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The Best Ways To Treat Urinary Infections


Urinary infections in women lead bladder inflammation and in men lead to their pre-urine inflammation, the most common symptoms of it are frequent and painful urination and pain of the genital area to the back of the womb and a urgency sense in urination.


Using a lot water intake can lead to have more and better urine excretion and, if water is consumed less, the color of the urine is thickened and causes the formation of various grains and stones in the urinary tract and burning of the urethra is a consequence of it. This condition provides the growth of bacterial creatine bacterium urealyticum the conditions, and this bacterium provides urine alkaline for favorable conditions of the formation of kidney stones infectious, so control infection is the best factor in the prevention of infectious to make stones in people with chronic urinary tract infections. Therefore, in addition to treat using herbal plants and fruits, the chemical treatment of this disease is the use of antibiotics such as cotrimaxazole, nitrofurantoin, cefalosiburine and penicillin, which dose and duration of each of these should be consulted with the physician.

Urinary tract infections in women lead to suffer from inflammation of the bladder and in men lead to their pre-inflammation urine, and the most common symptoms of it are frequent and painful urination and pain from the genital area to the back of the womb and a sense of urgency in urination. This feeling occurs when the bladder is empty.

Therapeutic methods

* Orange contains enough minerals, especially potassium, leads an increase in the amount of urine, thereby eliminating toxins which is present in the body, so it can prevent infections of the body, in particular urinary tract infections, and the person becomes joyous and vibrant.

* boiled Corn, soothing urinary tract pain, repulsive kidney and bladder stones, as well as relieving inflammation.

* Pomegranate juice is one of the best juice that can be used to treat and cure urinary tract infections.

* Turnip is urinogenic.

* Cinnamon is a kidney booster.

* Brewed bean flower repels the kidney stone.

* Brewed mushroom plant is useful.

* Boiled lavender plant is urinating.

* Water is a stinging urinary tract and repellant of kidney stones.

* Celery and take 3 times a day. Each serving is a glass.

* The blend of herbs is useful, beneficial and helpful.

* Boil-shaped root of the abdominophora that prevents urinary tract infections.

* Brewed vaginal bag plant removes bladder inflammation.

* Pumpkin seeds treat bladder wounds and heal the burning of the urinary tract.

* A small amount of apple cider vinegar will keep you from getting urine as well as urinary tract infection.

Aggravated factors of urinary tract infection

The presence of infection in different parts of the genitourinary tract and the presence of a disease (loss of body resistance) can be the most important factor.

In women, factors such as stress, wearing tight clothing without changing the air, increasing sexual activity, using bubble baths or using Jacuzzi and keeping urine for a long time is effective in exacerbating the infection.


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