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Is there any problem to gett rid of beauty-spot?


Removing facial and body beauty-spot is possible in a variety of ways. Stay with us to learn more about removing beauty-spot with laser, and harmful effect of removing beauty-spot with spikes and string.
Removing facial and body beauty-spot is possible in a variety of ways. Stay with us to learn more about removing beauty-spot with laser, and harmful effect of removing beauty-spot with spikes and string.

When your doctor recognizes one beauty-spot as a hazard or when you are unhappy about form of your body with the aesthetic reasons you may think about getting rid of beauty-spot. In this article, we will review the various methods used to remove facial beauty-spot and other body parts.
While beauty-spots are usually harmless and do not require any treatment, but if they are in risk of skin cancer or for beautiful reasons it may sometimes be necessary to remove them.

Cut Beauty-spot

For using this method, you will need local anesthetic at first (unless the beauty-spot is on face and is large), and cut the beauty-spot and skin around that part by surgical instrument or little knife.
Some beauty-spot may have cells that grow under the upper layer of skin. Cutting these beauty-spot may require stitching sometimes, and it result wound on your skin that will disappear over time.

Shaving beauty-spot

Some beauty-spot can be cut by using a surgical knife. In this method, local anesthesia is initially performed on spots and then, by using a knife the beauty-spot is shaved until it becomes a flat wound and also does not require suture.
Shaving beauty-spot does not last a few minutes most of the time, and the wound usually becomes a pink spot that lasts for 4 weeks after 10 days. After a few months, only a small scar will remain.

Freeze the beauty-spot

Freezing or Cryptography is a method that used to remove non-cancerous beauty-spot that have not penetrated into the skin layer deep by freezing by the help of liquid nitrogen so in this method we do not require surgery.
This method is commonly used for warts and dangle beauty-spots. Cryptography is an outpatient treatment and may leave a small blisters on the skin some time that will improve after short time.

Cure facial beauty-spot with laser

It can use laser to remove non-cancerous beauty-spot that do not come from the surface of the skin. This technique uses intense beam radiation to break down the cells in the skin.
If you want to remove your beauty-spot with this method, you need to repeat this method two or three times to see the result.

Although methods such as cutting and shaving are commonly used, but use of laser for those difficult areas with such as facial or ear can be useful also.
You can also use a laser to delete several beauty-spot simultaneously.

Disadvantages of using laser to remove beauty-spot

Eliminating beauty-spot with deeper roots by using laser, does not seems appropriate. This is due to the fact that, the bleeding caused by this method is a lot and also it requires surgical intervention to minimize the place of wounds.
Also, before using laser, suspect skin should be evaluated by a specialist. Moreover, large beauty-spots may not be a good option to treat by laser. In other words, in compare of removing entire beauty-spot by surgery instead of several laser treatments can cost less in fee and time for the patient.

High energy of laser causes the skin to become hot and can cause small scars at the desired location, which should be noted that the wound will be good soon.
But sometimes it may seem that the treated area seen to be drooped when you treat to remove the beauty-spot by laser. In these situations, other treatments, such as using of flattening lasers, like CO2 or Erbium laser, can improve the quality and texture of the skin around the wound site significantly.

Disadvantage of curing beauty-spot with string

One of the ways to remove facial or other body-spot parts is using a yarn or dental floss to tighten the root of the spot up to stop the bloodstream for that part. Then the beauty-spot are filled with blood, dried and fallen. This method should be used by full care. Although it can be useful treatment to remove beauty-spot by using string, but it can causes infection in some parts.

If the sewing yarn is used, it can hurt the skin and cause a wound bigger than a surgical wound on your skin before it finished completely.
Also, if this is done at home, in addition to being invasive method, the suspected beauty-spot suspected cannot be tested, and thus the abnormal or malignant cells are not detected.

Does Facial beauty-spot has pain?

Pain is one of the most common side effects of getting rid of beauty-spot. The amount of pain depends on the method that you remove the beauty-spot. For example, burning moles can sometimes be more painful than scratching them. In addition, small beauty-spot usually do not be painful after remove, but larger moles can cause moderate pain.

After-Care of removing beauty-spot

The burning or removing beauty-spot of the face and body may irritate the skin, which is somewhat painful. Usually, your doctor advises you to use drugs such as ibuprofen to relieve mild pain. Pain usually decreases within 24 to 48 hours, but if it continues, consult with your physician.
It should also be noted that the process of removing beauty-spot is usually done by using local anesthetic and the patient does not feel pain during surgery.

cost of removing the spot

The cost of removing facial and body spot root depends on several issues. First, costs vary according to pathology tests, as well as the medical or cosmetic need of removal. Also, the tests add the cost of treatment.
Also, if you want to use a laser, you need to know it is usually not completed with one single treatment session, so the cost may be more.


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