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Properties and Benefits of Brown Rice


Brown rice can be used in our daily diet to improve function of body cardiovascular system, the digestive system and the nervous system. Also brown rice has contained full of antioxidants and protects body against many diseases, such as high blood pressure, unbalanced cholesterol, stress, mental depression. Moreover it’s resistant body against skin discomfort. High levels of nutrition properties of brown rice are effective in preventing diseases such as cancer, obesity, diabetes, abnormalities of brain neurotransmitter and insomnia. It has also anti-depressant properties and helps to maintain having healthy bones and stronger immune systems.

What is brown rice?

Brown rice is a complete, unprocessed, whole wheat grains that can be obtained from peeling skin of rice grains. Rather than white rice, brown one should be chewed more and has a hazel taste.

Sprout Brown Rice

Germinated brown rice is one of the most famous types of brown rice in the world that has very high nutrients properties. The buds in this kind of rice contain Gama amino-biotic acid. by soaking it in water for several hours, brown rice is become ready. This method is suitable for obtaining maximum gamma amino acid and enhances level of protein and beneficial enzymes in our body. The budding process of brown rice also improves basic ingredients in this notorious material that can be named some of them such as frolic acid, lysine, magnesium, potassium, vitamin E , niacin , vitamin B6, thiamine, and dietary fiber . Such compounds help to absorb nutrients better during digestion, also prevent intestinal complications, inflammation and allergies. Rice sprouts can be dried and kept up for a long time.

Why do we eat brown rice?

Many people know this fact that brown rice is more useful than white rice. The reason is its quality and quantity of nutrients in this kind of rice. Unlike white rice, the process of grinding and purifying it is not occurred and its nutritional resources are preserved. By milling process to convert brown rice into white one, many properties of rice are missed. There are several types of brown rice in the market that have different flavors and aromas and different fatty acids.

Nutrients and Properties of Brown Rice

Brown rice is a complete and natural food which is rich in essential minerals such as manganese, iron, zinc, phosphorus, calcium , selenium, magnesium and potassium. The vitamins contained in it are nominated in the following as vitamin B1 (thiamine), vitamin B2 (riboflavin), vitamin B3 (niacin), vitamin B6, Foliate, vitamin E (alpha tocopherol) and vitamin K. it is a source of protein and has a significant fiber content. Except all of the above, it is a supplier of essential fatty acids which is essential for our body.

Diabetes control

Brown rice is helpful for diabetic and hyperglycemic patients. Its glycemic index is low and it helps to reduce insulin fluctuations and it helps to stabilize the body’s blood glucose levels, too. A study which is conducted in this field indicates that these grains are rich in phytic acid, fiber and Polyponle. Brown rice is a complex carbohydrate that helps to reduce the secretion of sugar. The American Diabetes Association recommends taking brown rice instead of white rice into diabetic’s patients for providing fiber, vitamins and essential minerals.

Antioxidant properties of Brown Rice

Brown rice is rich in potent antioxidants that protect body against damage of free oxygen radicals. Its enzyme has a strong antioxidant which is called superoxide dismutase, which protects cells against oxidative damage during producing essential energy for cells. According to a comparative study of white and brown rice, brown rice has more cortical activity than free radicals that can prevent diseases of oxidative such as heart disease , vascular helps.

Preventing Obesity

Brown rice is an operational controlling weight material for people who fight with obesity. Because it contains manganese so it helps to synthesize with fat. According to the study, consumption of whole grains such as brown rice has a positive effect on reducing the weight and weight index. It also increases the activity of the antioxidant glutathione peroxides enzymes and helps to increase the level of HDL cholesterol in obese people. Another comparative study has been done to prove the effects of anti-obesity of germinated brown rice.

Preventing Alzheimer

Germinated brown rice is effective in preventing diseases that nerve cells destroyed such as Alzheimer’s due to its high levels of gamma amino-butyric acid . Germinated brown rice contains useful compounds that help to control the dangerous enzyme of Prolia endopeptidase (a factor in Alzheimer’s disease). Brown rice is also useful for brain abnormalities, such as dementia and forgetfulness.

Stress Reduction in Lactating Women

Sprout brown rice is beneficial for mental health of nursing mothers. Research suggests its positive effect on reducing morbidity, depression and fatigue of mothers who feed their babies with their milk. Also, the use of brown rice during lactation helps body to cope with stress and enhance body’s immune system.

Digestive system strengthening

Brown rice is an important nutrient food that can be added to the daily diet to have healthy digestive system. Fiber in brown rice helps to regulate gut function and creates more satiate sensation. A comparative study was conducted on the effects of white rice and brown rice on digestive system, and the results indicate that bran of brown rice inhibits absorption of acid and maintains better moisture content. Its fiber also prevents other discomforts, such as constipation and colitis.

Strengthen Heart Health

Brown Rice is full of selenium – a mineral that is useful for heart health. The use of whole grains like brown rice helps to reduce the blockage of the vessel which is caused by the formation of plaque on the wall of blood vessels. This protective action is involved in lowering the risk of cardiac abnormalities, such as high blood pressure and vascular disease. According to the surveys done on this project, the tissue surrounding brown rice contains a combination of angiotensin II (active vasoconstrictor and hypertension) which fight with this combination.

Controlling Cholesterol Level

Brown rice is a good option to maintain and control level of cholesterol. Based on research results, it has property of lowering cholesterol and regulates its decomposition. It has beneficial nutrients properties that are effective in glucose metabolism and lipid. According to other studies, brown rice is helpful in increasing of serum and HDL cholesterol. Brown rice sprouts inhibit absorption of liver triglycerides and it happens due to excessive alcohol intake due to gamma-amino-butyric acid.

Avoid Cancer

Brown rice is helpful in preventing colon cancer, breast cancer, and leukemia. Such an effect on prevention of obtaining cancer could be due to the presence of strong antioxidants and high fiber content in its texture. The fiber contained in brown rice adheres to toxins which is contributing cancer in the body. This action prevents toxic substances from binding to the walls of the colon and helps to destroy them. A study on the evaluation of the chemical properties of brown rice argues that bran of this kind of rice contains essential phenols, such as tyrosine, frolic acid and caffeic acid, which is much less in white rice. Such phenolic compounds are very effective in inhibiting the proliferation of breast and colon cancer cells. According to other studies, the effect of stimulating of sprout brown rice is highly induced to kill cancer cells and inhibit proliferation of leukemia cells. In addition, the results of the research prove the antitumor effect of brown rice bran also.

Nerve System Strengthening

Brown rice is beneficial for proper functioning of the brain and also nervous system. Due to the presence of vitamin B and essential minerals such as manganese and magnesium, it accelerates the metabolism of brain and nervous system. It balances the activity of calcium and helps to regulate the position of muscle and nerve cells. This rice inhibits releasing immediately calcium to nerve cells and nerve activity. It helps to keep nerve and muscles settle and prevent excessive contraction of muscles and nerves too. Vitamin E contained in brown rice has an important role in preventing various brain diseases which is caused by damaging effects of oxidative.

Anti-Depressive Properties of Brown Rice

Sprouts of Brown rice have anti- depressant properties and help to combat anxiety -related discomfort. According to research, brown rice buds contain amino acids such as glutamine, glycerin and GABA. Such neurotransmitter inhibitors facilitate the process of reducing incidence of anxiety, depression, and stress related messages in the brain, and subsequently the body will become more relaxed.

Treat Insomnia

Brown rice is effective to treat insomnia. Regard to this fact that it is the natural source of the melatonin hormone of brain, by relaxing the nerve cells and increasing the sleep cycle, it increases sleep quality.

Enhance Immune System

brown rice is rich in vitamins, minerals and phenol compounds that is essential to strengthen the immune system of our body. It also helps to feeds the body, improves the speed of repair and improves the ability of fighting with infection.

Bone Health Promotion

Brown rice is effective in maintaining bone health. It is rich in magnesium; combination of magnesium with calcium forms the physical structure of the bones. Brown rice prevents the reduction of minerals and is useful for diseases such as osteoporosis and arthritis.

Use in cooking

Rice is one of the main foods not only in Asia, but also in the world. There are different types of brown rice on the market. Long grain rice is suitable for cooking with fast taffeta, spice sauce and salad. Short bran rice has a soft, sticky texture and is used to make pudding and w Sweet pancakes. Sweet brown rice is also very useful for preparing delicious desserts. Brown rice syrup is used for sweetening because of nutrients and sweet texture of this kind of rice it taste a sweet, hazel or sometimes creamy flavor to sweets and hot drinks also.

How to choose and maintain brown rice?

Brown rice contains a natural essential oil that, if kept for a long time, is likely to become obsolete. To ensure that use new and fresh one, it is recommended to check the expiration date or the best date of usage on the bag of this nutrient food. Raw brown rice can be kept fresh for a period of 6 months in a container that is free of air in outdoor temperature. To increase the period life of raw rice, it can be kept as a frozen one. . If you want to keep cooked one for a long time, it should be more careful. Improper storage of cooked rice triggers the growth of a bacterium which is called Basil Cereus that can poison food. Cooked rice should not be kept at room temperature or cooked more than once.

How to Cook Brown Rice?

Brown rice needs more cooking time and requires more water because of its bran. For each cup of rice, you can use 2.5 to 3 cups of water. You can reduce the baking time by soaking it in water. Brown soaked rice needs about 35 to 40 minutes of cooking time.


Brown rice is generally not allergenic and does not contain annoying compounds such as Purin or oxalate.


Brown rice is a complete cereal which is full of useful high quality compounds. It has an optimal function on the organs of the body, such as heart, digestion, brain, bones, muscle, cholesterol and blood pressure, which is effective. Brown rice cures skin dysfunctions, including oyster mint, improves skin’s health and helps to rejuvenate the hair. Because of the presence of frolic acid (antioxidant skin blocker), it has anti-aging properties. Brown rice is rich in foliate and is very useful for fetal development. Doctors recommend patients who suffer from Candida fungal infections use a small amount of this type of rice in their daily diet. Brown rice contains digestive enzymes that are very useful for systemic dysfunction. Strengthens body and mind and fights with general weakness of the body and the lack of nutrition.


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