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8 Traditional Recommendations during Menopause


You can use contraceptive, analgesic and anti-depressant tablets to relieve pain, but it’s best to use some herbal medicines instead of taking these chemical drugs to reduce your menstrual pain.

First recommendation: Drink special herbal tea to reduce pain of menopause

Herbal remedies are very suitable for reducing pain and relaxing during menstruation. Each of these herbal tea can be individually prepared and customized. You can use the following herbal tea to reduce the pain during menopause.
Valerian, chamomile herbal tea down
TONICS borage
TONICS raspberry
herbal tea Red Hawthorn
TONICS plants and plant cumin

Second recommendation: It is advisable to consume less salt and caffeine during menstruation

It’s best to know that taking a lot of salt is very effective in increasing the periodic pain, and if you really cannot resist them, you should have at least a modest or small amount of them.

Third Recommendation: Light Workout during menopause

In Chinese medicine, it is advised to workout light and moderately physical and mental exercises (such as Thai sports, Yoga). These exercises will make you more relaxed and more balanced.

Fourth Recommendation: When you are menopause, try to breathe deeper

Deep breathing is very effective in reducing menstrual pain and also reducing stress. It is advisable to try breathing deeply in the menstrual period and see a decrease in pain and stress later on.

Fifth Recommendation: Use a boiled food one week before your menopause

One week before the onset of menopause pain is best time to use the following foods while cooking:

• Steamed spinach

• Raspberry and Walnut

• Saffron and fennel

• Tarragon and blackberry

• black pepper

• Cinnamon and orange pepper

• Hot foods such as saffron halvah can also be the best choice for the first day of menstruation.

Sixth Recommendation: Use cinnamon in the early days of the menopause

Cinnamon can also increase your physical strength in addition to reducing menstrual pain. You can use cinnamon and wood powder to make it. If you have access to cinnamon, you should better understand it.

Seventh Recommendation: Do not shower as much as possible during the period

It is best to avoid using too much taking bath during this time, especially cold water while washing the genital tract. It is also recommended that woman should not bath in the first days of menstruation. These things must be observed, but unfortunately most people do not care about it and they will be in trouble in the future.

Eighth Recommendation: Drink marigold tea because it is very effective in reducing bleeding

Sometimes, bleeding increases these days due to various reasons such as menstrual dysfunction or impaired genital function and fibers. Inappropriate nutrition and non-replacement of nutrients and hematopoiesis in the food basket for girls and women cause some people with anemia. One of the easiest ways to prevent the onset of anemia and general weakness of the body during menstruation is one week to the onset of menstrual periods, drinking the evergreen tea.

Ninth Recommendation: It is best to keep your stomach warm during this period

Take a warm shower or put a warm water belt on your abdomen and back, or you can use warm towels to do this.

What kind of diet do we have during the period?

Eat six meals a day. This program includes three main meals, plus light meal at 10:00 am, evening meal and light meal before bedtime. If you’ve been on your diet until now, leave it alone and eat only small meals. Our suggestion is that women who do not want to lose weight can reduce their caloric intake to 1,500 calories (light diet) per day, and women who need to lose weight consume their calories per 1000 calories (moderate) per day.


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