the siphon, the contents of the toilet bowl are sprayed in all directions;
If you share your bathroom with others, it’s more likely to be infected with children. Putting door on your toothbrush will reduce this problem by placing your toothbrush elsewhere, like in your own drug store.

Mistakes in brushing and how to keep it

5. Use dental floss:

Dental floss is required at least once a day to remove plaque between your teeth, where your toothbrush does not reach. The plaque that is not removed by brushing and turns into hard deposits is the best place to grow the bacteria. The hardest part is to start. So, to fix this hardness, flush at least one teeth when starting with a tooth, and the rest is easier.

Mistakes in brushing and how floss teeth

Mistakes in brushing

6. Do not wash tongue after brushing:

Clean your tongue to get rid of bad breath and bacteria; use a mouthwash or toothbrush that has tongue wash. You can even use your toothbrush to wash your tongue, it does not act as a tool that wash your tongue, but you have reach the result.

7. Use hard and firm toothbrushes:

If the toothbrush is too tight, it will damage the gum. Use soft toothbrushes, the purpose of brushing is to clean the remaining food from the tooth, not to throw it. Using toothbrush hard or medium damages the enamel and makes it sensitive.

8. Misuse of toothbrush:

How to properly brush the circular shape, do not move back and forth; circular motion is the most suitable and the best cleaning option.

What are the mistakes of brushing?

Knowledge and mistakes when brushing

9. Brushing with the wrong angle:

You should always keep the toothbrush a 45 ° angle and brush it in circular circulation. You can also brush it with the gum and tooth easily.

10. Brush a region:

Brushing is an act that we do as hobby and habit, but do not brush some places. Change your brushing pattern and brush all places of your mouth; using an electric toothbrush makes it easy for you, just shake it in different directions.

Know the mistakes of brushing

11. Brushing twice a day:

You do not need to brush your teeth more than twice a day; some people think it’s not a problem to brush them 3 or 4 times a day, usually after each meal. Toothbrush can damage gums and enamel more than 2 times.
Do you need to brush a few minutes after eating?
Many people do not wait to brush after eating acidic foods; after eating, the pH of the mouth decreases and brushing brings the acid into the enamel. Wait a minimum of 30 minutes and then brush it.
It takes at least 3 weeks to learn new habits, create a change in your brushes every week, you will feel the change.

Regular dentistry and avoiding these mistakes guarantee your gum and teeth health.


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