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Straighten your hair with hair straightener, not with hair ironing


Those who have normal or curly hair, know how they feel they are always looking for hair for having bare hair! Hair is one of the easiest and earliest ways to have a sleek and smooth hair. But in the long run it can damage the hair.

Even when used with heat protection products, the hair is still in danger of drying and losing its natural texture. If you use hair straighteners once a week, it is still necessary to rest your hair occasionally and leave ironing.

Hair curlers allow you to perfectly smooth them without worrying about burning your hair. As if they were flattened in the barbershop! But how do we do that?

Step 1 :

Wash your hair with a hair straightening shampoo and rinse thoroughly . Shampoos containing keratin and Argon oil are the best type of shampoo because they hold hair cuticles for a durable, firmly and smooth hair.

Step 2 :

Apply a strong softener to your hair from root to tip, and let it stay for 5 minutes . Then completely rinse your hair. Choose a product based on oil to prevent moisture.

Step 3 :

Use a microfiber towel and gently squeeze your hair to remove moisture . This creates excess moisture without causing drowsiness.

Step 4 :

Apply the anti-wrinkle serum from the middle to the end of your hair as much as a coin .

Step 5 :

Shave your hair from root to tip with a coarse shoulder to open hair nodes and make cosmetics evenly spread throughout the hair .

Step 6 :

Remove a 5 cm section of your hair, put a large coat on the hair’s ends and roll it over to the scalp . Use 5 to 8 centimeters curls to get better.

Step 7 :

If necessary, use a hair clip to keep the curls on your head . Thicker hair often needs clips to remain steady.

Step 8 :

Turn all the hair with a curler . Use 5 cm divisions.

Step 9 :

Allow your hair to dry completely . Note: All hair humidity should be evaporated to make the hair completely smooth.

Step 10 :

When the hair is dry, open the curtains . Gently brush the hair with a natural-made gel to make it smoother.

Step 11 :

Place an anti-moisture spray can in a distance of 25 cm from your head and cover your hair from root to tip to preserve the hair condition .


Daily use of hairdryer and hair straightener to smooth hair, eventually damages the hair. In addition, always use a heat-resistant spray before pulling off the hair dryer.


Thick hair is dried later than thin hair. In these cases, make your hairline at night to save time. To speed up the process of drying your hair, gently lift your hair roots up to the tip of your fingers before wrapping the curls.

Tools Required:

Deep softener
Microfiber towel
My blood counter
Coarse shoulder blade
Hair clip
And anti-moisture spray


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