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Vitamins and Preventing Hair Loss


People who suffer from hair loss are not aware of ways that treat their hair loss. So they should be aware that using vitamins is one of the best ways to treat and prevent hair loss.

Ways and Methods to prevent hair loss

Hair loss is probably one of the most common problems that people faced with it. Age is no longer a criterion. These days, even children have hair loss. There are various reasons for hair loss; some of the most common ones are pollution, stress, inappropriate diet, and lack of sleep. Hair loss prevention methods are prescribed in both nutrition and drug therapy.

Many vitamins and minerals are known to strengthen and enhance hair, which will keep your hair thick and pushy as you use it. As we have said many times in Namank , there are several ways to treat hair loss . One of the ways that has been effective in controlling and preventing hair loss is the use of vitamins.

Using vitamin supplements or consuming foods that are rich in vitamin are recommended to treat hair loss. The choice of medication varies from person to person and it depends on the particular disease. Consult a specialist before taking any supplements so that you can cure it.

How to control hair loss by using vitamins?

Often, we use vitamins on a daily basis because it helps to build new skin cells and hair. Which vitamin is good for controlling hair loss? Vitamin B5, vitamin B6, biotin, folic acid, folic acid, vitamin A, vitamin C, and vitamin E directly affect the skin, the body and especially the hair. Special vitamins control hair loss, but until you used properly and as much as possible you can see the result. It is important to know first which vitamins are effective in treating this condition.

Use of vitamins for hair loss

The best vitamins that control hair loss and the sources of these important vitamins are declared in the following:

Vitamin A

This vitamin synthesizes the rhetoric acid of the hair follicle. Not only helps skin care, it also helps to grow hair. It also moisturizes the hair and keeps it healthy. Vitamin A can be found in: Carrots, sweet potatoes, spinach, dark green vegetables, fish, lettuce, sweet red pepper and mango.

Vitamin A is useful for hair

Vitamins B2 for Hair Growth

It is one of the best vitamins that help controlling hair growth by controlling stress. Inositol and vitamin B2 are useful for hair growth also. Vitamin B can be found in: eggs, meat, papaya, oranges, legumes, chicken.

Vitamins B2 is Useful for hair

Vitamin C is used for hair growth and preventing hair loss

This vitamin helps body to absorb iron from food that is essential for hair growth. It also increases the production of collagen, which is essential to maintain hair structure and restoring the damage. Vitamin C contained in: Spinach, Green Vegetables, Yellow Sweet Peppers, Broccoli, Kiwi, Oranges, Lemon Sweet, Lemon, Chickpeas, and Papaya.

Vitamin C for hair growth and hair loss control

Treat Hair Loss with Vitamin D

This vitamin stimulates hair loss, follicles, and hair cells so that the stem forms their hair and prevent losing hair. Vitamin D contained in: Fish, Thighs, Soybean Milk, Eggs, Mushrooms, and Enriched Dairy Products

Treatment of hair loss with vitamin D

Vitamin B6 and B12 to treat hair loss:

These two vitamins are the great sources of hair growth and cure for it. Resources that are containing vitamin B6 include: avocados, green beans, whole grains , spinach, chicken, bananas, and seafood. Also Vitamin B12 can be found in foods such as liver, eggs, milk, grains and seafood.

Vitamin E is Suitable for hair growth:

Stimulates the capillaries and increases the circulation of the scalp of hair. It helps hair to grow and due to its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties it stimulates it. Vitamin E in spinach, avocados, almonds, sunflower seeds, olive oil, broccoli and squash are rich of these vitamins.

Vitamin E is Suitable for hair growth

Pantothenic Acid or Vitamin B5 to Control Hair Loss:

Pantothenic acid or another name of it which is famous as B5 vitamin, as well as other vitamins which is introduced in this section of Namank , will stop hair loss. Also known as vitamin B5 or panthenol (found mainly in nature), this is one of the most important drugs to controlling pellucida. Foods which is rich in vitamin B5 are: mushrooms, cheese, fatty fish, eggs, avocados, beef, sunflower seeds, sweet potatoes and meat

Vitamin B5 for hair growth and hair loss


If you want to keep your hair longer, healthier, do not forget your biotin. It quickly becomes one of the supplements that is used to grow hair better. Biotin is a vitamin B and plays an important role in maintaining the health of the hair. While most people get a lot of nutrients from foods they eat every day, it’s a water-soluble vitamin. This means that the body cannot retain it and get out of it. So you should get enough of it every day. Many hair care products contain biotin nowadays.
Food sources containing vitamin are: mushrooms, avocados, eggs, salmon, and peanut butter and so on.

Niacin for Hair:

Niacin or vitamin B3 has many benefits for hair, as well as increasing and enhancing blood circulation in the scalp and cause normal fat in the scalp. Niacin can be consumed with chicken, turkey, fish And germinated wheat.

Para-amino-benzoic acid (PABA):

This vitamin, along with folic acid, is suitable for strengthening hair and preventing it from falling. The lack of this vitamin may lead to an early whiteness. Important sources of PABA include liver, yeast, and various types of whole grains.

Inositol Suitable for hair:

It’s best to know that one of the reasons that men are prone to baldness is the lack of vitamin inositol. Of course, some women also have this problem. Use whole grains, vegetables, bananas, citrus fruits, raisins in your diet.

General nutritional recommendations for prevention and treatment of hair loss:

Those who do not eat enough proteins and eat high amounts of carbohydrates and fat often suffer from hair loss because their diet is inadequate. So these essential nutrients do not use protein diet, in the form of fish, chicken, and a variety of lentils, dry beans, cheese, soy, cheese countryside and of course milk is consumed.
Eat vitamins A and C in the form of citrus fruits, lemons, tomatoes, as most foods provide the necessary nutrients and vitamins. You can add supplements to foods, because they have more impact on hair growth and thus control hair loss. Healthy eating has many benefits, and one of them is strengthening hair growth or controlling hair loss. Make sure you get enough healthy daily food daily.


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