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reasons for unexplained bruises on your body



When the body spontaneously becomes bruised – there are bruises on the skin that may be long-lasting, but what is the cause of this unnecessary defect?

Why our body becomes bruise without any reason?

Have you ever seen a sudden bruise on your hands and feet? Certainly, all of us have at least once seen these bruises. What is the reason and why this bruise is unreasonable? Why do not we recall what we think of when we hit our arms and legs where this bruise has come to pass? He wants to know why this disease is suddenly created in her and what problems might arise in the future? Can such women be able to exercise and become children and the disease is transmitted from mother to child? It is also saddened by the bruises that their effects remain on the skin for a long time and are looking for a method that can remove them from the skin sooner. Health experts answer these questions. The number of blood platelets decreases in patients with the ITP or the idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura. Platelets are one of the main components of the blood that is required for coagulation.

Types and causes of bruising

Creating bruising is a natural occurrence when it damage the body and getting hit by it.

Hence, many people do not care much about their bruises and bruises, and they wait to be spontaneously good. But sometimes these bruises may be dangerous and signs and symptoms of warning and alarm.

What are the causes and causes of bruises, and what can each sign mean:

Bloody and all sorts of it

Blood clotting under the skin caused by blood leakage from the capillaries is called bloodthirsty.

These bleeding can sometimes be seen as very small spots, called “petitis”, often indicative of platelet disorders. Larger subcutaneous aggregations are called “ecchymosis” blood, and if they are more profound and are known as mass, they are called “hematoma”.

These stains are first dark blue, but after a few days they are green and eventually yellow, disappearing within two to three weeks.

Why is it created?

One of the causes of bloodshed is the most common cause of injury. Some bloody stomachs occur spontaneously and more often in women, especially in their legs. The reason is that the skin is thin and the vessels are fragile in the skin. Of course, the smallest and most important blows are creating them.

Bloody mildew also occurs as a result of aging. In fact, the destruction of colognes and connective tissue under the skin and around the capillaries, with age, causes fragility of the vascular vessels, such as the back vessels, and these are the spots of garishness seen behind the elderly.

Some drugs like aspirin and anticoagulants such as warfarin and heparin.
The rare causes of blood clotting are coagulation defects in genetic diseases such as hemophilia and non-genetic diseases such as autoimmune diseases and leukemia.

Women suffer from this disease more than men

Platelet is one of the main blood cells that plays the role of creating a primary clot to prevent bleeding. Platelets are produced in the bone marrow. Their half-life is short and usually disappears after 7 to 10 days by the spleen and new platelets are replaced.

The normal amount of platelets in the blood is defined as between 150,000 and 450,000 per microliter. Although in the eastern countries, at least acceptable, is slightly lower, from 120 to 125,000 per microliter, the criterion is considered the same as the global standard.

If the blood plate count is less than the numbers given, the cause should be searched because platelet counts can be very serious and severe in severe situations. In severe platelet counts, platelet levels range from 10 to 15,000 per microliter or less. In these cases, the patient may be bleeding without any incident.

The reason for platelet loss is standardized into 3 groups

The first group is the cause of blocking platelet production. In this disorder, the bone marrow is affected or affected by other diseases. For example, there may be a weakness in the production of platelets in the bone marrow, or a person is infected with cancer, chemotherapy, and chemotherapy drugs affect the bone marrow and reduce platelet counts. Chemotherapy drugs for cancer and some other illnesses are currently the most common cause of platelet counts.

The second reason is the early disappearance of the platelet in the blood. This problem is also caused by various causes. Some diseases cause excessive consumption of the platelet and a deficiency in the body. Sometimes the body produces an antibody due to an undetermined antibody that acts against the platelet and destroys it.

The most commonly reported disease in this group is called itp or “immunologic thrombocytopenia”. In this disease, the body’s immune system goes on the platelets. The disease is commonly seen in women and may occur at any age.

There are, of course, different mechanisms for the disease that include different prognosis. Third, reducing platelet count, platelet retention in the spleen. This happens when the spleen grows.

The spleen can be responsible for the retention of 90% of bone marrow production. The cause of the enlargement of the spleen in our country is still the presence of liver diseases and high blood pressure in the bloodstream called Port in the liver.

Symptoms of the disease depend on the amount of platelet loss

Symptoms that reduce platelets in the body depend on the amount of platelet loss. In mild and moderate reductions, the patient is not normally in a condition unless a serious incident, such as an accident, or injuries, or surgery, causes abnormal hemorrhage.

In these cases, the patient quickly develops platelet deficiency and finds a lot of bleeding. Blood-related bleeding from the platelet deficiency usually occurs as a bleeding spot or bruised spot in the skin.

Some patients also have mucosal bleeding from the nose, gum, gastrointestinal tract and in women with abnormal hemorrhage. There is also a reduction in blood platelet counts in the brain.

Patient evaluation

When a person has unexplained bleeding, repeated bruising, or without a blow, and in girls, abnormal hemorrhagic stroke is required at monthly and unpredictable times, a blood test is required to evaluate the platelet level.

When the platelet is proven to be low, three points should be considered; first, should the spleen be larger in the clinical examination?

The next point is a complete study of the patient’s peripheral blood, since in some patients there are other changes in the blood that can be diagnosed with other problems. In the third stage, a sample of bone marrow is prepared.

By performing these 3 steps, it turns out which patient is in the group and the treatment starts on the same basis. If platelet loss is due to drug side effects, such as chemotherapy drugs, it can be improved by giving auxiliary treatments and reducing platelet counts.

Treatment is due to the cause of platelet loss

If the patient has an increased blood platelet loss, he should identify the cause and cause. If the type is “iipi”, it should be taken with steroidal compounds (corticosteroids) and ultimately the removal of the spleen in front of the excessive process of destruction of the platelets.

In cases where platelet retention in the spleen is a sign of blood platelet drops, treatment should again be done in light of the cause of the platelet loss. In these cases, it is usually the most important way to heal the spleen.

Platelet Disease is not inherited

For many who have blood platelet counts, they wonder whether they can get married and have a baby. It should be noted that there is no concern in this area because it is not a genetic disease and is not transmitted from the parents to the fetus,

Except in very exceptional cases, but female patients who are in the second group who have platelet degradation due to the production of antibodies or with itp should be under the supervision of a gynecologist and gynecologist during pregnancy because antibodies can pass through the placenta and in the newborn also, we will face a temporary decrease in platelets.

Of course, this is not dangerous, and pediatric and neonatal specialist children will monitor the child to eliminate the risk. It is more common in women than men, but the incidence of other platelet loss in both sexes is almost equal.

Which patients are restricted?

There is no specific limitation for patients, but the patient’s age, platelet counts, and the cause of the disease should always be taken into account. When the patient’s platelet is less than 15-10 thousand, a patient of any age, there is a risk of spontaneous bleeding.

We advise patients to avoid actions that may harm the body, such as athletic or fights, and the risk of falling and falling down.

Of course, patients who have a platelet higher than this should also consult their doctor before exercising. Most doctors do not allow high-risk exercises in platelets under 50,000.

How do kill bruises?

Many modest and painless changes in our body are not taken seriously from the beginning. For example, if the skin of the skin is red or bruised, we think it’s likely to have a blow to it, but if the bruise repeats many times and in different parts of the body,

We are worried that there is a problem inside the body that should be diagnosed with further investigation. If there is no reason for the bruises found in the laboratory findings, then our question is why this happened to me and this does not have my problem.

In answer to these questions, there are millions of blood capillaries in the human skin, some of which are superficial and some are deep.

Surface capillaries are more sensitive to impact and they are torn due to any impact, such as a hit of the object. In the skin of some people, the number of superficial capillaries is very high, so more of the capillaries are damaged.

When the capillary is torn, some blood leaks from the capillary under the skin. The blood leakage will make the picture appear to be bruised in that affected skin area. This process begins with the entry of blood cells in the blood vessels under the skin.

For this reason, the skin has a reddish exponential red blood cell count and gradually turns blue into violet within a few hours. The greater the impact and the size of the skin, the larger the bruise.

Complications of bruising are usually seen by white people. Not only from the perspective of health, but also because of the beauty problems, they are more sensitive to this problem, but skin bruises have nothing to do with the color of the skin, and the black ones, if the number of superficial capillaries is high,

Most will develop bruises, but due to the darkness of the skin, their blemishes will disappear in the natural skin color and will not look great.

Skin bruises remain on the body for a long time. During this time, the immune system tries to eliminate dead blood cells that have left the bloodstream. This time lasts about 24 to 15 days. Of course, the bruise will gradually become faint.

It means that the violet or dark blue color is gradually brightened to disappear inside the skin. In deep and severe bruises, more time is needed to improve.

In some people, bruising is a recurring and persistent bruising. Such people may have a bruise due to a simple collision with a small object. Some do not remember the history of a shot.

In these cases, one must be sure to follow the cause. Of course, there are other symptoms in people with blood coagulation disorders. Continuous skin bruising is observed in patients who use anticoagulant drugs.

Such people should be mindful of the doctor and inform about the presence of bruises. It is usually necessary for such patients to measure platelet levels, coagulation time, and so on each month. You may need to change the dosage of coagulation.

People who have sensitive skin and bruises in their bodies, with no specific problem or disease, can take preventive measures to prevent bruising. The best and easiest way is to put the ice cream on the skin.

This helps to shrink the capillaries and remove less blood. This should be done in the 10 minutes after the blow. In the case of worms in the market, many questions arise. The mechanism of action of these worms is to accelerate the process of decomposing blood cells under the skin.

You should know that even worms cannot completely blast blemishes quickly, but shorten the recovery time and even survive for 7 to 10 days in some cases.

Treat in a few lines

According to Dr Safaee, the first ITP treatment is taking corticosteroids that affects the immune system and increases platelet count. Usually about one and a half months after diagnosis, the patient should take corticosteroids. And after this period if the disease is controlled,

Corticosteroid is gradually interrupted. In two thirds of cases, it is usually controlled by this disease, but in one third of the people with the disease, there is a possibility of corticosteroid resistance. Other treatments are needed, one of which may be the removal of the spleen.

As we said, in this member of the body, the combination of the platelets and antibodies made abnormally is destroyed, and it is done by removing the spleen from the body, although the same abnormal composition is still being made, but it’s done. And the number of platelets decreases less.

Usually in 70% of patients, this disease is controlled, but in about 30% of patients, even the removal of the spleen does not respond and we have to get immunotherapy that is, prescribing drugs that affect the immune system and regulate its function. They do.

Unfortunately, sometimes even this does not work, and in this case we have to chemotherapy the patient. In the last few years, a new drug has been introduced that regulates the immune system and can be replaced by the removal of the spleen from It has used it and has had relative success so far.

Blood transfusion required?

Dr Safa’i says the answer to this question is only when the patient has lost a lot of blood due to hemorrhage, for example, a woman has a severe bleeding during the menstruation, or a person suffering from a digestive tract , Due to lack of platelet count, severe hemorrhage.

Sometimes the patient also suffers from severe nosebleeds. Sometimes the patient’s platelet count is not too low, and it’s not a problem, but when the dentist goes and kills his teeth, the bleeding does not stop.

Even the ITP is sometimes recognized with the same token. There is no definitive cure for ITT and we cannot even say that the removal of the spleen can treat the disease for good.

Do not be afraid of women with childbirth

Anyone who knows and knows about the ITP, even if it has been controlled, should know that it can flare up whenever possible, so for any surgical procedure, even in dental procedures, blood tests should be specified. Get the number of platelets.

If a woman has ITP pregnancy, she should talk to the doctor, and usually the treatment decisions they take are like a healthy person.

Unless an emergency occurs, then the doctor will have to take action, but no treatment like corticosteroids, splenectomies and … is possible.

Of course, there are other considerations about pregnant women with ITP. Sometimes a woman’s illness is completely under control during pregnancy, but in any case an abnormal combination of antibodies and platelets in her blood passes through the placenta and enters the embryo’s circulation.

In this case, it is true that the mother’s blood platelet count may be acceptable, but the child who is born of her will have a small platelet, so it’s important to check the number of her baby’s platelets after birth and take the necessary action, But the disease is not genetically transmitted to the baby.

Home remedies for bruising and blood of the skin

As we have explained, there are different blood disorders that can have different causes, so there are different treatments. Some bloody things can be improved easily at home, especially those that are caused by a blow, and the reason for their occurrence is clear and not so acute that they should be referred to the doctor. The following guidelines are effective in treating hemorrhage.

In the first hours after the blow and burning, put a few pieces of ice inside the cloth and place about 10 to 20 minutes in the bloodstream. Repeat this several times in the first 24 hours to prevent more blood from reaching the capillaries.

Put the injured member in the first 24 hours above the body surface. This helps to regain blood from the damaged limb and controls the swelling and extent of the blood.

After 24 hours of blood intolerance, place a warm towel a few days a day so that the blood flow to the area increases and bloody absorption is faster.

The bruise forms as a result of soft tissue damage to the skin that causes blood to leak from the blood vessels into the skin, resulting in various blemishes. But some of us are more prone to bruising than others.

In the following, we will become more familiar with some of the factors that can contribute to this vulnerability.

Getting old

As our age rises, the tissue around the blood vessels becomes thinner and the skin becomes thinner. Hence, we are more prone to damage to blood vessels because the skin is not as strong and flexible as a young age. Power, flexibility and less protection mean more bruises.

Excessive exposure to the sun

If you are a young person, anything that causes premature skin aging can also make the same vulnerability. Smoking and long-term exposure to the sun are one of the factors affecting early aging of the skin, which can lead to more bruising.

Taking medication

Some medications can thin the skin and hence be more susceptible to bruising. The main culprits are corticosteroid drugs used to treat inflammatory diseases and asthma.

Rare diseases

Some rare diseases cause bruising, but the keyword here is “rare.” They include diseases that reduce the level of our blood platelets. Platelets are tissue cells that help to clot blood.

Therefore, if the blood is not normally clothed, a small part of the body with something else can lead to bruising.

For example, in idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura (ITP), body antibodies attack the platelets, which can cause bruising. Easy bruising can also occur as a result of leukemia (leukemia).

Poor diet

Lack of vitamins can also contribute to the bloating of the human body as easily as possible. The deficiency of vitamins C and D is one of the most effective factors in this field.


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