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Treat Constipation


Constipation treatment

What is constipation? Normally, when you eat food, your teeth start their working in a way that they cut the food into small pieces and then you swallow these parts and slope to your stomach. . Food is digested in the stomach by the help of the stomach juice and then go to intense. During this process, the nutrients in the food are absorbed by the intestines and enter to the bloodstream. These nutrients marched about 0/5 centimeters per minute after about 8 hours after digestion progress, and whatever they do not absorb, formed stool and finally go to the colon.

The glands of colon have taken water of fecal out and thousands of bacteria feed on these debris. The intestinal contractions of the intestine passes thorough the stool to the right intestine (rectum). In fact, food reaches the end of the line between twenty to forty hours after consumption. If you have stool less than three times a week, it should be stated that you suffer from constipation. Usually this happen more in elderly people because of their less body mobility and more medicines that can exacerbate the problem. Constipation is also common among pregnant women.

Constipation is assumed “Mother of Diseases” in the perspective of the traditional medicine. That’s why when you go to traditional medicine professionals, one of the first questions they ask is, “Does your abdominal work well?”
even It is said that many psychiatric’ disorders, rumors, anger, etc. are also occurred because of constipation, so to have healthy living, it is necessary to treat and prevent constipation, but sometimes constipation is resistant toward conventional treatments, and even with the use of laxatives it does not cured. Then what is the remedy in this situation? In this article we will discuss about this problems.

Eat appropriate food!

Eat appropriate food in appropriate situation! Improper nutrition, consuming dry foods and noncompliant foods are another reasons for get infected of constipation. In addition, should pay attention to the amount of food consumption in every region of the country. For example, if Mazandaran do not consume rice, they will suffer from constipated, while people of Tehran may get constipation by eating rice, or if fish are eaten in Mazandaran, it will not cause problems, in other hand if this food is consumed in Yazd, it may lead to constipation and bloating.

Fight with constipation by walking!

Fight with constipation thorough walking! One of the main causes of constipation is lack of exercise and workout. According to Bu-Ali Sina, if you exercise continuously, you will never get constipated. Of course, heavy and hard exercise is not meant, because some exercises can cause constipation by themselves. The best physical activity is to relieve constipation, walking, biking, and abdominal muscle boosting. Exercising outdoor is a natural form of laxative and prevents constipation.

Fast Eating cause’s constipation

You have to chew every morsel 30 times! Fast eating causes thirst and constipation, and slowly chewing and eating can help preventing constipation, have obesity and fatty liver also. So it’s best to chew your morsel 30 to 40 times every meal and then swallow. This will cause early satiety, reduced intake of food and have a better digestion of food. In addition, it is advisable not to eat unless you are hungry. Eating different foods with together also causes indigestion.

Do not postpone excrement to prevent constipation!

Do not postpone stooling! To prevent constipation, you need to stool at certain times. Most people apply this advice for their children, telling them that they will go stooling before sleep-time and after waking up in the early morning, but they will not apply this device for themselves, while postponing the practice of disposing and keeping the excrement in the body can cause constipation and causes several problems. Drinking enough liquids can also help to relieve constipation. In cold seasons, it is recommended to drink a bottle of boiling water in the morning. This action causes a lint.

Modify your nutrition

In traditional medicine, it is believed that consuming some foods such as eggplant, lentils, smoked meats, salty fish, sweets, coffee, chocolate, dark tea, spicy vegetable, sour and astringent food such as bergamot, fast food and prepared foods, as well as Ice water can cause constipation. On the other hand, foods like Esfidbag (Broth Chicken and Meatballs with vegetables like spinach and pumpkin, etc.) has a warm nature and moisturize the intestines.

Chicken meat also make the stomach soak and soften. On the other hand, consuming chicken with cinnamon, almonds, olive and celery, filling chicken with vegetables and rooster soup with sweet almond oil helps to relieve constipation. In fact, cinnamon is a delicate and tonic spice for stomach that eliminates bloating. Celery seed is also absorbent for stomach and repellant of the intestine; it removes waste from the stomach to the intestines and excrete it from the intestines out of the body. Also olive oil is a laxative ingredient that cure stomachache, but it should be provided that olive oil is not cooked with high flame for a long time.

Constipation treatment with traditional medicine

* Reliable excrement with boiled asparagus leaves: The leaves of the sparrow’s tree are smooth and dark green. The odor and aroma of these leaves are somehow similar to green tea. These leaves without the stem can be dried intact or cleaned, it means that it should be done without middle part of this ingredient. Drying the leaves should be done immediately after picking up. These leaves are used as an herbal tea. In this way, pour a fingertip of dried leaves into a small cup of boiling water and boil for 10 minutes. The asparagus tree makes it easier to eject and stimulates the intestines. We recommend to use this plant for several weeks to treat your constipation.

* In traditional medicine, eating a glass of cuddly in the morning, taking a glass of celery juice with carrot juice as well as using chicory with honey in the early morning is recommended to cure constipation. Also, a mixture of Rose Powder with lean yogurt, an olive oils with your daily eating, and using parsley and dill are useful.
You can, of course, consult with your doctor’s to determine the amount of your infection. Fortunately, there have not been stated any cases for the side effects of using this plant.

Root of hollyhock is one of the natural laxatives for the treatment of constipation

The beneficial effects of the rosacea:

The hollyhock flower is “velvet”, and in the combination of all its parts, it is rich in mucilage, and therefore one of the natural laxatives. You can make it from the root of it or chew the flower. There is no contraindication for this plant, but if you have a problem, be sure to consult with your doctor before using it.

* It is also recommended to eat Aloe Vera, as it is a stomach and intestinal enhancer which is full of vitamins A, B1, B2, B6. Aloe Vera is a digestion regulator that facilitates the removal of intestinal waste and prevents constipation.
Coriander is also effective in reducing constipation. This vegetable is a gastric and antibacterial stomach and intestine.

* Lime is also a family of peppermint and has vitamins A, B and C, and strengthens the stomach and intestines and eliminates bile.

* Plantain is one of those famous herbs. Consumption is contraindicated with constipation. You can drink a fingertip from the dried leaves of this plant in a cup of boiling water. You can also take fresh leaves into the salad. Foods and anti-constipation vegetables help the consumption of fruits and vegetables (of all types) to fight constipation. The best way is to eat fruits with the skin.

* Use organic fruits and vegetables as much as possible. Note that among fruits and vegetables, some of the mildew properties include kiwi, apple juice, cantaloupe, dried apricots and other dried fruits, and among vegetables, spinach Cited.

* To combat constipation, in addition to laxative foods, you should also increase your body’s activity. Sleepiness causes indigestion and exacerbation of constipation.

Why do we get constipation?

Constipation has many causes; for example, heat and dryness of the intestines can cause stomach tightening. Some people also suffer from constipation following chronic diarrhea. The use of opioids, fissures and hemorrhoids, intestinal obstruction, or the pathway of gallstones to the intestines, strictures and adhesions, worms and intestinal parasites, neurological, muscular and mental illnesses, anxiety and nervousness, insomnia, inappropriate nutrition, and cancers can cause constipation. Note that if constipation is not treated in a simple way, diagnostic procedures should be performed.

Traditional medicine believes that after eating any meal, it should be disposed of as a result of it. There are, of course, exceptions in this regard; the elderly are naturally less likely to be dispossessed. In addition to frequent bowel movements, stool consistency is also important. For example, a person may be given 4 times a day, but his bowel habit is accompanied by constipation, and he will not feel light until the end.


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