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most important risks of lash extensions


The risks of allergic reaction to the adhesive of the eyelashes extension do not only summarize to the inner surface of eyelids, it can also cause permanent damage to your eyelashes also.

Today, extensions of eyelashes are very popular among young women and girls, because all women are aware of effect of having beautiful eyelashes on their beauty of face, so they use artificial eyelids in different occasions such as weddings, but using these artificial eyelashes is a bit hard and also it is time consuming, and most important factor is being temporary. Therefore, it is not applicable to use other than special ceremonies.


Some women tend to have long eyelids on normal days. Today, eyelash extension is the first option to have a beautiful eyelash. When you search of the word of eyelash’s extension on the Google, you are likely to face with advertisements of beauty salon, therefore you will face less likely to its health as well as risks of lash extensions.

In the remainder of this article, we will examine the dangers of extension of the eyelashes so along with us to read this article in the following.

“The risks of extension are not summarized in the allergic reaction to glue, but the erosion of the inner surface of the eyelid can also permanently damage your eyelids,” says Dr. Orly Avitzur.

Whether you are looking for an old extension or looking for fantasy versions, you will be charged hundreds of dollars in a hairdresser salon, but the risks of extending eyelashes are almost be the same in any situation. Here are five dangers situation of eyelash extension that you need to know:

Irritation and redness is the primary and most important risks of lash extensions

After eyelashes’ extension, you will usually feel burned around eye area and will find redness around your eyes or just above your eyes; most hairdressers believe that this condition will be disappear quickly and the eye will return to its original state. So, at the first glance, it may not be a significant risk because it is temporary, but in some people it may be persistent for a variety of reasons, and it is getting worse.

Inflammation and swelling are other dangers of eyelashes’ extension

Inflammation is one of the dangers of eyelash extension that women encounter after the wearing eyelash extension process. This inflammation may also be temporary in some women, and in some others it is annoying and become persistent.

Infection, Excessive Danger

Infection is an additive lesion of any disease. Dirty and bacteria lead serious infections, also it can include eye infections. As you know, the eye is one of the most important components of face and should always be taken care of.this part Extension causes eye infection. So, if you have a definite decision to extend your eyelashes, observe the minimum health and beauty requirements.

Allergy, the common risk of lash extension

A common risk of extension of eyelashes, allergies that are seen in many women. In fact, reactions occur in some of glues that contain formaldehyde, which can lead severe allergic reactions over time. So if you have seen allergies in the past, be sure to inform the hairdresser before wearing any extension of your eyelashes.

Loss of eyelash is the risk of lash extension

Also, one of the other risks of eyelashes’ extension, which is very important and dangerous, is the loss of eyelashes when suddenly one person realize that her eyelashes are completely thrown! What do you think at this time, how does a person feel?! Certainly we are regret about the extension of the eyelashes!

The stick used to extend the eyelashes can pull out your eyelashes. So this damage is very dangerous we recommend to consider the consequences, usually the eyelashes grow, but they vary from person to person and in some people may not grow at all.

Strange and scarce risk

But a surgeon warns fans of lash extensions. Dr. Keshini Parbhu of the ophthalmology center has stated that how lashes can absorb worms and ticks alone, especially if they are not well cleaned.

A woman named Ashley explained how after several times doing of lash extension occur with swollen eyes, pain and pruritus that she encountered and referred to a few ophthalmologists, which eventually, Dr. Parbhu detected that small worms in the eyelashes of this person Live! It may seem strange, but it happened.

“The worms go to a secreted bag base and feed on it,” Dr. Parbhu said. The danger happen because in the beauty salons, they do not properly clean their instruments.

How to avoid the dangers of eyelash extensions?

The easiest way to avoid risk of infection or eye irritation is to simply avoid lash extensions. Our experts say that if you need lilac and attractive lashes, use mascara instead of extensions.

But if you decide to extend your eyelashes, you should follow some important points which is stated in the following:

• Make sure your hairdresser has a valid certificate to do your eyelash extension.

• Check the ingredients used for glue used, such as formaldehyde.

• Make sure the hairdresser has good grooming, such as having full confidence in your hands and carefully wearing gloves.

• After extending the eyelash, see a doctor if there are any mild symptoms, especially if you see signs of infection, take it as soon as possible.

• The hairdresser should use a clean and disinfected tool to extend your eyelashes.

• Dr. Parbhu advises that supporters of lash extension should use tea tree oil.

After reading this article, you will also be confused of doing eyelash extensions. Most beauty and hairdressing practices are harmful to our health and require several hours of care that will cause illness and problems for those who are addicted to them but if we do not follow the health and issues. It may not be curable at all. As prevention is better than cure, you must think and research in the first place to avoid the consequences of what you want to do.



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