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Symptoms of Nervous Overeating


It is heard such a sentence a lot; when I am angry and nervous I eat more than usual and maybe you suffer from this problems. Specialist call this situation Bulimia. So some symptoms of nervous overeating should worry you.

Sign of nervous overeating that threat your health

Overeating and nervous anorexia are both two disorder that cause in nutrition and diet of people. In anorexia patients would be limited the amount of food severely but in other hand in nervous overeating patients could not be able to control their eating and they have had more appetite to eat food.

Symptoms of Nervous Overeating in Men and Women

As it stated above, nervous overeating is a disorder in your appetite that patient like to eat more but most of the time it has not a real and sever sign in reality and it cause in the imagination, therefore it is more common in women instead of men. But this not mean that men do not suffer this disorder at all it means that it is occur less in men than women.

One and half percent of American women suffer from nervous overeating but it is not visible and there is not any sign to recognize. These women is faced it more and we will talk about the symptoms of nervous overeating in this part of Namnak.

Symptoms of nervous overeating that should be worried about it


One of the sign of this disorder is eating large amount of food in a very short time until you regurgitation because the usage of laxative and urinary food is more in this kind of nervous overeating. It should be mentioned that recognition of disorder symptoms is not very easy because this disease ac very smart and it looks normal due to normal weight of patient you cannot suspect that this kind of eating is the symptoms of disorder and unlike people who suffer anorexia they have capability to eat large amount of food and they have negative imagination about their body and shape of their body in their mind.

Overeating cause tooth problems

Permanent eating and depend on overeating can cause problems for tooth such as tooth enamel damage, tooth decay, toothache, tooth disorder and reduce saliva that cause some problems in swallow food. Also it cause several regurgitation because of tooth damage.

When you visit your dentist, he can recognize this disorder and research shown that 16% of dentist and 28% of Health of Mouth Specialist recognize this nervous overeating disorder.

Affect and sign of nervous overeating on tooth

Dehydrate and lack of Electorate Balance in Body

Dehydration is happen because of regurgitationing for so many times or using lots of laxative foods that cause lack of electorate balance in body. According to the research on 168 patients who suffer from nervous overeating, about 82 patient suffer electorate deficiency in their body balance but you have to know that electorate mineral in our body is very essential for our health because it play an important role on muscles activity. So this lack of electorate balance in body would be dangerous because body eliminate potassium and one sign of this disorder is irregular heartbeat.

Temper Disorder is Effect of Overeating

Depression and also anger disorder can face patients to suffer from depression illness and those who suffer from them may quirk overeating. In recent research of children’s disorder may cause to start overeating. Anger can be cause of overweight due to their overeating and these people have been suffer temper disorder more than normal people.

One of sign of anger is overweight due to overeating

Overeating can cause stomach and gut problems

In overeating stomach is the last part of the body that can suffer from this disorder and most of the time it may cause stomachache and cramps, so it cause to unload the extra amount of food. In other hand by unloading food stomach acid that pour more caused some stomach and gut problems and it can cause bleeding stomach inflammation. These people also have ulcer and overeating can affect the movement of stomach and it may cause diarrhea or constipation.

Overeating cause menstruation disorder

Overeating can limit the nutrition food in our body and it can cause some disordered of menstruation in girls and women also it can be worsen the situation by depression, anger and other psychological disorder

Overeating effect on skin

Nervous overeating can have effected on callus, graze and also bruise on hands and fingers. This happens when overeating stimulate regurgitation, eye bleeding and face gaze.


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