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Treatment For Tinnitus


The feeling of hearing a buzz in your hear should not be heard in the surroundings but inside. Of course, this is just a sign, not a specific disease that you have experienced. One of the causes of hearing a tinnitus is a hearing loss that can have a viral root or is caused by ear infections.
Hamshahri Health Monthly: feeling of hearing buzz should not be heard and investigated in the outside but you have to find an inside factor. Of course, this feeling is just a sign, not a specific disease that you have experienced, according to Dr. Majid Kazemi, an expert in the ENT, between two and 25 percent of the people in life have faced these situation.

Many people also believe that tinnitus is directly related to deafness. This sound can be rustling, buzzing, ringing or whistling. The causes of this disease can be aging, exposing to explosions, hereditary factors, or other specific illnesses that a person has developed.

Of course, there are other causes that can be mentioned as ear infections, but the dangerous and unusual cause of this can be ear cancer. This complication is one of the hearing abnormalities that affects the person both mentally and psychologically situation, and in fact name it as a cancer of the hearing device. A buzz is a sound that occurs due to cramps in the nervous and cerebral cortex.

This sound creates, when cells and brain neurons add their activity. Of all five people, one person suffer from tinnitus. Tinnitus can be a symptom of an underlying condition such as hearing loss or hearing hurts.


Dr. Majid Kazemi, an ears, throat and nose expert, has more accurate remarks about this problem. Referring to the fact that this problem occurs in 20-25% of people throughout his life, he says that this is not definitive treatment but it can be controlled. Dr. Kazemi said: “The most common problem that human beings have been facing for many years is in fact a cause of a disease and cannot be classified as an independent disease,”

he continued. “One of the causes of hearing a voice Tinnitus is a problem in the auditory nerve that can have a viral root or is caused by ear infections,”

Kazemi added.” Tinnitus may occur with hearing loss or without hearing hurts, which in both cases has specific strategies to diagnose and treat. Of course, in many cases, even with the precise and modern and available photographs to humans today, the cause of this disorder cannot be obtained. ”

This ear, nose and throat specialist also has other causes for this condition, and says that some diseases that affect the whole body can be effective in creating tinnitus. According to him, some of the epidemiological diseases of the ear cause this problem, but more than 150 causes for the disease can be cited, each of which has its own particular conditions.

He said: “Sometimes a person has a one-way hearing loss, and he feels a buzz, which should take a more serious look at the patient because of the possibility of a tumor,” he said, confirming that the involvement of the eighth nerve of the brain could be due to tinnitus.

“There is no general prescription for tinnitus to be linked to the deficiency of this vitamin,” said Kazemi, a traditional prescription for vitamin deficiency (B12). “Tinnitus can be a sign of colds to cancer,” Kazemi said.

“Some actions can cause this complication, such as hearing loud music and conversations with headphones, noisy environments … Listening to music from very close distance, and taking some medications like Erythromycins or aspirins can have bad effects on the ear, and you should consult your doctor before using it. “The

traditional medicine solution

Traditional medicine, the most important cause of the disease is the lack of vitamin (B12) in the body. Accordingly, he tries to propose the use of materials in his strategies to help increase the vitality of the body. For example, in the field of traditional medicine, if you have tinnitus, it is better to use sesame, beans, barley, soft candy, grapes, beets, carrots, cinnamon and lemon to treat it, or in some articles in this area. The medicine recommends that sensitive, hot, spicy or fatty foods should be reduced in their diet, and the consumption of coffee and tea and caffeinated beverages is also severely reduced.

In case of ear it is better to avoid eating meat, eggs and onions and stomach is light. Also, boiled vinegar and rose can be checked when it comes to buzzing in the ears. A bit of peach oil and almond oil or chamomile water is also effective to relieve tinnitus and vitamin supplement supplements (B), (A) and (E) are recommended for treating tinnitus. Fish oil, fiber vegetables and fruits such as oranges, apricots, cantaloupe and carrots are rich in vitamin (A) that are recommended for the treatment of this condition.

Neuropsychiatric expert

Dr. Mansour Salehi, a neurologist, also says that hearing buzzing in the ear can be a rare symptom of the brain tumor. This tumor affects the eighth nerve and can be dangerous to the skull. Acoustic neuroma (a tumor of the auditory nerve) or benign tumor of the eighth cranial nerve. Symptoms of the disease include a continuous tinnitus and gradual hearing loss and imbalance. Angular tumors of the cerebellum – the brain bridge pushing into the cranial nerves of the cerebellum – the brain stem and the fourth ventricle. The most frequent symptom in Acoustic Norm was hearing loss (87% of patients) and a significant number of these patients had headache, dizziness and facial paralysis (face).

According to the surgical specialist, brain tumors that involve hearing, auditory nerves, and equilibrium nerves, dorsal cavity of the onset of the cerebral artery or the floor of the cavity of the head require the cooperation of ear, nose and throat specialists and surgeons Neurology. Tinnitus and one-way hearing loss are the most common symptom of the tumor of the skull, including the eighth nerve tumor.

How to bear the buzz?

Focus and resting exercises help control muscle and circulation in the body. By doing these exercises and increasing relaxation, the severity of tinnitus is reduced in some patients. Another way to cover or mask is to buzz, of course buzzing in a completely silent environment is more annoying. A constant sound intensity with constant bell frequency, such as clock ticking or radio scratching, may sound tumultuous and can reduce the focus.

Another way is to use a hearing aid. In people with hearing impairment, buzz may be reduced when using hearing aids. Sound may be temporarily reduced even after using the hearing aid. Hearing aid adjustment is not necessary above the threshold, and sometimes it may even increase the buzz.

In any case, if the use of a hearing aid is only intended to remove tinnitus, it must be tested before purchase. The use of tinnitus or mask covers with hearing aids is another method of reducing tinnitus. This device creates a competitive sound that is more delicate than buzz and reduces attention. In some people, a few hours after using the buzzing cover, the sound of the head decreases, but this is not the case in all. Examinations and general evaluations by a specialist physician are important before any action to treat tinnitus of the ear or head. The main part of the treatment is to know the type and cause of the tinnitus.


Sometimes you should see a doctor immediately by seeing some signs of tinnitus.

1. Tinnitus only in one ear

2. Severe muscle spasms in the neck

3. Vertigo

4. Imbalance in walking

when you hear continuous buzz in your ears, you should immediately visit doctor, whatever and get cured faster.

Some unusual symptoms of taking medication

Many medications, especially if used at high doses, cause tinnitus. These drugs include some antibiotics, anti-depressant tablets and aspirin, and when you stop taking these medications, your tinnitus is interrupted.

Bone growth

A hereditary disorder causes the abdominal bone to grow abnormally. This disorder, which begins at age 30, leads to loss of hearing and tinnitus.

Other diseases

Tinnitus can be a sign of other disorders or illnesses; for example, abnormal pressure in the middle ear, diabetes, or even allergic to the problem. If you do not recognize the root cause of this sound in your ears, see your doctor for the cause and treat it.


can cause tinnitus. Of course, emotional stress cannot be the cause but acts like a sound amplifier. At the end of a stressful day, the buzz of the tinnitus usually becomes longer. Caffeine also has a similar effect. In this regard, with the help of a hearing specialist, a method can be adopted to reduce these symptoms.

The world we live in today is full of different sounds, and sometimes annoying, but the sound inside the minds of patients with tinnitus is much more annoying than ear-tongue sounds that we sometimes hear around.

New ways of treatment

various factors, such as mental stress, some chemotherapy and sinus infections, contribute to the condition of the thinnisus or tinnitus. But this disease still has no definitive treatment. However, medical researchers have in recent years invented new ways to reduce the symptoms of pain and relieve the pain of those with it, some of which have been very fruitful.

According to experts, most new therapies are based on the findings of scientists over the past five years on the brain’s functioning of patients with tinnitus. European and American physicians, each of them separately using brain imaging devices, found that in patients with tinnitus, those parts of the brain that are responsible for voice analysis and sensory responses to it are far more active than the department. The same applies to ordinary people.

One of the newest therapies for the treatment of this disease is the use of a similar device called MPT Player, which can produce certain sounds in the human hearing range and distribute it along with a relaxing music. Patients should use this device for two hours every day for six months. The price of this device is $ 5,000 and its use for tinnitus patients has already had satisfactory results.

Other treatments for the disease include electro deposition and electromagnetic stimulation of the brain cells, in order to prevent the production of false nervous signals and end the tinnitus. Belgian neurosurgeons have also been able to cure some patients and completely eliminate the symptoms by using the electrode planting.

There have been a lot of talk about tinnitus and many advice from ear doctors, neurologists, or traditional medicine. There are many reasons to hear different sounds in the ears, depending on the type and location of the ears, and different ways to think about it. Accordingly, the look and feel of the solutions proposed to get rid of these voices should be well documented by specialist physicians to find out what’s saving us from the problem is the correct treatment, not just those that hide the pain.


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