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Thick Hair with Cinnamon


The use of cinnamon has been popular for a long time among people who interested in traditional medicine to have thick hair, the provision of home-made hair masks with this spice can help to prevent hair loss.

4 Cinnamon prescription for having beautiful and strong hair

Cinnamon is useful for hair, in addition to strengthening tissue and onions, it can be used as a beauty mask also. There are many treatments with cinnamon to improve health of hair that we select and use the simplest of them. If we want to name the best mask of cinnamon for strengthening and beauty of hair, surely we will name the mask of honey and cinnamon or cinnamon and eggs, the extraordinary homemade masks that we will continue to use in skin and hair section of Namnak.

The best way to use cinnamon for strengthening and beauty of hair

1- Deep cleansing of hair with honey and cinnamon Masks:

Cinnamon helps skin to be clean deeply, in other hand honey is a natural nutrient material. This treatment is ideal for people who have a greasy scalp. It is recommended to people who suffer from dry and dandruff, Use this mask twice a month .

We love this cinnamon mask for two reasons because:

Only have 2 ingredients include cinnamon and honey that are not very expensive
And you will see the changes immediately after use.


4 tbsp. of cinnamon
2 tbsp. of honey
1 cup of warm water

How to prepare:

Combine all ingredients into a bowl to make a paste; after massage your hair gently with a shampoo, gently massage the mask; wash the hair with warm water after 20 minutes, and dry it and, as usual, comb.

The golden combination of cinnamon and honey for hair

2- Cinnamon mask and egg to prevent hair loss.

Eggs contain protein and antioxidants. These two elements are critical to maintain hair. Cinnamon is a good stimulant for hair growth because cinnamon helps to circulate blood in the skin. This work is completed with rosemary. Also, do not worry about the bad odor of the egg because cinnamon is deducted the smell. Use this mask at least once a week because the main function of this mask is preventing hair loss.


3 cups of water
6 Shrubs of Rosemary
1/4 cup cinnamon

How to prepare:

Boil the rosemary shrubs in the water and allow them to remain in the same container, stir the eggs well to make a cream, add cinnamon and mix well. Massage the prepared mask uniformly for 5 minutes on the hair and let it stay for 10 minutes. Then rinse with rosemary water.

Treat hair loss and thicken hair with cinnamon and egg mask

3- Treating cinnamon and olive oil for the treatment of dandruff and hair loss caused by hair dye:

Is your hair look unhealthy or is it a buzz? Is it inappropriate? In each case, we suggest to cure your problems with the following treatments that stated here. You should know:

This treatment is mainly recommended for dry hair. This prescription prevents damage caused by dyeing of hair and dandruff and stimulates the glands of the head to become wet naturally.


3 ounces of olive oil
2 cinnamons

How to prepare:

Pour olive oil into the pan and put it on a low heat to become warm. Then add the cinnamon and stir in a rope. When the ingredients are combined, put on the wet hair. Use comb to put a mask on all part of your hair. If the damage of hair is superficial wait about 20 minutes, and if it is intense, put it overnight, then rinse it with warm water.

Treatment of damaged and dyed hair with cinnamon mask and olive oil

4. Homemade Cinnamon & Moisturizing Mask: A Natural Softener:

Mayonnaise is known to have brilliant and shiny hair, so use it to remove the irritation and dryness of your hair.


1 tbs. of cinnamon
1 tbs. Mayonnaise
5 drops of rose water

How to prepare:

Combine mayonnaise and cinnamon then add rose water, comb hair then wear mask on the head finally wash your hair with water and shampoo.


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