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To have soften and smooth skin make a parsley soap+ methods


People who are interested in beauty and rejuvenation of face skin use herbal methods such as parsley soap to solve darkness and acne of skin for a long time.

How to produce parsley soap to eliminate face acne?

Parsley soap is a useful herbal cleansing that used as a beauty product that is used to cure acne, whitening skin and adjusting PH of ideal skin. In the following of Namnak section, we considered the ingredients, procedures and usage of it.

Fundamental benefits of Parsley soap

It can be refined blood circulation and reshuffling cells.
By using this soap regularly, thick layer of anti-oxidants produced to prevent the effect of UV rays and also it can avoid early aging of skin.

Parsley has anti-inflammation feature and it can reduced itching and allergies also it can block the changes of color and texture of skin.

This plant is rich of Vitamin C that stimulate producing collagen and Allastin. These two elements keep skin fresh and succulent.
This vegetable has whitening and reconstructing features and after absorption reduce dark spots.

Beautifying and smoothing skin of face with Parsley soap

Procedure of making parsley soap
To obtain a better result, you have to use 100% herbal product

The fundamental and core goal of using parsley soap is eliminating stain but also it is useful for sensitive and facial diseases. Parsley will effect on the skin gradually; in other words, it do not effect suddenly so you have to be patient to obtain desired result.

Ingredients of parsley soap at home

• Half cup of brewed parsley

• Half cup of green tea

• 2 tablespoon of milk powder

• 2 tablespoon of oats

• 2 tablespoon of honey

• 6 tablespoons of glycerin soap


You need a wooden spoon and a bowl, for producing this soap.
Boil fresh leaves of parsley with half cup of water, and after cooling dub the mixture to prepare parsley sodden.

Then pour parsley sodden, milk powder, honey and oat in a bowl and mix them with wooden spoon to have a creamy and smooth mixture.
After that melt glycerin soap in another bowl and put it to cool a little and mix with creamy mixture.
Pour the mixture closed bubble and let to solidify it and after that use it.

How should we use parsley soap?

1. Wash your face with cool water

2. Because this soap is natural and herbal and it does not have additive materials, this soap cleaned with water so soon, though moisturize your hands and then rub soap to make a bubble and become foamy.

3. Be sure that do not wear any kind of cosmetic and makeup on the face

4. Rub soap on the face and wait for about 5 minutes to maintain on your skin of face

5. Wash your face with cold water, Use this soap four times in a week

6. Use moisturizing cream and sunscreen as a supplementary for this soap


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