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Secret about Japanese Long Life


Perhaps for most people there is a question about why Japanese people have longer lives than other people in the world? one of the secrets of the long life of Japanese people is their different lifestyles.

14 Reasons about Secrets of Japanese lifestyle to have longer lives

It’s not a secret that people of the land of the sun have the longest life duration in the world. For many years, people in the West have studied Japanese and looked at them and saw that the Japanese have one of the least expectations of life and have longer life, but why? Although there is no definite answer to this question, years of scientific research and evidence have shown a number of reasons that we will continue to say in this section of Health in Namnak.

1. Secret Japanese long life is eating large amount of vegetables :

Traditionally, Japanese eat a lot of rice, vegetables and fish, and Japanese interested in soybeans and seaweed. So it is fermentation, in other words means that they do not have enough deficiency of vitamins, minerals and chemicals. Unfortunately, from the nineteenth century, there has been an increase of Western habits – cooked and chopped meat, and recently there has been white bread, refined sugar, and sweets in our country.

Things that will last a long life for people of Japan

2. They cook their delicious food differently:

Japanese dishes methods include steaming, grilling, boiling, frying, calming and fermented. They are also accustomed to have at least one bowl of soup and usually eat small dishes, with lots of vegetables and fish. The fiber is made from beans, rice, and it is very helpful for their diets.

3. Drinking too much tea is secret of Japanese long life:

While coffee is not necessarily bad, there is a huge culture to drink tea and also herbal one in Japan – and good Japanese tea contains more antioxidants than coffee.

This is especially true in Japanese tea: Matcha is a good 7 (and often expensive) powder tea that is made up of young juvenile leaves specifically intended to increase the content of chlorophyll and antioxidants by depriving them of sunlight.

4. Mysterious Japanese Life with Fresh Food:

Despite the large amount of agricultural land, there is no need to bring out food from very distant directions. In Japanese markets, food is not updated – but it happens every half hour.

People in Japan eat fresh food

5. Taking a small dish is one of the secrets of a long Japanese life:

The control of the plate is a traditional part of Japanese cuisine; customs are a large part of Japanese life, and part of it is the exact use of Chinese garlic, eating food from a small plate or bowl of rice, just drop the food every time and pour any food in a small bowl, never fill your hands completely, or do not use large dishes. In Okinawa, local residents say: “When you eat 80%, do not eat again.”

6. They walk, stand and nap more:

Traveling is part of the Japanese daily life; moreover climbing, going to the station, waiting for a train, standing by train, walking from station to work and living. Public transportation in Japan is a norm, and people with bikes and take the train – car is a luxury vehicle. Many employees, such as those in Conan, are standing. Even going to the toilet in Japan is different. While many western toilets are available, the old Japanese classmates’ toilets are a chestnut model, which is healthier for the intestines.

7. Morning workout is secrets of long life of Japanese people:

Japan literally has outdoor sports programs that take place every morning in massive groups. Most of these communities are Japanese, and there are few people of other nationalities; the obvious is the benefits – increased levels of exercise, Awareness and energy, with better flexibility and focus at work and school.

Reasons for long life of the Japanese people

8. Having Global Healthcare is another aspect of the Long Life of Japan:

Since the 1960s, Japan has had a mandatory health care system that only covers 8% of GDP (less than half that of the United States for its current system) and keeps people healthy. On average, Japanese people should visit doctors more than twelve times in a year for inspections.

9. They spend more time outdoors:

In addition to walking almost everywhere, eating with friends outside of house is done more than at home. Japan’s living spaces are relatively inexpensive, while restaurant prices are relatively inexpensive – so collecting people outdoors regularly happens, but Social cohesion and friendship are important for emotional health.

10. Japanese concentration on cleanliness:

The Japanese are obsessed with cleanliness and good for them; their cultural methods are based largely on Shintoism traditions, which is largely a concept of purification. In Japan, it is not unusual for people to go to the bathroom twice a day. Public baths are ordinary things, and the instructions and rules within them are accurate.

The Japanese people are very focused on cleanliness

11. Use Seafood is Mysteries part of Japan’s Long Life:

Seafood has great importance for Japanese; in fact, the traditional Japanese cuisine is ‘Vashoko’, which was included in December 2013 as part of an unlimited cultural heritage list. Fish are an essential ingredient in traditional Japanese dishes.

The Japanese do not really enjoy drinking or eating lot of calories. Instead, they like to eat and enjoy a lot of vegetables, fish and rice; eating seaweed that is rich in nutrients is an important part of daily food. They are, according to statistics, Japan consumes about 100,000 tons of seaweed per year.

12. Do not eat dairy products.

Japanese do not consume dairy products; although non-fat milk is very healthy, but many people drink 1% milk and 2% drink it. What they cannot tolerate lactose, Japanese people really do not really get dairy life during their life, they are mostly fans of bread or meat.

13. They prefer rice instead of bread:

Rice (steamed) is eaten in almost everywhere in Japan. This means they do not consume processed foods, including bread which is made of refined flour or versatile flour that can disrupt digestive system.

The importance of nourish diet in lifestyle of people of Japan

14. The importance of breakfast is the secrets of long life of Japanese people:

For Japanese, breakfast is the most important meal of the day; you already know the importance of eating a healthy breakfast. They start their days with a variety of dishes, including vegetables, rice, soups, eggs and essential drinks – green tea.


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