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Miraculous properties of sour tea


Sour tea has great benefits for our health, also it has good effect for so many people but for some people consuming sour tea can have side-effect and make some problems.

16  benefits and properties and also 5 side-effect of red sour tea

Tea is known throughout the world. You can prepare tea with almost any ingredient. The benefit of natural tea on health have become widespread these days. But what happen when you can make tea with any kind of ingredients? Surprisingly what we’re talking about is a sour tea plant that can be seen in your garden. Now, let’s take a look at this part of Namnak’s health of how and when to use this herb and why not use it.

Learn more about sour tea

• Scientific name – Hibiscus sabdariffa

• Origin – Africa

• Plant Type – Shrub

• Another name – Roselle

Incredible properties of sour tea

Many of us make mistake this flower with ordinary roses, which are decorated only with flowers and do not have any medicinal ingredients. On the other hand, like flowers and fruits it is used (to make tea). This special tea is made of a dry, bright color. However, this red drink has a pickle taste that can roll up your mouth. Remember the gourmet flavor of cranberry juice? Ok yes it has the same taste. It can be used to taste, hot or cold. And just like other types of herbal teas, it has a low calorie content and it is completely without caffeine -for those who want to get away from it. Of course we do not say caffeine is has not any benefit, it is really useful for providing an immediate source of energy. But its side effects can not be ignored.

The benefits of sour tea

We are studying the benefits and side effects of tea; but why not start the list with these benefits? Whatever it is, we have to give good news first

Sour tea prevent blood pressure:

Do you feel dizzy and have a sudden increase in body temperature? It’s time to check your blood pressure. If the pressure is high, drink red tea to bring it down. This tea is known for reducing the risk of blood pressure.

Reduce cholesterol is the properties of sour tea :

In today’s fast-paced life, we can see the majority of people who are struggling with cholesterol-related diseases, the most common cause of rising levels of LDL-cholesterol. There are many commercial drugs that are promoted to control cholesterol. Try to make sour tea.

Sour tea reduce cholesterol

Sour Tea Reduce Blood Glucose:

Sour tea is useful for people with diabetes type II. We all know that diabetes can be fatal. But did you know that this tea can help you?

Maintaining a healthy liver with sour tea:

We all know the importance of the liver in the body. Any problems with the liver can disrupt life, then drink sour tea.

Drink Sour tea to have healthy liver

Sour tea is treatment of menstrual cramps:

Drinking hot tea helps to relieve the cramps of painful muscles. But increasing drink of sour tea will relieve it immediately.

Sour tea for treating depression:

Depression is easy with increasing expectations and stress levels. Among the ways to overcome depression, sour tea is good.

Sour tea is effective in treating depression

Help digestion with sour tea:

Sour tea can improve the function of the bladder and abdomen.

Sour Tea is a Body Cooling:

It may seem ridiculous; but sour tea can reduce thirst, which is why most athletes drink it.

Sour tea cool the body

Weight control is the properties of sour tea:

Many people replace caffeine with herbal teas because they want to lose weight.

Anti-aging properties of sour tea:

Have you ever compared your appearance to celebrities who are young? China and Scotch is one of the signs of aging, but Botox does not treat it, and sour tea is the solution.

Sour tea has anti-aging properties

Sour tea is rich in vitamin C:

Provide your vitamin C from your sour tea; vitamin C is the key to maintain immune system and prevent any viral infection.

Sour tea is suitable for all seasons:

The essence of this type of tea is that you can drink it all the time, regardless of the season. Drink it in a cool or cold day.

The benefits of sour tea

Hibiscus are anti- constipation:

Sour tea is used as a mild laxative. The next time you feel uneasy, drink a cup.


There are also other benefits that can help to fight cancer. This flower has many anti-tumor and anti- chemo-therapy properties.

Sour tea fight cancer

Sour Tea is an Antibacterial Drug:

The watery extract of sour tea has an antibacterial effect, so the next time you have a sore scrotum, just drink a sip of tea to make you feel better.

Sour tea is anti- kidney and bladder:

Sour tea has endless uses, one of them is the avoidance of rock formation.

The effects of sour tea on kidney stone and bladder

Side effects of sour tea:

Drinking tea is undoubtedly amazing, but it has many negative consequences.

Effects of Sour Tea on Estrogen:

Sour tea can reduce estrogen levels. If you are using (hormone replacement therapy), or if you have any form of contraception, you should discard sour tea.

Side effects of sour tea

Effects of Sour Tea on Pregnancy:

We have already said that sour tea reduces estrogen levels. It also means that drinking tea can have a direct effect on reproductive ability. Low estrogen quality may lead problems if you are planning a pregnancy. There is not much research about how tea affects the fetus. However, the best you can do is to avoid this tea when you are pregnant or want to become pregnant.

The role of sour tea in reducing blood pressure:

Although this is one of the most important benefits of sour tea, and helps to reduce the risk of blood pressure, lowering blood pressure and its diuretic properties may lead to the spread of blood vessels. Therefore, if you are low in blood pressure and you are taking low-pressure medications, you should remove tea from your diet.

What are the effects of sour tea?

Sour Tea Thinning for Cancer Patients:

Sour tea affects skin and brain cancer cells. The National Cancer Institute found that if you are under chemo-therapy radiation, you should avoid drinking this tea, as it may cause problems when interfering with cancer drugs. This is one of the best side effects of sour tea that you should be aware.

The Illusive Effects of Sour Tea:

Sour tea can have hallucinal effects, and many people feel light and even drunk after eating. Remember to be more careful when driving or using machines while you’re drinking tea.

The consumption of sour tea to leads illusory effects

How to prepare sour tea:

1. Hot sour tea


Two teaspoons of dry sour tea
A cup of boiling water
– Honey or brown sugar (to taste)
Other flavors (cinnamon, mint) – If you want to be a strong, spicy tea.

This method is quite simple; just like making any other herbal tea. Start by pouring boiling water in a kettle and pouring dried flowers there. Letting it take 5 to 10 minutes depends on how much tea is thick. Add your own flavors and add honey to your tea and drink it hot.


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