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Sleep and Transparent Skin


If you sleep late or sleep on the wrong pillow, you will immediately see the feedback of bad sleep the next day. If you want to have the best skin, you should know the best time and sleep mode.

Best sleep time to keep your skin healthy

Enough Sleep is very beneficial for the health and well-being of the body, and it also helps to brighten and shine the skin, so if you want to have a beautiful skin and your skin does not get aged early, take care of your sleep and sleep as much as possible. . Do you know what time is good to sleep at night to keep our skin clear? To find this question, get along with this section of Namnak.

What is the best time for skin to sleep?

Sleep in these hours to keep your skin healthy

Perhaps hours you sleep are the best time to help your skin, because when you sleep, your body metabolism will be decreased, so it can caused less effect of formation of harmful skin free radicals. In addition, you are not exposed to contamination of Peripheral or ultraviolet radiation that can damage the skin at night, moreover our bodies do not have to protect the skin and instead can focus on restoring and curing damage of our skin.

Best sleep time to have a healthy skin

To have a beautiful clear skin, it’s not enough to only be loyal to a specific schedule for sleeping throughout the week, it means that we have to have certain time for our sleep at night. The best time to sleep is among 11 pm up to 7 am, and those who sleep at night late or early 11 am, and do not wake up in the morning at 7:00, are prone to suffer from skin aging.

If the starting time for sleep changes for 2 or 3 hours, even if the duration of sleep is sufficient, the health of the skin is not guaranteed.

The best and worst time of sleep for face skin

Follow these tips to keep your skin hydrated before bedtime

1. Another aspect that affects the skin of the face is the sleep mode. The worst night-sleep conditions that accelerate the aging of the skin is to sleep on the face, in which case the skin is compressed and blood circulation is not enough. Therefore, the skin of the face will be damaged and wrinkled when you sleep on the face. The best modes for sleep to keep your skin refreshed is to sleep is using2 pillows under your head to keep blood circulation.

Best time and sleep mode for young skin

2. Wash your face before bedding and remove the makeup from it, and try to rub your face cleaner with rotational movements for a few minutes every night, and then rinse it thoroughly. This has a great effect on the transparency of your skin.

The best time to sleep for the skin and the secret of skin rejuvenation

3. The first harmful agent for closing the pores of the skin are dirty bedsheets and pillow that can be a place of oil, dirt and bacteria of accumulation, so it is better to wash or replace them once or twice a week to keep your skin young.

4. Long-term use of rough pillow can cause wrinkles, damage collagens and cause acne. It is recommended to use silk or satin pillows, because it reduce the sign of ironing and wrinkle on your skin of face.

Best sleep time for women’s skin transparency

Best and suitable sleep time for beautiful and young skin

5. Find one mask that suits your skin and moisten your skin before bedtime. Many of these products have a remarkable effect on keeping your skin fresh and soft.

6. The best way to not damage your skin is to tighten your hair with hairpin but do not do this very tightly and it is recommended to be loose when you sleep, because when you do not tying your hair, especially if it is not clean, causes oil to be spread over to the pillow and move to your skin.

7. Do not drink water before bedtime, as it causes the morning to wake up with puffy face.

8. Do your breathing exercises before bedtime, as deep breathing before bedtime helps to boost the oxygen supply to the brain, lungs and cells of the body, and helps rejuvenate the skin during sleep.


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