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What are the side effects of plumes?



Dried plums are favorite by most people, but you should be aware that eating plums is risky.

Side Effect of Eating Plumes

Dried plum is a delicious and popular product that, with all its benefits, should not be overused because it causes problems. As in the previous sections that we discussed about the benefits of dried plums which has high in fiber and you can use it into your dessert added or water they consume – but remember that the value limit using of them.
The adverse effects of dried plums that we discuss in this post can be quite unpleasant. And you do not want to experience them. Continue reading this section of Namank find out what we’re talking about.

What are the side effects and effects of dry prunes?

1. The dangers of acrylamide:

Dried plums have a high concentration of acrylamide, which are carcinogens and neurotoxins. Acrylamide is not found naturally in normal foods, except when cooked with temperatures above 100 ° C. According to the Food and Agriculture Organization, the amount of acrolamide required to damage neuropathic which is about 500 times daily food intake.
Therefore, taking dry plum is relatively safe. However, Carcinogenesis there is a concern that when diced plums are given to experimental animals a lot, they are very carcinogenic.

Side effects of dry plum

2. Dried plums can cause diarrhea:

The insoluble fiber in the prune will cause diarrhea or worse diarrhea. That’s why when you have diarrhea you should avoid them. There are also special cases of people who experience diarrhea after taking prunes and lemon juice. This can be attributed to the lacticidal properties of plums. They are lactate naturally, because they contain a lactic acid compound which is called sorbitol. Therefore, an uncontrolled dose or excessive eating of this fruit can easily lead to diarrhea. Some sources also talk about intolerance of fructose in many people, which can lead to suffer stomach cramps and diarrhea. Prunes have a lot of sugar that can cause such a problem.

3. Dried plums can cause weight gain:

6 dried plums contain 137 calories and 22 grams of sugar. This is a bit higher than this. And taking a cup of plum juice contains about 185 calories. The fiber in the fruit can weight loss aid, but its excessive consumption can have the opposite effect.
Prunes are also high in Glycemic (in any particular food increases the amount of glucose person). This means that dried plums can raise the level of blood sugar which take higher than other fruits.

Weight gain by eating plum

4. Dried plums can help the problem of lying affection:

Dried plums are mainly used as laxatives. However, people who suffer from constipation should not rely entirely on plum to clear their digestive system. This can lead to laxative dependence after a certain period, which can worsen the situation and cause problems.

5. Dried plums can cause gas and bloating:

Plum sticks contain complex carbohydrates and sugars that are not completely digested in the digestive system. So when the sugars arrive at the clone, bacteria start feeding these carbohydrates. These bacteria are responsible for bowel gas . It can also lead to wind out. It can help you before you eat plum, which reduces the intestinal gas by breaking the complex carbohydrates before reaching your stomach.

Dried plum causes gas and bloating

6. Dried plums can make the stool black:

The plum is rich in iron and, like many other iron-rich foods, can be faded if they are overexploited.
Dried plums have a set of special side effects, but you can still eat them at moderate levels.


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