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How to remove black spots? + 6 home remedies


Black spots are dark spots that are caused by sun, boils, etc., and sometimes it is difficult to remove, but with the following home remedies you can easily remove them.

How to treat black spots with methods and homeopaths

What is hyperpigmentation or black spots?

Hyperpigmentation is a name of black spots and dark skin areas, dark spots like fleas and macs, and sunspot and blemishes. These fleas, macules and spots usually appear in the face of exposure to sunlight and other factors that have been mentioned in this section of damp health, and are sometimes hardly resolved.

Causes of black spots on face and body’s skin

What is the cause of black spots?

• Exposure to the sun causes color spots on the skin.

• Black spots, liver spots, and acne are created on areas of the skin that are more exposed to the sun.

• Some black and brown patches of skin develop after acne treatment .

• Pollution, traffic, and ultraviolet rays increase the amount of black and brown spots on the skin.

• Nitrogen oxide, which is related to contamination, causes black spots, especially on the species.

• The light of the computer screen, the TV and the unlatched fluorescent lights, after a while, create a spot in the skin.

• High levels of birth control hormones, especially estrogen and progesterone, also cause black spots.

How to get rid of black spots? What are the home and herbal remedies?

Homemade treatment of black spots

Method 1: Use lemon juice to treat black spots

Take lemon juice and place it in a container for 10 minutes. Apply a piece of cotton to lemon juice or place on black spots or place lemon juice directly on the skin for 10 to 15 minutes, then rinse it with water.

Do not exceed 15 minutes, as it can damage the skin. Moisturize the face. Do this every week so that if you have sensitive skin, mix lemon juice with rose water and glycerin , as follows.
Lemon Therapy is a method for removing black skin patches

Treatment of black spot with lemon

If you have a sensitive skin, rinse before using lemon, so that it does not damage the skin and do not dry the skin. The rose water also removes lemon juice and removes black spots. Glycerin neutralizes the dryness of lemon juice and hydrates skin.


• Fresh lemon juice, 1 tablespoon
• Rose water, 1 tbsp.
• Glycerin, 1 tbsp.


Combine fresh lemon juice with rose water and glycerin, instead of rose water, you can use refined water. Make a cotton cloth in solution and place it on the stains for 15 minutes. Then rinse it with water.

For treatment of black water stains potatoes use

Potato juice is a way to remove face spots

Potatoes include natural enzymes and starches and vitamin C , potato juice acts like a sweet scrub. It exfoliate the skin and eliminates dead skin cells, as well as black spots.


• Peeled potatoes
• Grateful

How to prepare:

• Step 1: Pour potatoes and grate them and pour into a bowl.
• Step 2: Remove potato juice. Apply on black spots.
• Step Three (Optional): Add a tablespoon of lemon juice and water to the bowl.

Lemon juice makes the skin clearer. Honey moisturizes the skin with lemon juice and keeps the skin hydrated and healthy and speeds up the treatment process. Soak a piece of cotton in the solution and place on black spots for 20 minutes and do it once a week.

Turmeric mask is a home remedy for removing black spots

Definite treatment of face mask with turmeric mask


• 1 tbsp. of turmeric
• 1 tbsp. of milk
• Half a teaspoon of fresh lemon juice

Combine all three ingredients, and place a solution of cotton on a black spot for 10 to 15 minutes. You can use a mild soap to rinse.

Oatmeal and tomatoes way to remove skin spots

Homemade methods to eliminate all kinds of facial stains

Oats are a strong peeling. Similarly, tomato and lemon pulp contains vitamin C , and tomatoes have a cooling effect, combining oats, both with improved peeling effect.


• Oatmeal a tablespoon
• Tomato pulp a tablespoon
• Lemon juice tbsp.

Combine all three together and apply the black spots according to the previous methods.

Aloe Vera is a strong anti-stomach for the face

Aloe Vera miracles on skin, both beauty and wellness eliminate spots by rebuilding skin cells. Continuous use this skin gel is hydrating. With a piece of cotton, put the aloe vera gel on the stains. Wait at least 15 minutes. Do this 2-3 times a week to get the desired result.

Treatment of dark facial stains with aloe vera gel

Tips for removing black spots

• Do not expose to sunlight after using lemon juice.

• Lemon juice makes the skin sensitive and vulnerable.

• Use a good sunscreen.

• Test your skin sensitivity before using the therapeutic material.

• Use fresh ingredients as much as possible.


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