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Properties, benefits and side effects of Tranbinbine


Tranbinbine has many properties and is very useful for skin and hair. It also has extraordinary properties for babies, which, of course, is important for taking it and how it is prepared. Tranbinbine properties for skin and hair and health
Tranbinbine is one of the best medicinal plants that have many health benefits for skin and health. They also use the herbal medicine to treat the baby’s jaundice. Namnak department will offer you some of the treasured properties that we hope you will get enough knowledge of this study.

The most important properties of Tranbinbine

Garlic is a gum that is found on the branch and leaf of the barbed plant from the subterranean part of the butterfly valerian called camer kharya, and this plant is found in Khorasan and Georgia and some in the vicinity of Hamadan. These branches and leaves are collected and taken in water and boil water to steam, and the cherry tree is crystallized into crystals.

Preparation of water of Tranbinbine

Dissolve 12 to 35 grams of Tranbinbine in boiling water, then clean it and use it. It is better to drink this water when you are fasting.

Wonderful properties of Tangerine

Chemical compounds of Tranbinbine

Tranbinbine include sugar compounds such as glucose and fructose, sucrose and more (LPS) and tannins (compounds that are made of complex formed in plants in large amounts), and the gray yen among the most widely used plant pigments in the food industry is , is.

The trance

The tongue is warm and warm. Taranbian is laxative and laxative. The dosage of traminebin is as laxative in terms of the patient’s age between 10 and 70 grams, which is consumed with little water.

Sorbian properties for skin and hair

Removing the lump and brightening the skin with tartan
Trembling, purify the blood and make the skin clear and clear. Drink Sisymbrium irio and manna (manna to 5 hours soaked in water and flatten them with 2 tablespoons Sisymbrium irio mix and drink) and to improve spotted skin and helps people daily for 3 weeks from the mixture used later For some time, they have a clear skin and their facial and skin patches disappear.

The properties of the tangerine for the skin and hair

Treating skin problems by drinking trembling water

Drinking treats and treats, eczema, hives, treats skin inflammation.

Eliminating the boil with trembling

Boil one teaspoon of teaspoonfuls with two teaspoons of teaspoon. Apply it every day to fasting in 2 weeks of treating boils that are caused by excessive fat and sweets.

Treatment of dandruff and itching of the head with trembling

Drinking 2 to 3 glasses of honey syrup and trembling daily treats dandruff and itching of the head.

Tartanbin is suitable for the treatment of dandruff

Study of the medicinal properties of tangerine

Fight against parasites

Tranbene is one of the most prolific herbal remedies for the treatment of patients who are always suffering from parasitic diseases, because there is a substance called Santonin that is one of the strongest substances for the removal of parasites and worms.

Treatment of constipation with trembling

The benefits of trembling in traditional medicine are the treatment of constipation. Sorbane is one of the substances that soften the digestive system and is laxative, which makes it easier to move stool and prevent constipation. The dose is as a laxative between 10 and 70 grams, and the patient’s age is a dose-correcting dose.

Improve diabetes mellitus with trembling

Trembangine can reduce the amount of sugar in the urine and hence it is useful for people with diabetes.

Tremorbin to improve diabetes

Treating cough with trembling

Tranbinbin is one of the best herbs that can improve cough and relieve chest pain .

Other therapeutic benefits

• Thirst and fever reducers

• Disposal of burned intestines with the use of cinnamon and whey

• Excretion of warm temper with the consumption of marmanbani with us al-Sha’ir

• Relieve urine easily. Thicken the butter and trembling

• Treatment of hemorrhoids with marble flowers

• Treatment of rheumatism by rubbing the oil of Sorangian leaves

• Add cherry juice with cumin to treat stomach cramps

• Treatment of infectious diseases in the body with trembling

• Treatment of kidney diseases and kidney stones with trembling

• Trembling for treatment of liver deficiency

• Trembling for Scorpion bite

Therapeutic and therapeutic properties

Sorbian properties for the baby

The use of trembling is very effective in treating jaundice in a baby. This drug is a delicate laxative for the baby and is used to treat and purify the digestive tract of the feces and blood vessels that have survived from the fetuses , stomachs and intestines, many diseases, including viral and infectious diseases It’s getting worse in her and her immune system is activated from birth. With the use of ginger, the baby’s appetite for eating milk increases and sleeps better at night, and the baby’s cuffs and giggles get rid of.

Dosage and how to prepare the baby for trembling

Dissolve a teaspoonful of jellyfish in a quarter of boiling water and give it to the baby after straightening. The amount of Tranjban should be used to cause mild diarrhea to remove sedimentary and adherent masses in the intestines of the newborns, but if the abdominal cramps did not occur , this is repeated two hours later. It usually takes 3 to 7 days for the baby to be treated.

Manginki’s disadvantages

Trembling is harmful to the spleen and healthy people, and people with typhoid fever, bloody diarrhea , hemorrhoids , urinary tract and smallpox should not be consumed . Contrary to the old beliefs, the use of Tranbianbin does not have a significant effect on the reduction of neonatal jaundice, but also causes diarrhea and vomiting in the infant.


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