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Reason and 17 methods of solving men’s alopecia


Most men, before they reach the age of 50, are suffering from hair loss that can solve this problem by hair care, a healthy diet, and referral to a specialist.

What causes hair loss in men? What are the treatment and prevention methods?

There are many perceptions about the factors that cause hair loss in men. These perceptions can often be confusing for people who are suffering from hair loss, and it’s very important for every man to look for a cure before they go. To help men who have a hair loss problem, in this part of Namnak have explained the root and causes of hair loss, and some rumors about why men also have suffered hair loss problems. Also, the treatment methods for this annoying male problem have stated.

Hair loss in men Causes and treatments

The main causes of hair loss in men and 3 patterns or patterns of male hair loss:


In most cases, the cause of hair loss in men or the pattern of male hair loss is orogenic. Men’s hair begins to fall back, just after puberty, the higher the age of the male, the trend and about 20% of men, about the age of twenty, show signs of hair loss. This figure is 40% at 40s and 50% at the age of 50. Three factors are related to the pattern of male eruptions, the gene, hormone, time.

Although male pattern are genetically inherited from one parent, it has not yet been proved how this bony gene has been transmitted. For example, a family member may have a toothache problem, while another has a very tight hair. It is likely that you are a carrion gene, but you do not have this problem, and I believe it is acceptable that you may have inherited your totality more than your mother’s side. It is important to remember that the tartar gene alone cannot cause you to lose weight, hormones and time are things that give the gene that able to show itself.

The cause of hair loss and treatment


Dihydrotestosterone or DHT is a hormone associated with testosterone, which is responsible for setting up the bony process, and this hormone develops when testosterone reacts to the alpha-reductase 5 enzyme when hair follicles are exposed to DHT They begin to shrink, hair that grows from these follicles is thinner and shorter, and after a while, the growth of all hair produced from these follicles stops. Men, usually when they notice hair loss, more than half of the hair is exposed to DHT in a specific area.


The effect of DHT on the hair follicles does not occur overnight. It takes a while to hormone affect the hair follicle and show its effect, the presence of DHT, the person’s gene, and age all make hair loss how fast is it happening? Men with severe hair loss lose most of their hair before the age of 30, while the rest of the men do not see problems until the late 30’s or 40’s. In general, those who have trouble they have a male pattern, they will notice slow or fast hair loss or hair loss periods without hair loss.

What is the main cause of hair loss in men?

Men’s fall with Norourd Pattern System:

This is a system to help segregate losing of human hair in men, this system simply shows the different stages of the male pattern. The system has two basic patterns of hair loss, one that begins with a scapegoat, and another starts from the head of the head. Concepts about the Causes and Effective Factors of Hair Loss in Men: Which Rumors Are Really? Now that we have projected the causes of hair loss in men, we can reject any false or rumored beliefs.

Causes of hair loss in men

Weak circulation:

Poor circulation in the head is not the cause of men’s hair loss. If this is the case, the hair that has been grafted has never grown, as you can see in the previous results of hair transplant, most of the time the hair has been grafted.

Hat and helmet:

Wearing a hat usually does not cause hair loss if it is not tight and does not cause friction. This may have been due to the fact that most men who have hair loss have hats, but it is not true.

Definitive treatment of hair loss in men

Poor Scalp Health:

This hypothesis has not been proven by any scientific evidence, and if that were the case, those who live in poorer countries, where washing is less common, should all be bald. It could also mean, people have had a hair loss problem at one point, they are planning to not apply that part of the head and shampoo, which is, of course, impossible.

Scalp overhead:

With poor scalp, it’s also true that men have had a hair loss even before shampooing and regular shampoos are taken as a normal work, and there is no evidence to prove that since as men began to wash their hair permanently, the number of people suffering from hair loss has increased.

Permanent use of hairdryer:

Incorrect use of the hair dryer may cause burning and falling hair. Except for extreme cases, new hair grows from follicles and replaces burned hair.

Solutions to hair loss treatment in men


Anxiety can cause hair loss, but it is believed that anxiety can cause a type of hair loss called telogen effluvium, without the presence of a pattern of male pattern loss, because of the anxiety of hair loss. But this type of falling, like the pattern of hair loss, is irreversible.

Thyroid problems:

Your thyroid may be relatively small, but thyroid is the main contributor to your metabolic functions. Hypothyroidism is a common and clear problem that suggests your thyroid is low, which can cause a variety of health problems. To be (Like cancer)


There are so many infections associated with hair loss, one of which is a fungal infection. Do not worry, unlike the name it has no cream, but there are fungi that can be fairly anywhere body grows like the skin on the inside of the head and causes hair loss in the parts.

Poor diet:

That a poor diet can cause many health problems, including poor hair, is not hidden at all. As the daily Mail of England points out, the hair is made from protein, so if no protein is in your diet, this news bad hair loss can also be a sign of iron deficiency or vitamin C.

Good and healthy diet

Men’s hair loss treatment medication

While many medications reach the goal they are used for, there are side effects that hair loss is one of them. Everyday health mentions a variety of medications that cause hair loss, such as blood thinners, heart palpitations and anti-depressants.

Treatments for Men’s Hair Loss:

1. Medications:

(It is advisable to consult your doctor in order to avoid complications such as exacerbation of hair loss)
The Food and Drug Administration of the United States has approved two medicines to treat male pattern baldness:

Monoxide (Roigin): Ruby is available in liquid and foam on the counters. For hair growth and hair loss, use it twice daily on the scalp.

Finasteride: Finasteride is taken as a pill and is taken twice a day. It can only be bought with prescription. For both of these medications, it may take a year to see the result, and you should continue to take these medications to stay intact.

Drug treatment to relieve hair loss

2. Hair transplantation the best way to treat hair loss

Two important steps in hair transplantation are follicular implantation and hair follicle harvesting.
Hair follicle planting (FUT): This is a more traditional method, and the part of the skin behind it, where there are a lot of hair, is removed, and hair is again placed in the parts of the head that has hair loss. .
Hair follicle hair removal (FUE): In this method, the hair follicle is removed straight from the skin of the head of hair and is planted on the hairless parts of the head.

Important: Refer to specialist and approved centers for hair transplantation.

3. Therapeutic laser:

Laser therapy is known as a method that reduces swelling in hair follicles that has stopped hair growth. Little research has been done on the effect of laser on hair loss, but a study in 2016 has been suggested that low-level laser therapy is safe and effective in treating the pattern of men’s downfall, and further research is required.

The cause of men’s hair loss and treatment with medication

4. Leave the cigarette:

If you are a smoker, you may have heard of all the negative effects that smoking has on your health, but do you know that smoking causes hair loss at the top of the facial wrinkles and premature hair gray hair? There is a relationship between smoking and hair loss. If you want to prevent baldness, smoking cessation is a good idea.

5. Scalp massage:

Head massage is not only a great sensation, it also helps to solve hair loss. Scalp massage stimulating hair follicles. In a small study, healthy Japanese men, who for 24 weeks massage scurf, eventually thicker hair 4 minutes a day.

Scalp massage for the treatment of baldness in men

6. Oils:

There is some evidence that mint oil helps to grow hair. Rosemary oil has traditionally been used to increase blood circulation in the scalp. According to an investigation in 2013, rosemary leaves extract will increase hair rebound in mice he does. Coconut oil, castor oil, and olive oil are also highly recommended, but research on their benefits is limited to hair growth.

7. A balanced diet:

• A good balanced diet can put your hair at its best. Make sure your diet includes vegetables, fruits, whole wheat, unsaturated fats and low protein, and restrict the intake of sweets to your body. Vitamins and minerals are also linked to your hair health in a private way. Try to bring these kinds of foods into your diet. Rich foods in iron, such as low-fat beef, beans, green leafy vegetables, rich wheat with iron, and eggs.

• Foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids, such as salmon, gutted fish, tuna, flaxseed, egg yolk, cannabis and walnuts.

• High-protein foods: eggs, low-fat meals, seafood

A good diet for the treatment of hair loss

8. Saw palm:

Palm tree is an herb that has berries and is often part of the treatment that is used to grow enlarged prostate. While research on the effects of palm ears on hair loss treatment is very limited, a study has a positive effect on men who have been treated with topical formulation.

9. Biotin:

Biotin is a naturally occurring vitamin found in these foods: nuts, sweet potatoes, eggs, onions and oats. There is some evidence that using biotin supplements reduces the severity of hair loss, but more research has been done on women.

10. Onion water:

Research in 2002 shows that using onion water, as a topical treatment, in people who have fractionated hair loss in different areas, has a more surprising result in hair growth than milk water.

Onion juice to treat hair loss

11. Improvement:

Frosting, also called the fake sunburst, is a sun-blooming sun that is renowned in traditional Indian medicine (Io Worda) as a plant that promotes hair growth. Research on mice has shown that plant extracts, Monoxide has a better effect on hair growth than menopause, although more research is needed to confirm these effects on humans.

12. Green Tea:

Another herbal remedy that claims hair loss is green tea. A study on polyphenolic compound mice has shown that green tea is a natural remedy for treatment of hair loss, but any human research to confirm this effects have been done.

13. Okra flower:

Chinese extinction in India is widely used to grow hair. Research on mice has shown positive effects, but no research has been done on humans.

Avoid hair loss in men

14. be gentle with your hair:

Trying to comb and shape your hair so that you can be gentle, twisting the hair and tightening the hair continuously can lead hair loss. If you are worried about hair loss, you will avoid:

• Harsh hairstyles , tissue gasses, hemorrhoids, hair weavers and rabbit breasts

• Hot Oil Treatments

• The chemicals used permanently grind and straighten the hair

• Hot iron or straightener

• Glitter your hair

If you have to use a chemical or bleach on your hair, be sure to help a professional and do not do it yourself at home.

What are the main causes of hair loss in men and what is the role of inheritance in it?

15. Give testimony:

Besides genetics, there are several medical conditions that can cause hair loss. You can manage your hair loss by treating these hidden conditions. The following conditions can cause hair loss:

• Diabetes

• Tuberculosis

• Lick disease (blemishes found on the skin)

• Sarcoidosis (swelling in the lungs and skin and bone)

• Scalp psoriasis (due to pruritus of the scalp )

• Loss of hair in a piece

• Thyroid problems

• Eddie disorders (due to poor nutrition)

• Anemia and iron deficiency

• Hair dysfunction, which is known as a hair loss syndrome due to psychological pressure.

• Celiac disease

• Syphilis (due to sex infections)

If you have any of these conditions, or if there are other signs of hair loss, be sure to consult your hairdresser and get treatment you need. As your condition improves, your hair loss situation will also get better.

The cause of male malice and preventing it

16. Reduce your anxiety:

Anxiety really creates problems in your body that your hair also involves. Hair loss can be caused by a life of distress.

Solutions to reduce anxiety:

• Regular exercise

• Listen to music

• Yoga and Meditation (deep thinking)

• Sufficient sleep is also very necessary.

• 17. Stop or change your medications:

• Some of our dermatology, in particular, lead to hair loss, such as:

• Chemotherapy and Radiation Therapy

• Blood diluents

• Drugs for treating depression

• High pressure treatment drugs

• Heart medications

• Drugs for the treatment of gout

• Isotretinoin (Akutan) Acne treatment


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